Dolda dreams – day 4 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge

If you are in Rajasthan you already know it’s about weddings when you see a dolda tied on anybody’s hand.

Dolda is not religious. Its a mostly red coloured thread with adornments like golden lace, pearls, charm, kodiya(small shell-like pieces). It is usually tied on everyone’s hand in the house during the first day of wedding festivities. It usually marks the beginning of these festivities.

As a child, I used to look for the heavily adorned dolda and would tease my cousins. But it wasn’t till my wedding that I got the best dolda. It had red and golden threads with green leaves, few charms, kodiya and a small knife to ward of the evil.

Any wedding we attend I still look for dolda (read as for the best dolda but it’s always for the bride and groom) everyone else just gets the common designs.

Is there anything like this that you do? Weddings are fun when crazy things happen. Share your stories and views in comments below.

Think positive and be happy!

The photographs are quite old. Hope you can still see the dolda on my hand.

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