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A Girls Party

Before today I always thought bachelor party was only a boys thing to do before the big wedding day. But my girls had a different plan for me.



The Big Surprise – bachelorette bucket list 

“Oh My God !” was my first expression on the night of 14th December,2013 . My darlings, sisters and friends were preparing a bachelorette bucket list – list of things I had to do by the end of my bachelor party (especially things I have never done before). I had no clue what was on that list and trust me I went upside down crossing each item on the list.

Night Before and The Execution

Party Dresses

Every thing girlie has to start with nail paints. So night before we painted our nails and decided our dresses. Vandy, Damu and Gudiya were getting more secretive every passing second.

Bachelorette Movies

Being crazy about Animation movies. My bachelorette couldn’t be complete without it. Weeks ago movie was decided, I was waiting eagerly to watch this movie and tickets were booked for Disney’s ‘FROZEN’. Finally we got up early in the morning, all girls dressed up. Picked one of our cousin Silky on the way to Mani square in Kolkata. I had moved from my base work location from Bangalore to Kolkata a year before for the wedding preparations.

Truth or Dare Games

On the way itself the bachelorette games had started. I had to answer, what do I feel about Vandy? (With personal questions like this it becomes more of dare out of the truth and dare games. And it does test quick thinking and how smartly one can flatter the person ). Yeah I missed to tell I already did this one about Gudiya the earlier night. So now with fresh air in my lungs and apples in my stomach I was thinking faster, smarter and sexier.We got the tickets and reached the movie hall 30 minutes before time. So you can imagine how excited we were about this day. We clicked hilarious pictures and made others click pictures for us till the movie started. Iit was fun and totally worth it. No offenses we were all looking super hot !Before the movie itself I got the scandalizing moment of the day. Another wish from the bucket list for the day was to enter boys loo and get a picture clicked for proof(I was red in face). That was not all. Just when I thought it was done and went to freshen up these sweet and sexy bridesmaids click me in the loo. :'( . Nothing more about it. And then I did an short act to entertain my dear bridesmaids an advertisement for Insure pills. When I look back at it today I get the ragging feeling. Though it was very funny for all the ladies.Then the movie began. The movie was soo cute. Elsa and Olaf were the cutest of all the Disney characters in the movie. It couldn’t have been better choice. Perfect timing to watch the movie – winters, x-mas, bachelorette, love at first sight, sisters, friends, animation ,Girls got me a souvenir Olaf pen. Then we roamed around the mall .

5 Rose Guys

I got a Tattoo crossing mother item from the list. A heart tatoo. I have always loved and wanted a permanent one. but I got a temporary one as we still had to get entry back at home.Later we did some window shopping. we were waiting for mum to come for lunch(I have the most sporting mom, she loves the idea of outing with girls ). meanwhile I got a beautiful surprise from these naughty girls. They got me colorful carnations and a pretty rose. Another task of the day was to give these to 5 random guys chosen by the not so sweet and innocent girlie’s. I tell you these girls were giving me a real hard time with these surprises every minute.Our next stop was Mc Donalds. Everything we did was to make me feel special and all my favorites were part of this day. My favorite eating out place. Though I wasn’t supposed to eat as I was watching my weight I still got to eat fries and softies. Mum joined us soon and then we moved to next destination for lunch.

Perfect Lunch

Mio amore, a great choice of place by Vandy. the place was calm and serene. It looked more of a spa than restaurant. We got comfy at one of the corner tables . The manager and his staff arranged the corner place for the 6 of us very nice and splendid. The bright colors of the crockery was already tickling the sensory organ for sight and touch. The lunch started with cream of vegetable soup. Take my word the pleasure of tasting the soup was itself the worth of paying there.

Princess Feels

Now comes another surprise. Mum got me a beautiful tiara and a wand ‘just like a princess’ and these naughty girls got a card. All including mum put on red lipsticks and kissed me and the card. that was my bachelorette card for this day.I looked really funny with red lipmarks all over my face. It was a very precious moment. I cannot thank Mum, Damu, Vandy, Gudiya and Silky enough for putting together all the effort to make my day and me feel so special.

Spa Therapy

We had our lunch and were just rushing for the next destination four fountain spa. In the midst of the rush I forgot girls with me are not the easy going types. They chose a guy and I had to give him a flower. Another shocker item from the monster by key list itself. Took a lot of courage. After college this day was living like 4 years of college in a day I tell you. We reached the spa. and it was one of the best ideas . Spa should be a mandatory task on every bachelorette.
I felt like I was in trans or say could 9 . It was an amazing experience after all the roaming and tiring tasks in the whole day. Silky was glowing after her facial that day . All of us loved the spa we all took. After all the relaxation we were going to the secret destination of the day.

The Perfect Cupcakes

It was a very cute place. Mrs. Magpie. Amazing cupcakes and patties here. these girls got me a wonderful cupcake bouquet. Such a cute bride on the top. The whole time I wanted to eat her. The three layer bouquet with bride on top, bridesmaids on the next layer and bottom layer will cupcakes beautifully adorned and embellished with purses, flip-flops, jewellery, rings, etc. It was a very pleasant surprise from Vandy. And then the wait for Damu and Gudiya’s Pandora box to open. At this place we played many more bachelorette games.

Win the cupcake

Everything beautiful comes with a price. Each game we all won a cup cake. It was super fun. But the games were kick ass games.It all started with games like how much do I know the groom – 6 out of 10 was my score . Questions were what do I do to annoy him the most(got it wrong), his favorite actress, movie, book etc. what he thinks about tattoos, fights etc. You should definitely try this with your partner’s frequently. It’s funny knowing the truth what they think and how much we know them.Then it was a turn for all the bridesmaids to answer questions I and Saurabh had already answered. everyone enjoyed this game. Damu and Gudiya did a great job on preparing these games. A well prepared and planned bachelorette is key to super duper fantastic helluva party.

I have never

In this december cold , our evening had gotten more hotter with the next game – I Have Never. We all were shocked , terrified and red in face. Some funny ones are “I have never smoked, watched blue film, drank alcohol, put nail polish, eaten non veg, had sex, cracking a party” hahaha what not. Each of it had a story. If we had played one more round we would be all running around for some place to hide. It was really nice to see all being honest and sportingly going to the center of the restaurant and kiss each other for punishments. It was cute to see mummy to blow kisses back to us when she was the only one standing there in the end.
Games were not over yet thanks to Damu . We played a round of memory game also. Finally we decided to move our bums out of the place before we get kicked out 😁 .

Bachelorette party Cupcake


Street Dance in the middle of no where to Roxy


We crossed many of the items from our crazy bachelorette bucket list . Adding to it was our street dance. Then Mum left for home and we continued our celebrations even at 10 in night. Then we stopped at seven heaven restaurant not really sure if I got the name right but it was famous for dances. Sadly we were not allowed inside as we were only girls. It was just a peek a boo from outside.We reached Roxy at The Park for disco, we freshened checked out the place. Got bored soon there so we took off. On the way to Tantra we went to Someplace Else where a band was performing. Then I got my another task here I had to give the red rose to the singer. He was cute and I was definitely enjoying the task by now. Plus I was less terrified than how it had all started in the morning.

Crazy ends

We clicked some pictures at Tantra got bored there also and finally at Silky’s suggestion wen


t to Soho. Here we had a blast and the final masti. we danced till 11.30. Full too enjoy maadi (Kannada slang style) – here I had my first alcohol
fire shot which was coffee based liquor and tequila shot. Then I tried (please read emotionally blackmailed to try) pan flavor hooka. It was ridiculous though but anything for sisters and friends. Finally had a real pan. Later after some taxi disturbance we reached home at 12:15 and crossed the last wish to cross the curfew time on the list. Finally in the night we all sat down and cherished the whole day. Clearly this one night I would never have gotten to live again. A dream i could never imagine but my dear ones made it true.
Bachelorette is not Indian tradition but I still had one and it is now becoming a trend and every bride needs it. My last expression for the day was “I will miss you all, and I don’t want the day to get over”. These are some old pictures I am sharing with you all.If you need any help planning bachelorette please comment below. I would really love to help you dream.
Do you also have a similar bachelorette story?
Think positive and be happy ! (If you are short of time checkout the pictures for a quick recap of my bachelorette dream)
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It’s awesome when you have enthusiastic and creative friends around you at the right time. My bachelorette also was awesome. I miss my friends coz after a few years we shifted base.

Looks like you enjoyed your bachelor party very much. I really like your bucket list and one of the best part is street dance

That is the only time we did street dance. I often think I should be doing all these stuff more often to bring back fun in life

Woah! So happy to see you had a great time. I wish to plan something like this with my friends too. Also congratulations for the wedding.

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