Creative card in the making – day 3 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge

Creative card making dreams

It used to be our favourite timepass to create cards and boxes out of all the old wedding cards and accessories. As a child I have saved hundreds of wedding invites for their beautiful design, embellishments, colour and texture.

When the time came to decide the wedding card design I had a nostalgic feeling. So many trends had started I had billions of ideas and another billion options to execute them. How not to get drowned in this market is a different topic altogether.

My wedding invitation card

I wanted something in satin and velvet with metal initials and three inserts style card. My mom wanted something grand in a box with some dry fruits chocolate and two scrolls. My sister wanted something different from the traditional maroon red green golden themes. She loved the idea of having our photograph on a tissue which would cover the inserts of the card.

So you can see it was so many aspirations working together.

We wanted coordinated wedding cards, gift bags, sweet boxes and envelopes.

While selecting my wedding lehenga my sister had the most brilliant idea of going with the same coloured theme for lehenga and cards. It was one of the best decisions we took.

Let me tell you all these dreams I and my family were seeing had a cost. So when you design your card for wedding plan a wedding card budget first.

How to design your unique wedding invitation card?

Some really cool things I did and some I wanted to do for my wedding card is listed here. Hope you get some inspiration to design your unique wedding card and relax with these tips.

  • Prepare a wedding card budget
  • Choose a theme. Some examples are a colour theme, Bollywood theme, caricature or cartoon theme, photographs theme etc
  • Get Matching envelopes, cards, gift boxes, gift bags, etc
  • Like every brand has a logo. Initials monogram adds a personal touch to the entire theme
  • Choose a colour soothing to eyes and readable
  • Keep single font and ensure font size is readable and with proper space
  • Include map or location picture on the card
  • Get a sticker to secure the edges and prevent accidental loss of card inserts
  • Get a transparent, tissue or butter paper envelope to protect the card from damage
  • Proofread written content at least 5 times yourself and 3 times with other people
  • Take a trial print. (It’s your wedding and you are allowed to be choosy and picky and obsessive) Keep taking trial prints until you are satisfied.
  • Prepare a guest list and the address list.
  • Take print of above list on stickers. It’s the most time-saving tip. So all you have to do is stick the address and post the card
  • Check the quality of dry fruits, sweets, chocolates and other accompaniments before placing with the card(prefer a separate dry fruit box and butter paper cover to void discolouration)
  • Preferably card assembly should be done under proper guidance
  • (During crazy times) If there need to be minor changes in the card after all printing then you can create and print correction sticker in the same colour and paste to change it.
  • (During crazier times) correction ink on cards can help.
  • Final tip – Stay calm and believe that It is the best card

Hope you are liking the blog. Stay tuned for a wonderful traditional blog tomorrow.

Think positive and be happy!

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