Vidaai, A teary dream : Day 22 of #blogchattera2z challenge

As soon as I wrote the title I remembered how sad I used to be thinking about my Vidaai.The word itself is emotional and thinking about it only made me choke and cry.Earlier I mentioned I had two Vidaai. Vidaai after my phere was a funny one where everyone was tired and just wanted to hit the beds.Finally the next morning a proper Vidaai was organized.I did feel sad leaving but craziness loaded bride in me also wanted some rona dhona for the Vidaai. I always loved how all the brides would throw rice and leave the house and everyone following her to the gate to bid her goodbye. I wanted to feel that center of attraction.When the moment came for Vidaai. It was all happening very quickly. It started with my aunts and sisters doing Arti for me and husband. Then one of my masi explained to me the ritual and how I should be leaving the house.She said “leave the house with a smile and don’t look back, make sure the rice, patasha, and coins fall right in your mom’s anchal these words are still loud and clear in my ears. She did say something to my husband also but till date, I have no clue what she said.In the meantime, all my cousins and friends gathered around for one last time. It was getting really cozy but sad and I wanted to cry out loud. All I could do was smile.Anyways, in a room nearby my grandparents and older relatives were bidding farewell to my father in law. Wishing him well and requesting to take care of me. It was very emotional and teary in there. In the end, while bidding him farewell all the ladies of the house bid farewell by putting handprints on the back of his shirt with haldi. (It looked very painful as it looked more like hitting than just putting handprints)Before leaving, my mom and grand mom took my hand and feet print in roli on white cloth. A girl is symbolic of goddess laxmi so to keep the wealth in house long after the Vidaai a few tricks are done.Finally, the time came we started to walk out. I was all smiling and my cousins, uncles, and aunts everyone teary-eyed but still managed to smile. I kept throwing rice , patasha and coins for my mom. She was emotional but the act of catching coins did lighten up the mood.I was all settled in the car seat when I heard someone cry continuously. In my head, I was thinking of mom, all my uncles, and aunts but it was a shocker to see it was my dad. He usually shows his calm and poise. I just waved and smiled and we left for Bikaner.You know I wanted to stay back, give a hug. I wanted to ask my husband why can’t you come over and live with me and my parents. All I did was a smile and after some traveling a few kilometers I had the Vidaai realization.Well, the wedding is a mix of happy and sad but mostly happy. I am sure you all loved reading my wedding dreams. Stay tuned for last few posts.Few things to carry for the bride in a handy bag for travel after Vidaai:

  • Travel makeup kit for quick makeup fixes and sindoor disaster recovery
  • Wipes for cleanup
  • Perfume to smell fresh
  • Petty cash for nick nacks
  • Some snacks like chocolates or energy bars
  • A soft cloth or handkerchief
  • Comb, kajal, lipstick
  • Some elaichi and mishri works as a mouth freshener
  • Few safety pins and hairpins
  • Sunglasses to hide those puffy eyes
  • Vick’s vaporub works wonders on headaches, runny or stuffy nose
  • Crocin and D-cold total for relief from cold or first aid for fever
  • A small picture of the family

Think positive and be happy!

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One of the most emotional event in our culture like a bag of mixed feelings, and your personalizing the journey makes it even more beautiful and enjoyable to read.

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