Kanya and Kalash: Day 11 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge

For every wedding in my hometown, the Kalash is important.

There is a special ceremony to bring the Kalash for the wedding. Every guest coming to the marriage used to be welcomed traditionally by doing a small pooja with a Kalash.

The guest would then put a token or entire amount of their contribution to marriage in this same Kalash.

This Kalash is also given along with the girl during Kanyadaan like earlier times even today. This Kalash is also used to welcome the groom.

The ladies of the house would take a procession to potter’s house and offer prayers to the potter’s wheel.

With Kalash in hands or head, the procession returns with pomp and show. They then bring home Kalash for the wedding.

I have always wanted mom, my sisters, aunts, and friends to carry the Kalash for my wedding. I had chosen some specially designed and decorated Kalash for this ceremony.

Take a sneak peek of this function from my wedding. It was a pleasure to watch these ladies.

Think positive and be happy!

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