Why you should have a hobby?

My hobby is making handmade box cards– When you have so many feelings to share the best way is to put it in a box.☺️☺️☺️

Having a hobby is so much more important for a positive thinking and approach in life.

1. Life as a mom brings so many responsibilities that we tend to forget ourselves and the happiness we find within. Having a hobby helps to bring out the best in us and boosts confidence, love and positivity.

2. When we love to do something  the passion for it and the energy we emit doing it is what makes every single thing brighter and happier
Being able to take out time for hobbies shows dedication and teaches our kids about doing what you love instead of running behind any other fancy dreams

3.Hobbies give freedom to be yourself and express with honesty. It gives the strength to weakened souls and nurtures it to be stronger

4. When I create and recreate all these beautiful cards it makes me proud. It makes me so happy that I can feel I am making my surroundings happy with me.

5. Hobbies push us to be better than yesterday everyday. It can be singing, dancing, crafting, painting, skating, blogging, photography etc.
Someone said do what you love and love what you do. There ia no match to the happiness that hobbies can bring in our lives. Teaching the same thing to my son will be on my list. I am sure he will choose something that he loves and will be passionate about it .
Passion brings excellence and perfection.. so much said I am going to try to inspire him.. .
Try to think deep on these questions

what are your hobbies??.. 

when was the last time you did something that you love???

Why don’t you plan to take up something you have been thinking and wanting to do?? .

Some of my handmade cards

Birthday box card pictures

Husband birthday box card

Don’t let anything stop you.. .
Share in comments your views
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