Reception: Sleepless and Endless photography- Day 18 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge

“Lifafa deke photo khichwana hai bas” meaning we want to congratulate the couple and get a photograph clicked with them.

If you have ever been to an Indian wedding you know what I mean. Each and every guest wants to meet and congratulate the newlyweds.

Everyone wants a photo clicked.

Sometimes in different poses(most popular blessing the couple pose, little children in between the couple pose, standing pose, touching the feet pose, yo yo Honey Singh pose).

On top of this, the photographer also wants a hundred poses from the couple for the wedding album.

After our Varmala we were taken to the stage for a photo session. From 8.30 pm till 11.00 pm it went on. Oh, you should have seen me. You could cry out of sympathy.

The camera flash had given a stroke to my lenses. I had to remove them immediately as it was irritating my eyes. On the other hand, the groom was having a headache from the weight of the Sehra and Pagdi.

We both were swearing continuously.

The smiles of happiness on our face changed to forced smile with every picture.

It was really kind of our friends and sisters who took care of us and brought something to eat and drink while we starved and grinned cheek to cheek like typical brides and grooms. With this load of photography, we had a huge pile of gifts and envelopes next to us. For which we had suddenly become the chowkidar.

Finally, sisters came to rescue and took the burden off our shoulders and sides. This process happened twice, yes you read it right.

We had two reception one in Jaipur and another in Bikaner.

So the pain had suddenly doubled. We took off immediately after Vidaai and after 6 hours road trip we reached Bikaner. We had exactly one and a half hour to get ready and reach the venue for the reception, the Raj Vilas Palace.

Once again we smiled and grinned and posed for the photographer. The guests were quite less as it was a close-knit affair of family and friends but we were so exhausted that even sitting was killing us.

Anyways I have told so much about the tiring part but don’t forget getting all the gifts and blessings did cheer us the whole time.

How was your reception? Did it turn out to be dreamy or a nightmare?

After the photo session, we had a food session. Everyone wants to feed the bride and groom. That was a terrible experience for everyone else but being the foodie I am, it was enjoyable and felt very pampering.

Here are some cool things that helped us put the best set of 32 teeth in front of guests and photographers

  • Take a break from photo sessions every 20 to 30 mins to look cool and show off your importance
  • Have a snack or short meals in between to save the guests from Hangry bride and groom
  • Drink a lot of fluids to get back the lost electrolytes and sanity
  • Talk to guests so that you remember them even after the reception. This is very important. People like it when you remember them so making short talks and breaking the ice with some funny talks really helps to build good relations as the first impression.
  • No matter what, remember your smile should be cheek to cheek. No less than this.
  • If possible try to finish loo and other short calls before getting on the stage. But if urgent don’t hesitate to take a leave.

Have you been a bride or groom? How did you handle the reception? I am looking forward to listening to your stories and dreams from you.

Think positive and be happy!

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Thank you so much. I cherish relationships a lot and traditions are very dear to me. I try to write what i feel. Sometimes people enjoy the read, some like the pictures and some relate to it. But you are very kind soul showering me with enthusiasm and encouragement

Reminded me of my wedding. Sach me lifafa wali baat is so true. Great pics and you look beautiful.

I love hearing from you ! Write your comments below

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