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Speaking From My Heart For #TheWomanThatIAm

Sometimes we plan to the T and what happens is completely different. Embracing the time and events here is an insight into me.

The woman that I am
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Who is the woman that I am?

The woman that I am holds her relations, friends and family very close to heart but time and again I feel betrayed and challenged by these valued bonds of blood and choice.

The woman that I am never hesitated to help everyone and I literally mean everyone.

The woman that I am have always tried to be right and ideal in all the diplomatic situations where people just go round and round.

The woman that I am is a brave heart who stood next to her fathers pyre and still smiled at him for he always said be cheerful.

The woman that I am knows that I am overpaying but I wish to help someone in their endeavours as I hope for a bright future for them. 

The woman that I am sees the world with only one eye that shows how beautiful it is and how hopeful future looks because we have a choice.

The woman that I am closes an eye which is audience to harassment, violence and slaughter because it brings pain and sorrow and  would be rather a solution a .

The woman that I am listens to everyone with patience and continues to pay attention to those smiles and tears which no one else can see.

The woman that I am is waiting for her turn to express her true self but somewhere she feels shy.

The woman that I am wants to save hundreds if people, resources and trust burning in the battle of politics and religion but is scared of what worlds might think.

The woman that I am wants to create, design, innovate and build because that is what makes her happy.

The woman that I am cries for the pain someone in this world is going through because I empathise more than a normal human being would.

The woman that I am just loves to help anyone in need because that makes me happy because what makes you happy makes me happier.

The woman that I am is in love with animals, plants and humans alike because every life matters except for cockroaches.

The woman that I am cares for every other woman because they are my strength and I am theirs.

The woman that I am is always in dilemma because she is crazy and wants to do everything.

The woman that I am is enduring pain in every bone and muscle to keep my little baby’s arms still on the patient’s bed where I lie in the most uncomfortable position writing this poem.

The woman that I am misses some part of herself in the busy world because it doesn’t want to feel and enjoy the moment.

The woman that I am is happy and cheerful because she is the woman that she always wanted to be.

The woman that I am is changing every day because Change is only permanent.
The woman that I am is changing every day because change is only permanent.

This poem will be published in the anthology “The woman that I am”

Women Health is Critical

I wrote a different post for this series but sitting here next to my sick little baby the only thing that makes sense are these few lines about me. The woman that I am is very worried about her son’s health. we don’t realise but healthcare in this world is more of a business than a service which was the intent of this Healthcare industry.

This reminds me about Priyanka. Who I admire a lot.

She writes her letters of compassion for the humanity ki chain. She inspires every day with her poetry, thoughts, wisdom, quotes and positivity. I love her for she brings value, confidence and insights to the topic of mental health.

Being There For Someone

Dearest Virtual Siyahi Priyanka,

I have never met you in person but here I am sitting and thinking about you. When I see your blog newsletter pop up in my inbox I am filled with joy and I know that when I read your blog it is going to stimulate my lazy sloth brain. Perhaps push me to put on one of those creative hats and I would be propelled into action aiming for good physical and mental health and positive attitude.

I may not be reading your blogs, tweets, posts, status and poetry every day but when I do they are the perfect dose for me. You are transparent and when you post your blogs it transcends the same message that you would tell anyone if you met in person. I have never spoken to you but there never was a need to. It feels real to read all your posts. They may be small or many a times long but they seem to come from your heart and that makes it relatable for me.

You have been open for a conversation forever I have known you and I feel bad I have never taken that opportunity. So here I am writing to you because I value and have full faith in you and your blog. It is a movement. It is the need of the hour. Your undeterred support and empathy for everyone is mind-blowing. Especially for those who are still identifying their illness.

The woman that I am saw a message about your health and it bothered me so much that I had to write down my feelings. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Me First, Take Care!

As women, the one thing we tend to neglect the most unknowingly more often that knowingly is our health- physical, mental and spiritual. With my post, I urge all women out there to take care of your selves first. Health is wealth.

We can only take care of others when we are fit ourselves.

So plan, practice and excel in self-love and indulge in a fitness plan, go for that meditation, yoga or Zumba session, meet your friends, talk to someone to feel better.


This post is a part of ‘The Woman That I Am’ Blog Hop #TheWomanThatIAm organized by Rashi Roy and Manas Mukul #RRxMM. The Event is sponsored by Kraffitti.”

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By Urvashi

A workaholic turned mummaholic. In search of a sacred space and power to spread happiness and positivity. Write to me at

60 replies on “Speaking From My Heart For #TheWomanThatIAm”

Hi! It was lovely reading your poetry. Hope your son gets well soon. It was nice to read your heartfelt message for Priyanka we all wish her a speedy recovery. Health is wealth and we women most of the times forget this for the health and happiness of our family. Today with the wide spread scare of corona through your post it is a reminder to every woman out there take care of your health also.

Urvashi I loved your poetry. Hope your son is feeling better. Health is most important and we women often neglect it. Thanks for the reminder. Loved your post and the note to Priyanka

Urvashi, I saw a line in your piece and want to tell you something. You want to be someone of your own choice but you are afraid to express yourself fully bcz you feel shy. Please go ahead. If you do not hurt someone, and don’t spread hatred, then whatever you do, is going to be something very beautiful, and powerful in it’s own way. Have the faith on yourself and go ahead. May be someday, you will inspire someone far to make her own way, too. Much love. And yes, I loved your piece. Keep writing, keep blooming. ❤❤ P. S. I am also with you dear. Feel free to ping me and Priyanka, whenever you wish. We will be with you, always.

Health is very important. After all jaan hai to jahaan hai. We all should take care of our health. I remember I had asked Swami tips for spiritual practices and he had told me take care of your body. If the body is of help only then you can tread the spiritual path

Loved your poetry and a heartfelt message to Priyanka! She is a very good friend of mine and me very proud of her whatever she is doing with using her strong will power. She went through a lot but never give up on situations, she is the inspiration for me too. Sending prayers to you dear! I am glad you talked about the women health which we often neglect due to other responsibilities. It’s high time to look upon our health. May your son also get a speedy recovery.

Deepika Mishra

Lovely poetry! Health and happiness go hand in hand. You have exemplified this beautifully and heartwarmingly. Wishing your son a speedy recovery.
Your straight-from-the-heart message for Priyanka is very touching.
We pray for the wellbeing of one and all.
Change is permanent…let’s all keep changing for the betterment each day.

Big shout out for a powerful strong girl Priyanka(Virtual Siyahi)just like you I also follow her most of the post, her post inspires me in many ways,I wish her speedy recovery.
I loved the simplicity along with full of positivity of a woman that you are, so agree with you we as a woman never keep our health at priority, which we shouldn’t. Well weitten!

Wonderful poetry Urvashi. Our wishes are with your son and Priyanka and wish they get well soon. One thing I understand after reading this post is that it was written by a strong individual. Loved reading your work. Good luck and god bless:)

First thing, blessings to your lil one for a speedy recovery and hope the same for Priyanka, who inspires us all. The poem is so realistic where you have outlined the flaws which all of us have (overcompensating, enduring pain but still going on) and we are still work in progress!

I could relate to your post, Urvashi. As a caretaker, I have always believed that one needs to take care of oneself first to provide care for a loved one. Hope your little guy recovers soon. Please do share your original post sometime too, would love to read it. Ditto on Priyanka. Her blog posts are invigorating. Wishing you the very best.

Such an honest and heartfelt post. I loved how you poured your emotions into your post. The straight from the heart, tigged at my heartstrings. Loved the simplicity and honesty of your post.
Deepika Sharma

You are right, health care has become more and more commercial these days. Women tend to neglect their health in taking care of everyone else. One thing to understand is that only when they are fine, they can take care of others.

I hope priyanka gets better soon too.

Meena from

Health is wealth and we often tend to ignore it in the cycle of daily lives. Hope Priyanka and your son get well soon, lots of positive vibes and love.

Health is no doubt most important. Wishes for your son, may he get well soon. A big shout out to Priyanka for reaching out to so many lives. Lots of love and hugs.

That was a very beautiful post showcasing all roles woman plays in your poem, who cares as well as cries and has patience in-spite of pain. I wish speedy recovery for your son as well as priyanka, me too a big fan of her writings.
Health is truly a big wealth as its the first priority without which nothing matters more.

This is such a beautiful and truthful post! Wishing you baby a speedy recovery, and Priyanka too. And, this is totally straight from the heart. It resonates in every word.
Hugs. <3

Lovely poem, we both have written almost on the similar lines. Also, this is really concerning that women dont give much attention to their heath. They prefer thinking about others but give least importance to “Me” time. This in long run make them weak both physically and emotionally. Each of us should focus on our-self first.

You have rightly pointed out that we women need to take care of our health first. My life completely changed when I started prioritising my health by adopting yoga in my daily lifestyle.
I also liked the way you have expressed yourself and wrote a beautiful letter to Priyanka. God bless you!

~Purba Chakraborty

It was such a heartfelt tribute depicting your love and care for Priyanka as well as an ode to a woman’s life..It also shows what a wonderful person you are..Loved the way you wrote too..Best wishes to your sweet kiddo..God bless..

Totally love the way you have expressed the woman that you are! I do hope your son in better soon. The message to Priyanka is so touching…Feeling empathy for the victims in the world is a wonderful thing, be proud of it. Empathy is what keeps hope alive. – Brinda

We need to be healthy only then we can take care of others that’s is so true but usually we women forgetvaboyr ourselves whilst taking care of our dear ones. We must take out time for our self. .. hope your son recovers soon.take care of yourself and him. God bless !!

Excellent message. We should be and do as we like without any holds and barriers. The choice and freedom to live life on our terms is exhilarating.

Wishing a speedy recovery for your kiddo. Very well penned lines. And you are absolutely right, we need to take care of our body. Then only our body will take care us. And your beautiful msg to Priyanka is heart warming.

Hope your son is fine now…and what a heartfelt message for Priyanka. She would indeed be touched. And, in all this, how can I resist but to praise the lovely lines with which you started the post. Keep up the good work!

Good to know someone who is caring and so powerful too . It needs strength to smile while saying goodbye to our loved ones . You feel empathy for others that defines how pure your heart is . Bless you . And wish your son speedy recovery.

Awww Urvashi, it takes so much courage to deal with a sick child. I really hope and pray that he is better soon and is discharged without any complications. I also really admire that you spoke of another woman, friend and fellow blogger in this post- as women we must continue to support and raise other women.

So glad that you pointed out the most crucial issue i.e. women’s health. Your post makes me happy because finally I came across a woman who is openly appreciating and showing her concern for another woman. Kudos to you. Though I do not know any of the writers personally, I feel that I can rely upon you guys more than the people I know in the real world.

Thanks a lot for restroring my faith in humanity and talking about the most crucial issue of women’s health.

Health indeed comes first. taking care of ourselves before anyone else will make us happy and cheerful and this world a happier place to live in. Very heartfelt post. 🙂

Such a heartfelt post.Hope your son is fine now.God bless him and Priyanka with Good health.
Sangya Nagpal

Yeah. I am emotional and it is best I use it to Be constructive 😬

Thanks a lot. I am positively inspired by everyone in the blog hop

So nicely penned down Urvashi. Loved reading your post. I hope your son is feeling better now.

Health is something we can never compromise on. It is the one thing that’s in our hands and can never be bought. Take care. The woman that you are is strong, just give yourself credit for it. Cheers!

Urvashi, it’s so nice that with all your heart you admired your fellow blogger who have been inspiring you. We all silently admire someone but saying it openly takes lot of courage .This shows that you are a loyal and honest woman who knows how to uplift others and be true to yourself. It also reflects the purity of your soul. God bless u.

Hope your son has recovered now completely. Prayers🙏 and good vibes for him.

I am humbled by your comments. Don’t know how to thank. Gratitude and hugs 😍😬

The woman that you are is a
Beautiful soul
A beautiful writer
And you are just me and all the woman

Thanks for this quill dear

Urvashi rulaoge kya? After reading your guest post yesterday, I came across this post, I did not had a slightest hint that I am going to read about me… Thank you would be a small word, but I am very grateful to you for all the love and support you have been giving to me ever since we connected.

I hope your son is recovering well. Stay blessed! Gratitude 💜✨

You have woven the post beautifully around the woman that I want to be, included various aspects and stressed on health which is always the neglected aspect of a woman’s life. Glad to come across your blog. Have visited earlier, this post though will be forever remembered

I must really appreciate your professional attitude towards blogging. Even under the circumstances of medical emergency you managed to share your post on the scheduled slot. Hope your son is doing well now. It’s really very sweet of you to remember Priyanka and write about her too. Completely agree that we must give priority to our well being and health before anything else. Glad to have you as a part of this blog hop 🙂

The woman that you are – is a very brave one…you know how to rise and shine in face of an adversity and you showed it by posting this writeup on its date inspite of facing an emergency. That speaks a lot about your professional character. Your poem is superb and ably supported by the writeup that follows. Kudos to you. Keep flying and keep doing the amazing work.
#RRxMM #TheWomanThatIAm

Thanks for all the support. Had an amazing first blog hop. Definitely inspired to try more

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