Quarrels the ugly dreams : Day 17 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge

Whoever said weddings are just fun and happy moments is lying.

Arranging a love marriage, marrying outside of home town, tying the knot in a Hindu but non-Jain wedding style, getting all relatives to come together for the wedding was not a cakewalk.

Quarrels were inevitable.

The so-called society had everything ready to spoil everything every time.

It was just a few days after our roka. That we started wedding shopping. Whoever has done it before would know how tiring it is. This reduced a lot of my long distance calling with the love and guess what we were always fighting in the little whatsoever time we had.

We would fight and end up rethinking our marriage every day.

Only after an intervention from my mom, we came back to our senses. She explained that it is okay to be physically tired and both of us need to rest and talk more often in the daytime so that we don’t fall in the loop of misunderstanding.

Well, this is just the beginning soon after there was a quarrel in the big ancestral house for the non-Jain wedding. But my Dad was sorted and cool. He just very politely refused anybody suggesting otherwise and decided to move the wedding location to Jaipur for a peaceful event.

It’s not easy to be calm but he showed nothing is impossible.

This one is amazing. My sister was already quite upset with the splurge. She fought with my parents and made them promise that no such show shaw should happen at her wedding.

Some more coming up. As you would have understood. Family drama is never ending at weddings. Special in Rajasthan, every house has its own Balika Vadhu kinda story. We had a wonderful wedding plan but as usual, some brains work extra smart. Censoring who what why. Due to some confusions, the Milni gifts did not reach to the right people. So this confusion did upset some guests but once again Dad came to rescue he handled it quite maturely before it turned any uglier.

Then came time for Vidaai but due to some traditions, my grandfather wouldn’t let anyone take my luggage out. He was furious and was ready for the sword battle (Mewar blood is hot) I could see. This time mom came as the saviour and somehow cooled him down.

There are too many family secrets to spill but I will wait for the next post to continue.

Remember be ready for the ugly side of this beautiful affair.

  • Stay calm and drink a lot of water.
  • Distribute the work and keep workload off your shoulders. Relax and get a spa if possible.
  • Have a backup plan. Have backup cash. Have a backup team for major functions. Have a friend who can console when you cry. Have a sister to vent out your feelings to.
  • Keep fewer confusions as they will help a lot to be patient.
  • Be confident and remember anything can be done anywhere in India. So changing locations, trousseau, stylists, event managers is possible.

Finally, think positive and be happy!

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By Urvashi

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6 replies on “Quarrels the ugly dreams : Day 17 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge”

Haha! I remember that We were in a worse situation. I was in a different city, he was in another city, and our parents were in two other different cities. Communication and co-ordination had to happen across four cities and I was going crazy. The nwe both decided that we shall not talk about what our families were doing or saying over the phone untill our wedding. it really helped to keep our sanity intact.

Yes arguments, disagreements and a feeling of helplessness is common in marriages. So many people, so many ideas, everyone things he is right, bride groom’s family tries to overpower girls family, it is a big drama. Only people with cool head can manage.

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