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The story of Indian Women in Dubai Community Online and Offline up

Read the story of how Indian women in Dubai came into being.

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When and How it all Started and became a BIG family of over 1000 Indian ladies

Update on 25th August 2020 IWD is a family of 5000 Indian women.
Update on 20th October 2020 IWD is a family of 10000 Indian women.

“So, It all started with an Intent To Share the exciting deals running in stores between a handful of friends. Since Dubai happened to be huge and all friends were placed at quite a distance this group seemed like a great (read convenient) Way To Connect and stay in touch. I have been in London and connecting to women from other cultures is good exposure but there is always a missing Desi Feeling.” Says Reema with a big smile on her face.

She adds ” Just through the facebook group, we organised a coffee meet up at Ibn Batuta mall and that’s how we met first time, Arpita and I are the co-founders and now the admins of the group. IWD helps you make friends – this is a live example of people meeting through it”

Sitting close to her one can see the passion and longing to bring friends close in her words when she continues “Being Indians we have many festivals to celebrate and being lonely is tough during occasions. So when Diwali came, most of us friends in the group were away from home and unable to celebrate it like we did back at home. An idea to Meet Up struck and 9 of us friends with our families decided to get together. Since I was coordinating I prepared a few ice breakers for all and everyone loved it. That is how the IWD events started. So far we have done many Coffee meet ups, Christmas Party was a huge event, Farewell party for friends, Republic day event. So many people have started to come to these events, some even take initiatives and they enjoy it which is the best thing because it Feels Like Family, importantly feels like home. ”

Why Create An Online Platform

(I realized it was an obvious answer but we must know the hard work that goes in.)

So why create an online platform – Because that is how we all try to find people these days through – Facebook. So Arpita and Reema made a private group available for public allowing Indian women staying in Dubai to join. But this is the most difficult task for them. They were about to let a stranger enter a family. So Screening became a huge step. For every 10 request sometimes only 1 person is added to the group. That is how important and time taking it is. I went to one of the events organised by Raji without even meeting her. And I never had to be scared or worried what kind of people are part of this group because the group is strictly monitored.

Next big question again may be stupid but nevertheless I did go ahead and ask Reema -“Where do you get the time and energy for all the planning, monitoring, running the Whatsapp groups along with 2 kids?”. Both Reema and Arpita are probably used to not taking credits but they Create Time for organizing IWD events outside both their full-time professional and personal commitments. We like to make friends and we find happiness in smiles. Knowing everyone and Growing Together as a Family is Our Aim.

We are strict in terms of adding and posting to all our groups on Whatsapp and Facebook and that definitely makes our jobs easy plus all the members are very mindful of content and very alert at all times.

How Does This Group Run

So, for all those Indian Women who have just shifted to Dubai or UAE and who are looking to make new girl friends are welcome to join this group. It is free for all, and the event charges are only to cover cost for food, decorations, prizes only. If you are still wondering if you should join or not read below.

In her animated way Reema tells that it runs because everyone takes out time and be part of the IWD family. If you ask me I will again tell you my story. I moved to Dubai last year and it was super difficult to make friends. The life is fast pacing and everyone is too busy around you. I was feeling kind of out of place and started searching for any club or group to join to meet like minded ladies. I found this group and by far it is the best of my discoveries. I made new friends who had similar thought process and tastes like me.

“Just recently a very close friend of ours was shifting. So, we took this as an opportunity and did a get together plus farewell party. I am happy that IWD is able to bring women closer to make friends for lifetime” she adds. This group is active because all the ladies are willing to help each other, get to know and spend time to have fun together. Everyone here aims to have a quality friendship and entertainment along with personal growth.

Event with IWD

Vision, Passion and Purpose of Indian Women in Dubai

1. Entertainment – Plan Fun Meet ups, Sessions and Parties #IwdEvents

Our lives can be very tough and if in our personal time we don’t find a good support system it is going to take us into a black hole of sadness and depression. The most important purpose of this group is have fun together and be happy just like my motto is kaka be cheerful. The whole idea of any IWD Event is to meet with enthusiasm and feel like you belong to this community. It can only happen when everyone is participating and they are enjoying it.

Even on Facebook there are many entertaining competitions going on for all members which encourages everyone to participate and chill!

All Facebook and Whatsapp groups are planning meetups every fortnight. As the groups grow in size many new members are also taking ownership of organizing these coffee, chaat, lunch meet ups, badminton / yoga / dance sessions.

2. Friendship – Make New Friends for Life #KnowYourFriend

We all have chosen friends till now. So, in this new city(probably unknown city for many Indian women)and in a new phase in life we definitely need new friends who are standing with us, who are non-judgmental, who are supportive and want us to grow as person, help us, guide us to be successful in all walks of life.

Every week on the Facebook one of the ladies shares about her and everyone knows each other. Meeting people with similar interests is key to new friendships.

3. Help – Help Each other and Society -#IWDSupports

Any community means support and strength. Same is the Principle of IWD – Help Each Other. There are many Initiatives that IWD supports. Like helping Jingles group to raise funds for leukemia patients, helping Dhiren to raise money for his education in his balloon decoration startup. Some of the other initiatives are for

  • Self Growth and Women Empowerment – Promote Indian ladies with talents, home makers to start businesses #SmallBusinessSunday is one such initiative where IWD women share about their business, talents, blogs with the entire group.
  • Tips On Everything– This is the best part, I have always missed the helpful aunts from back home who knew everything about everything. So this group becomes Gyan ka Pitara when it comes to tips on health, beauty, life, party, planning, #IWDHacks
  • Reviews and Recommendations – What just started as sharing known numbers for services, maids, handyman, shops, Indian stuffs, everything is now a full fledged directory of information available exclusively to the members #IWDReviews

So if you are feeling lonely and want to make like minded friends join the IWD group on Facebook here. I call it my Lifeline in Dubai. Join this lively group of ladies for smiles and laughter.

Do what’s your story of Indian women in Dubai group , did you get friends when you shifted to a new place , how often do you meet tour friends?

Share your thoughts below in the comments section. You might get a chance to feature your story on my blog page.

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29 replies on “The story of Indian Women in Dubai Community Online and Offline up”

This is such a wonderful idea! Online communities are the best way to meet and interact with people who have similar interests as you. I am glad this community is doing such great things for Indian women in Dubai.

This is a great initiative! Even while living in india, moving to a new city means no friends, no contacts, no known people who can guide or one can just hang out with! I can only imagine that the isolation and challenge must be much greater abroad! How wonderful to have a group like this as a support system.

This is the great way and meet new people and make new friends. Good to know about this women group in Dubai.

Really loved the way this community of Indian women have grown in strength and power. Best way to connect.

Thanks Samidha. I attempt to bring true inspirational stories for my readers. If there is any story you think j should bring on my blog do let me know

Yes that’s true Vashi and that is the reason I wanted to bring their story to my readers

First of all, many congratulations for achieving the milestone of 1000 women. At a time when it is hard for maintaining contact, this group is a testimony that anything is possible if like-minded people join forces.

I think it is important to have online communities and be part of them when someone moves to new places. I am part of a few of them here in Sydney and it helps in so many ways. Any question or doubt can be popped up and there are so many to help. Kudos to the women who have created this in Dubai.

I’ve stayed abroad during my childhood and I know much this community meet up and events help socialise and know our fellow Indians…. its lovely that all women in dubai have such a wonderful community

Wow, this is a wonderful initiative to boost each other’s morale when in a new place. Such communities and meetups bring so much cheer in the life when we are away from the place we belong to. I loved reading the post and keep up the good work of bringing joy and harmony to each other’s life.

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