Jewellery Glitters and Jitters: An expensive dream- Day 10 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge

Almost a year before my marriage I moved to my home to stay with my family. Every night before sleeping I would spend hours thinking about the wedding, planning my looks for each of the events, taking inspiration from other brides.

I was always worried about how will the bridal jewellery look on me. I wanted to keep it simple yet royal and elegant. I dreamt so many things when it comes to jewellery. Spoiler alert read only if you are sitting comfortably on a well cushioned surface. (I don’t take any responsibility if you get hurt while laughing at me or if you go crazy rolling on the floor after reading this).Let’s start with my favourite one. It was just before the week my husband was supposed to meet us in Kolkata for shopping. I was dreaming that we bought a platinum ring for the Roka ceremony and a gold ring with solitaire for the Engagement ceremony. I was dreaming that I am wearing them every day, flaunting it to every person I meet. The ring would glitter so much that a director from one shooting in nearby film city would request me to give this ring for his movie shooting because it was the best engagement ring. Don’t judge me a bride can go crazy with her imagination.

Next serious dream was immediately after the roka when I was hooked to getting platinum rings for both of us. I saw that one day my husband would forget his ring in the washroom and I would hide it so that I can sell it and buy a diamond bracelet for myself. Confessions, I definitely did not do anything like that but even today if my husband can’t find anything in his closet he will start teasing me asking for how much was the missing items sold.

Hold on it’s not over yet. One night I dreamt that I was wearing jewellery top to bottom. I went crazy a few times and even tried to replicate this dream with all my jewellery, my mom’s and my sister’s jewellery. Well, it was the bride in me going crazy all the time.Anyways, now that I have told you about these you should also know there were a few dreams which were emotional and very dear. I saw myself wearing my mom’s wedding Rajputi ghagra choli and jewellery. My mother had carefully stored her wedding jewellery from her father as they are the last memories of him. As a little girl, I would wear them and often pretend to be a princess, so when it was time I did wear them for my sangeet.

To understand how important is jewellery I will share an incident: For one of the occasions, I forgot to carry bor (Rajasthani maangtika) to parlour and was almost in tears but my uncle drove 20 kms in thirty minutes just to make sure I wear what I have always wanted.Some combinations that we tried for me and my sister-

  • Mom’s Gold jewellery with gota patti work ghagra on Sangeet
  • Diamond jewellery with heavy gota, pearl and cutwork embroidered saree on Roka
  • Polki choker with teardrop pearls with wedding ghagra
  • My sister paired Swarovski work saree with elegant gold chain
  • Diamond jewellery with a pink evening gown
  • I got a platinum ring for engagement and solitaire ring as wedding gift

Stories and feeling just don’t end but I am going to rest for today.Do share your views about wedding jewellery (we all know it’s an expensive affair and emotional too but, I would really love to hear from you)

Think positive and stay happy!

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Marriage is all about glitters, jewelry, dresses… The excitement of getting married also includes that, it would be the day when everyone would be only looking at YOU 🙂 loved your confessions 🙂

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