Zappier and Zazzier days with Zzzleepless nights: Day 26 of #blogchatterA2Z

End of wedding stories and sleepless nights

The Wedding stories are full of sleepless nights. The over use of zzz is to tell you how much zzz did I miss. Basically no Sleep at all. Have you ever attended a marriage where you see everyone clad in their best suits and sarees with tip-top makeup and hair at 6 am in the morning, full of energy and never-ending enthusiasm? Absolutely yes! I am sure you said Yes!

Why is everyone so happy

Haven’t you ever wondered how what and why? Well, during those wedding nights I was all worn out and unable to sleep. And it struck me like lighting. It is the feeling of collective happiness which is contagious. there is this excitement of getting ready together and helping each other to look beautiful and handsome. All feeling of togetherness. Weddings like festivals are one time when families, distant and close, all meet and celebrate. It is this togetherness and closeness which makes them nostalgic and brings the memories of good old times. This filled the environment of Amber villas with positive energy. Everyone was affected by it.

Happy weddings

Indian wedding clothes are famous to be bright and Colorful. It is considered a good omen to wear bright and happy colors during weddings. Culture and tradition played a vital role to bring out good feelings in everybody. Clothes and jewellery with work of gold and silver added their energies to the environment.

Along with the feelings, zazzy clothes and jewellery made sure that everyone was Zappy happy. Then came the wedding foods which brought everyone together for hours on the table to chatter and talk out every good and bad memory and convert them to sweeter beautiful memories.

everyone dancing at the sangeet
everyone dancing at the sangeet

In all these eventful long days there was no sleep at all. Pooja’s, rituals, functions and chit chat with cousins, friends, aunts and uncles were never-ending. Only around the devil’s hour like 3 am in the morning, we would realize that it was late for sleep for everyone and at least as a bride I should get some beauty sleep.

Two Myths

The Bride status

When one fine night I went to sleep, mom came checking on the envelope and gifts which were safely stored in the locker of my room. She was not done yet when my uncles came to check on the fitting of his clothes in the large mirror of the bride’s room. After thirty minutes I was just about to get comfortable when my cousins dropped by just to tell me to give them a missed call when the rituals start. I was starting to question the bride status. It was not all done and with just three hours for next Pooja, I forced myself to sleep inside the royal bed and comforters.


In Indian weddings, it is common to look like you just came out of a parlour at any point in time. Everyone has a bombshell of energy for all the rituals. They are excited to be part of every Pooja. Though not everyone understood the customs and traditions but their zeal never reduced a bit. I was often confused is it love for me or is it the rituals that made them happy. With absolutely no z z z’s sleep at nights, how is everyone this zappy(zealous and happy)? What is the source of their energies? Why all this zazzy(shiny, jazzy and bright) clothing?

As my sister says “Sleep is a myth in weddings. It is just a beautiful dream and can never be a reality.”

Good Bye #MyWeddingDreamsByUrvashi!

Even now when I am sitting and writing this last entry with my sisters it’s difficult for me to finish. The memories refuse to go away we have to talk about everything and anything about my wedding. Sleep is just not meant when it’s about weddings. I cannot write an end and I cannot say goodbye. All I can say is I am grateful for this opportunity to share a small bit of a cheerful me in the form of my wedding dreams.

sisters and friends at the wedding
sisters and friends at the wedding



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Think positive and be happy!

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