Sangeet a Bollywood Ceremony or a Yash Raj movie: Day 19 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge

Bollywood has changed the definition of sangeet all together.

Do you all remember 90’s, the times when my uncles got married, Sangeet would mean a whole night of dhol, folk dances like garba or ghoomar, food, fun, and frolic?

Sangeet used to mean a lot of impromptu dances and songs with funny naagin dances, dances with people on the shoulder, bhangra with dandiya sticks, dances in simple traditional wears, uncles dancing with ghoonghat and aunts pretending to be male dancers with kajal mustache, more of dil khol ke naachna.

While I am writing this I remember did not want the above sangeet instead I wanted the Yash Raj kind Sangeet.

Everything according to plan. It was more like a Sangeet performance and not Sangeet function. Everyone doing a hundred-time practice before doing the dance. It was definitely not like our age old traditional ones like mentioned above but my dream was filmy.

I always wanted the huge sangeet stage setup with anchors, performers, dances, lights, camera, action!

My event manager and choreographer were the most accommodating people in this world. As a bride, they agreed and planned everything according to my likes and favorites.

We started the Sangeet practice almost a month before. All the family members were sent a recording of their dance sequence which they practiced every day. I and my sister would call everybody to do the manuhaar for their participation in Sangeet.

Around 10 days before the choreographers reached Jaipur and Bhilwara for a combined practice. Every day before one week of our wedding from 4 pm till 9 pm we would dance and have a great time eating and joking around with everyone.

Our dresses were decided almost 5 months before so we were relaxed on that front.

Amber vilas Jaipur was looking very beautiful and royal with all the lights and flower decorations. Tthe sangeet began with the troops profesional Ganesh Vandana. They set the stage on fire literally. Their dance was superb. But a prop caught fire which was quickly handled.

Our photographer and choreographer planned a lot of shots around the dance performances.

The sangeet was emotional each of my family member took part with cheers and dance performances.

Both my grandmoms did dance on my wedding. My mom and dad did a great skit with dance. We had beautiful fire and light props. For me it was like a movie.

All my uncles, aunts, cousins and friends had practiced for days together and every performance was no less than the movies songs. Though the recordings look funny with the lights, it still is a memorable event.

When it was our turn to dance I wasn’t sure if my husband could match my steps but to my surprise he remembered all of it.

With Sangeet, we also had to do the ring ceremony at the end of our bride and groom dance. We ended our dance with a rainfall of firerks and flowers. But we forgot to exchange rings🙄. Funnily, we did not remember for another hour after that also.

My best friends made it so special as they sang my favourite songs and we had a short folk music night at the end of sangeet by my friends.

The dance and food continued for a long time along with photography. My dream of Bollywood Sangeet had come true.

In the end someone recalled and asked what about rings that is when we did the ring exchange just right there in the garden.

Sometimes too much planning is also not good. I remember a friends cousin wanted to dance but due to all performances she couldnt. So a little impromptu scope should be kept.

Sangeet has become one of the biggest events of wedding these days. Few things that made it success –

  • Good planning and Coordination with choreographer, event manager, photographer, location manager and performers
  • Rehearsals of performances
  • List or order of performances to be shared a day before
  • Availability of makeup artists for everyone
  • Backup plan for stage and other set up like smoke, props, side dancers
  • Snacks and drinks served on seat so everyone can stay put and enjoy the sangeet
  • Fireworks, lights, flowers must have
  • Good food at the end

How did you enjoy your sangeet? Are you a Bollywood person or just quite style? Let me know if you like my stories.

Think positive and be happy!


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While we do see it now in Kerala, growing up we never had any such thing as a sangeet here… functions for us were way more formal with very less dancing even at the reception… in many ways, glad there has been a change for us 😀

Wow, wonderful pics of Sangeet seems I lived it in post.
Yes, Sangeet is also one of the grandeur events in marriages.
Great that you enjoyed the Bollywood sangeet in your marriage.

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