Yes, I do : Day 25 #blogchatterA2Z #myweddingdreamsbyurvashi

In Bollywood Every love story has a friend, a lover, a sister, a father, a mother and a villain.

Our love story had all of these.

We were never meant to be together. We were from different colleges, we had different likes, we got placed in different IT companies, we were from different cities, he had girl friends and I hated boys.

Like accidents love happened for us.

After finishing college and placement in Noida I left for my home in Kolkata to stay with family before my joining date.

I was all relaxed when one day I saw a mail that my joining dates and packages were revised. In an unsettled moment I started checking out other job openings when one name clicked.

While on the other side unaware of my existence he was giving his CAT exams and interviews. He already had a joining from this company so he wanted to first try all his dreams mba college options. Since the results didn’t meet his expectations he decided to join the company a month later.

I had joining on the same day on which he choose to join. He says he noticed me on this day and found me cute because I looked like teddy bear. But I think he is just trying to cover up now.

Anyways out of 350 odd new joiner we were put in the same batch of 30. Out of this 30 we ended up in same core skill group of 15.

A few days passed and I never noticed him still as I anyways hated boys.

One fine day when all the batchmates were goofing around due to some free time I heard the voice, I heard his voice, he was abusing someone in proper Delhi tone. I was so missing my college that it just stuck me. I wanted to know more who is this person. I was happy to hear someone with known accent. It felt homely and made me not miss my friends from college and I wanted to find out more about this person .

It was all going smooth with all the coding and techie discussions . Suddenly one day he called and messaged all of us in the group that some goons tried to enter his house forcefully. He was so scared that he called all of us for help and that is when we started talking and knowing each other personally.

After that there, were many shakes…coffees… chocolates.. fries…with friends and Coffees… Cakes.. secret dates where we would hide from our common friends.. Many many long calls… 😍😘😘There was no WhatsApp those days, so many long calls…

In all this I had started liking this person, he was a good listener too. Plus, he felt like home. One day we were talking on one of those long calls when out of no where I said I think I like you. He knew exactly what I meant but kept teasing me and in few minutes he said I love you too.

After a month we both got placed in different locations and we parted our ways only for the world. We continued the long calls and occasional meetings when he would visit his sister who stayed in the same city as me.

After few years, He completed his MBA from IIM, we got engaged and then married.. that will be a completely different story how we convinced our families. Now we have an 18 months old toddler who is our first joint ownership.

This story is still a dream. For my friends and sister who never thought I was going to marry or perhaps they always thought I would only go down the arranged marriage path, it was a surprising and beautiful dream come true when they found I was one who proposed.


One more day and one more dream left in the series. #myweddingdreamsbyurvashi

Think positive and be happy!

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