Unapologetic brain dump of my acceptance – Confessions of being Me

Confessions Of Being ME

Day in and day out I am faced with various choices and options. I usually choose based on my values and beliefs. In this life race sometimes I choose what is right and sometimes I choose what we can call as SHOULD be and sometimes I solely choose CONVENIENCE. These small incidents make me question myself and rob me of the content and joy I have in living life. Sometimes I even feel guilty about the outcomes of the choices. There are times when we let things happen which are completely against our beliefs and we end up accusing ourselves of the consequences.

Giving in to these feelings is definitely the worst thing I or anyone can do. So, an Unapologetic brain dump of all these confessions is the best way to unburden and ease up unnecessary pressure on my brain. Plus once we write it down on paper as proof our super brain believes that the proof is available for judgment and so the action is needed. In this process, it starts forgetting all this information and works on freeing space for new information.

Confessions and brain dump

We have to take advantage of this and write everything we feel, emote, think, worry, fear, have anger for, guilty about, and then also add everything about ourselves. You may say you are not expressive so you can write a word or two and add your list of confessions. The main things are 1. Write 2. Let it go

1. Write your confessions. Please don’t judge yourself. Just accept yourself and your feelings and give them space in your journal or any piece of paper.

2. Be detailed or just write what you feel in a word or two. It is all up to you.  You have acknowledged it that is what matters

3. So last and final step. Say to yourself. All this I am, I was and now let’s move on. I will continue whatever I want to be. I will continue what I like and what brings me hope. I will let go which makes me sad

ACCEPTANCE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of truth is the first step in any quest.  So in this happiness quest today we will do an UNAPOLOGETIC BRAIN DUMP Of My Acceptance. It reflects the detachment theory


Now we act as jury and choose to let go what bogs us down with its negativity.

Mantra is Breathe in and breathe out

Now one more time take a long breathe in and breathe out.

Tomorrow we will do LET GO ACTIVITY.

Till then just be brave and write down your own confessions of acceptance.

You might feel guilty, ashamed, joyous, egotistical, overthink, stupid or you just might feel light.

Braindump helps a lot as you pour out whatever feelings thought emotions actions were stuffed in your head on something solid like paper. So practically the brain doesn’t have to remember it. Now It makes room in our complex brain for other things.

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By Urvashi

A workaholic turned mummaholic. In search of a sacred space and power to spread happiness and positivity. Write to me at

27 replies on “Unapologetic brain dump of my acceptance – Confessions of being Me”

Yes confession writing is do wonders sometimes, it’s a way of expressing your sentiments via the written word. I love to write in details what I feel. Thanks for sharing the article

I recently found free writing helped connect me with angels and helps to have synchronicity with our purpose

This is a nice activity as it is important to accept your flaws. I will do this activity too and write down my weakness and flaws that I can think of. I am sure this will really be helpful.

Absolutely. Brain dump can be used for many wonderful things. Please do share how you feel after the activity

Its impressive and crucial to do this and find the importance of self always. The recognition of who, why, how and what not is a struggle and often takes over peace. To find that self peace is what is often life changing

Absolutely. We often spend time asking what, why, when but most important is how and why not

Totally agree with everything you wrote. There is no need to be ashamed of anything, so long as you acknowledge and take corrective measures never to repeat it again. Self realisation is the key. Also forgiving yourself helps. There’s no need to be harsh on yourself as we humans are bound to make mistakes every now and then.

You have mentioned it rightly Rahul Ji. Forgiving is a super powerful tool yet not popularized by all. I will definitely use it to create a algorithm or tool for happiness.

What a lovely idea! Indeed this would be such a good exercise.. and I do believe all these things are so much bigger in our heads and once we dump then onto paper and reread them we may be surprised at how they are really not that big a deal, and you are A-OKAY!

Absolutely. Moreover, it brings in so much understanding of self. I love doing this

My biggest issue is procrastinating and it’s always at the back of my mind when I am trying to avoid sme work… so my mind always says no dont push the work rather finish it…well sometimes the mind wins n sometimes it loses.

It’s true Writing down is just beginning. When it comes to accepting it’s another level of struggle.. Thanks for stopping by Aritro.

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