Animal Days – Toddler Tales Day 1

Today’s Focus : Animals

Learning : Identify Animals, Animal sounds, Indoor Animal Bingo game, find the Animal game, Easy to Draw Animals, pretend play cave, and a lot more

Toddlers love animals and the best gift for them is to meet them at the nationals parks, zoos, aquariums or at least have a pet. Sadly we cannot go out so here are some games, books, songs that will help bring the animal kingdom to your house

Identify And Learn Animal Names and Sounds

Repetition is key to all toddler learnings. So everyday take out 10 minutes to learn all animal names with your toddler. Use Animal learning free printable shared to See, Learn and Repeat wild animal names, sea animal names, farm animal sounds.

Experience is the second element to toddler learning. What a child experiences through the five senses is stored in their memories for a longer time. It is important for our toddlers to see, interact and meet animals in their life as many times. You can your toddlers to a zoo, farm, natural park, sanctuary or get a pet for them in a safe environment obviously after the lockdown is over.

Virtual Tours To See Animals

1. Google 3D animals in Augmented Reality
2. National Geographic kids
3. Search online for virtual tours of zoos around the world. Check out how my toddler Vaidik learns animal names.
4. Animal sounds
5. Learn sea animals

Baby kissing cat from Google 3D

Animal Bingo Game

Bingo or Tambola is the best game for toddlers to play with big families. So here is free printable for the Animal Bingo.

How to play Animal Bingo

Download the Free printable and Cut out the bingo board, bingo animals(cut each animal out on page 1 of the free printables) and cut bingo sheets one for each player. Use animal cutouts for calling. Use a marker or toothpick to mark or cross the called animals. Announce winners for top line, middle line, bottom line, corners. Full house animal is for everyone to win.

Animal Bingo by Damuru Creations

Animal Reading List For Toddlers

I have mentioned many times books are the best gifts for our toddlers and kids. We should start reading as early as when babies are 3 months. Here is a list of books that you can use to introduce and learn about animals with toddlers.

Easy Draw And Paint Animals Craft

With restricted access to stationary shops use just the basic supplies you have at home to draw and paint.

If you can print then use these for coloring activity.

Link to video how to draw animals easily

Free Printables For All

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Find The Animal

Use our free printables and play games with with toddler.
1. Point and Say Animals
2. Find the animals from this printablesPreschool Learning Animals 3. Do the Name them challenge with elder kids.
4. Do a name matching game and use free printables wisely

Animal Action Songs For Toddlers

Go to our list of actions songs to Animals sections. Listen and move around to learn and play Animals.

Animal Poems

1. Old mac donald had a farm(download and use free printable for farm animals and sounds )
2. Five little monkeys(replace animal names and sing) jumping on the bed
3. Baa baa black sheep
4. Pussy cat Pussy cat
5. Ding dong bell

Animal Stories

1. Story of two friends monkey and a crocodile where the crocodile wants to eat monkeys heart
2. Story of a rat with 7 tails trying to fit in and impressing others
3. Story of a goat and it’s 10 kids
4. Mowgli adventures from Jungle book
5. Lion and mouse stories if helping a friend in need
6. Three little piggies and Big bad wolf
7. Story of two cats fighting over a chapati when monkey solves the problem.

Animal Cave

Create a cosy corner in your house for your toddler let him or her help you by placing all the animals soft toys, plastic toys, animal figures, animal toys in that corner. Let it be a safe place for them to play and pretend. Below is our Animales corner of the house these days. My son keeps it all messed up but for this picture I have arranged it. We have used all our Emirates, Ethihad airline take away toys, some souvenirs from zoos and different countries, some are borrowed from siblings and aunts too. Everybody gets to sleep in this cosy corner for few minutes of day.

Animal door hanging

Animal door hanging by damuru creations

Animal Toys

Toys are something we cannot avoid. As any toddler my little one also wants every toy in this world. Here are some toys which have helped me in teaching animals to my little one.

Pretend play – Roar Like a Monkey

Pretend to be an animal like a monkey and then let your child command what you have to do or vice versa.Hop like a bunny, dance like a giraffe, crawl like a caterpillar, jump like a kangaroo, squeak like a mouse. Make it tough by adding more actions like gallop like a horse, hop like a frog, roar like a lion, dance like an elephant, sleep like a bat, swing like a monkey finally ask a funny impossible thing to do like fly like a penguin, swim like an ant, roar like a monkey. I bet you will be tired in 5 minutes but kids can go on for 15 to 20 minutes.

Animal Pots recycled bottles

We upcycled the water bottles using some paint and ribbons. This is our black cat. You can make any animal you like changing the shape of ears and paints

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