Toddler Tales

Theme Revealed for A to Z 2020

A month of corona isolation is giving us a lot of special bonding time with our kids and washing my hands time too. This year for A to Z challenge I am going to share a daily activity that can be done with toddlers at home.

Healthy growth and developmental learning are key to all activities, DIYs, crafts, topics that I will pick every day.

There is going to be preparation guidelines for parents which will be shared along with a list of stuff that we will use and all the steps for the activity. So chill and no need to panic.

I will be available for any clarification or help. The comments section will be kept open for all readers and parents

Some examples – free bingo printable, pom pom or straw painting ideas, at home science experiments, Montessori activities, no gas cooking, books list, songs list, etc

If you are feeling a bit claustrophobic inside you can blog too. It helps me calm down. Register today for the A to Z blogging challenge with Blogchatter here

Saving the work can wait in April

What is this blogging challenge all about? Well, in the month of April you write and share a blog everyday except Sundays. You use hashtag #BlogchatterA2Z on your posts for this challenge.

The alphabet of the day should be included in your topic or title. Check the below calender for alphabet of the day. Sharing the post on social media gets you readers. Also a linky is opened to link your daily posts which usually makes it easy for other bloggers to find your post.

Blog chatter A to Z calender
Source: Blogchatter

My previous experience of Blogchatter’s A to Z is here

I recently found about an international A to Z also. So I am giving it a shot. Link to sign up for international A to Z blogging challenge is here

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Covid-19 and quarantine has given us good opportunity to think of games and ways to keep them occupied out of the box. This series will come very handy not just now but in later days as well.

wow such a lovely theme and perfect for the time..will help lots of parents. looking forward to read your posts. all the best

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