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Finding a connection to higher self for a mom and a businesswoman

How is this Mom, Wife, one Woman managing EVERYTHING and STILL ABLE TO CONNECT with that higher self

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The mysterious connection with the higher self

Sunita was busy preparing the 250th Poori in her kitchen. She was wearing a red Banarasi with Mata Ki Chunari and Sindoor. Few minutes later she joined us in the hall. The moment Bhajans started she closed her eyes and transcended to her world of worship. She was singing the songs along with us and but you would notice she was on a different level of detachment with world and strong connection to the higher self.

It was visible is her eyes and face. Be it Hare Rama Hare Krishna or Pahadi Wali Maa she was connected with someone up there. All the ladies even told me she is the one pushing every one to come together for all the festivals. She plans and organised numerous get-togethers for all the Indian families.

A multitasking Mom and Businesswoman

When you talk to her you know it immediately she is transparent. Whatever she has inside in her heart is on her tongue. She has two daughters , one is 7 years and younger one is just 9 months. One can easily assume and mistake her for a homemaker for her simplicity but she is a fierce tigress. On one hand she bakes the best cakes for her daughter’s and cooks amazing cuisines for her husband while on the other she is a business partner in a logistics business.

Yes ! You are free to imagine her heavily decked in traditional lehenga or saree but with a phone in one hand while she just handles another client very politely, smartly and tactfully. When you get to know her you see how practical and strong she is. But how does this religious side fit in is a mystery. When you have a logistics business like she has then finding peace is most difficult even for the most organised and sorted people. How is this Mom, Wife, one Woman managing EVERYTHING and STILL ABLE TO CONNECT with that higher self or God or just plain simple soul.

mom who finds connection to higher self

How she made the connection to higher self?

By now you would have known me. I wouldn’t let go any chance to know more. so yeah we talked once on our way while travelling together and on phone.

She explained a few years back she lost her father who was mainly instrumental is teaching all the Shloka and Sundarkand etc but after he passed away she lost her faith and trust in her God. Two years back she had a crazy realization that when she drifted away she let her faith too loose to get back in touch.

She became too busy working and put her energy and soul for excelling in work alone. She succeeded and earned a lot of money but she had become a foreigner to her own culture, her faith and her soul.

She chose to make a difference for herself and her family. She brought herself to present and decided no matter what happens in her life the faith that her father instilled in her should pass on to next generation and that is when she slowly started connecting back to the higher concious. It’s has been two years and she says she knows not much of faith and learns from every one about meditation, prayers, religion, faith and it just helps her to stay connected with the higher consciousness.

What I learnt from her story?

Let me ask a question before I start telling about what I learnt.

Who changes their course of life just for family?

EVERY PARENT DOES IT. I know many parents do it and never tell their story. I wish to share this story to Sunita ji’s daughters one day when they are big enough to understand how strong and inspiring their mother is. I lost my father and just like Sunita I have lost my connection with the higher authority but seeing her I want to be better version of myself.

  1. Change and respond in better creative ways.
  2. Work hard and use skills and talent to have a successful career.
  3. Mental and physical fitness should be everyone’s priority
  4. Think Positive, help and inspire family and friends.
  5. Be Grateful for everything.

Lastly all I want to say is Life and Nature is a Miracle and The show must go on !

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By Urvashi

A workaholic turned mummaholic. In search of a sacred space and power to spread happiness and positivity. Write to me at

14 replies on “Finding a connection to higher self for a mom and a businesswoman”

It’s true. Every parent sacrifices for the well being of their family. I love your pointers at the end. Number 1 being the most important because a lot of what happens to us depends on how we react to situations.

Absolutely Cindy. It’s just a story until we learn something and make it an inspiration

Nothing is impossible. Every one of us can do it . Question is what do you want? Do you want to do it?

Wow… That’s a very encouraging story. I believe one has to always seek happiness whatever the way be or whenever you find it. There is no certain time for it. I am glad that Sunita has find her happiness once with work and now within her belief.

I am trying to collect few inspiring stories for my readers. Do let me know if you know such stories. I would live to write about them

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