Wingman and Wingwoman : Day 23 of #blogchattera2z #myweddingdreamsbyurvashi

I am definitely not talking about the one friend who hooks you up with the cute looking person on the counter for a lifetime.My royal wedding dream would not have been fulfilled without these wingmen and wing women.

1. My younger sister – She was the major support throughout the wedding she was the mannequin when I wanted to check the looks, she was the dance partner when I practiced my duet, she was the curator of my looks, she was the approver of the menu, she spoke to stylist when I had a pack on my face, she bunked college and work for months because it was my wedding, she would sit and listen to all my crazy ideas and above all she got all the scoldings from mom for the love marriage thingy and she ran every inch with the planner to make all my dreams come true.

2. My best friends – They stood by me when I had no guts to tell my family about the boyfriend, they sat by me when phere happened, they were holding my ghagra when I had to use the loo, they doubled as my brother when my cousins went missing for the rituals, they laughed and celebrated every moment with me and my family. This wouldn’t be a wedding dream if they had not supported.

3. My little cousins – They were excited about the wedding, they kept the tension outside the rooms and brought happy cheers to everyone, they did every naughty possible prank, they danced their hearts out, they enjoyed and shared food with me on the stage so that I wouldn’t be left hungry.

4. My Aunts and Uncles – They stood by my parents in all the decisions they took, they organized and coordinated with everyone so the load on us would be reduced, they wished and greeted every guest with much love and affection.

This is a gratitude post to all of them.

Everyone in the family and extended circle of friends and family does play a role in the wedding but some were worth mentioning and thanking from the core of my heart.

Make sure you to thank and acknowledge some important people who support you in your wedding dreams.

Think positive and be happy!

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