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Mom above faith and religion

This is a story of a mom “Raji”  – A Mom who loves her son above her faith and religion

Story of a kind heart 

Raji is a mom to 6 months old Karam. She is from Haryana where majority worships Shiv, Hanuman, and Vishnu or may be a few who worship Kali. I met her in one of the Women support groups and she instantly invited me to her house for a Navratri Durga Pooja.  When I told her I couldn’t drive, she very politely and thoughtfully arranged for a ride with her close friend so that we can go to her house together. When we reached there, the house was ‘Monica’(FRIENDS) clean, arranged for a Pooja and dinner get together and beautifully decorated with lamps. She very graciously welcomed us. I realized immediately She did everything all by herself.  The moment you hear her voice you know that she is as honest and humble as sweet is her voice.

Why she did the Navratri Pooja

Feeding her son has definitely taken over her priorities in last six months but today was all about the Pooja which involved preparing food, arranging sherbet and welcoming all the mom friends and ladies. All this time she never let the smile go away or show a single sign of tiredness or tension. At first I had assumed she has been doing this for years but found out that she is doing the Navratri Pooja for the first time after becoming a mom. And topping it is she doesn’t even worship or celebrate the Navratri at her house. I was surprised but kept my calm on face and wanted to find out. Why was she doing all this?

Story of a mother

Story of a mom RajiLater in the evening while chatting she explained that she is doing this Pooja only for her son.  And it struck me as lightening. The love for her child is the biggest love we can ever see or feel. A mother would do everything in her capacity to keep her child healthy, happy and safe.  To her the only thing matters is that smile from Karam.

Like Raji, I am sure there will be millions of moms who skip their meals just to calm the little baby, clean the house without any help just so that the baby can play care free and enjoy his or her time, leave their jobs just to take care of them, skip all the parties so baby can sleep comfortably in her arms, breast feed him all night every hour so that his little tummy is full. Many a times these extra ordinary moms never tell their stories.

So it is up to us to tell them they are our super heroes who inspire us with their extraordinary lives and acts of thoughtfulness, selflessness and strength.

My takeaways from this mom story

  1. Never underestimate the power of a Mom
  2. Kindness is everywhere
  3. Smiling is the most important thing in life

What did you relate the most in this story? Do you know a mom like Raji ? I am all ears please share in comments below whats your story? Is there someone who inspires you? share their story with me.

I am grateful and humbled for opportunities to meet people like Raji.

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26 replies on “Mom above faith and religion”

Every mothers cares for their home and loved ones on different levels of priority. Some of us are calm and composed while the others are hyper about everything. I skipped so many parties but wanted to be with my child more than being fake happy and dance with people I barely know.

I really liked to read this story. Mom is an emotion and it’s true a mommy can go to any extremes to safeGuard her kids

Ahh.. I can totally relate to her..I was a lazy ass good for nothing before the baby , all I could do was clean my almirah in the whole day and I was dead tired.. now I myself is surprised like how I do multiple things at the same time and not even tired for my baby..

That’s the super mommy talking.. you are an inspiration dear. Love your blog

Even I was wondering from where do we get that strength but in plain sight I feel its the love for the little souls of our life that can make everything possible for us.

1 post for moms, its sad that most of us wait for mothers day to appreciate mothers, but that should happen very often. I am very glad to come across this blog and realise to appreciate mom more. Thanks for it 🙂

It would be very nice and I am sure when you appreciate you are going to see happiness in her eyes and confidence too.

Every mother has her own way of expressing her supreme love for her children. I hardly attend any blogger’s meet as I want to spend that time with my daughter.

It’s the toughest part to skip moms meet and enjoy time with kids. One need a real steel will to be happy when forced to choose.

I love hearing from you ! Write your comments below

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