Mandala drawing for happiness and improved concentration

What is a Mandala Mandala drawing is increasingly gaining popularity for its benefits on mental health, brain functioning and happiness. Mandala is an ancient Indian art form which is geometric composition of shapes and repeated patterns in concentric circles. The modern artists have began exploring mandala beyond circles too. You will find various interpretation of […]


Animal Days – Toddler Tales Day 1

Today’s Focus : Animals Learning : Identify Animals, Animal sounds, Indoor Animal Bingo game, find the Animal game, Easy to Draw Animals, pretend play cave, and a lot more Toddlers love animals and the best gift for them is to meet them at the nationals parks, zoos, aquariums or at least have a pet. Sadly […]


Toddler Tales

Theme Revealed for A to Z 2020 A month of corona isolation is giving us a lot of special bonding time with our kids and washing my hands time too. This year for A to Z challenge I am going to share a daily activity that can be done with toddlers at home. Healthy growth […]

Real Stories

Speaking From My Heart For #TheWomanThatIAm

Sometimes we plan to the T and what happens is completely different. Embracing the time and events here is an insight into me. Who is the woman that I am? The woman that I am holds her relations, friends and family very close to heart but time and again I feel betrayed and challenged by […]

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