DIY homemade NON TOXIC, EDIBLE colors or finger paints for toddlers


Let’s make summers fun and non-toxic! I made this activity for Vaidik to keep him interested and occupied inside the house, while it’s extremely hot and unsafe outside
Lots of such activities can be found on my Pinterest board as well.

WHAT is this Activity: PAINTINGNon-toxic edible finger paintsNon-toxic edible finger paints

Supplies and Ingredients

WHAT did I use:

Q-tips/Earbuds, instead of a brush you can use foam brush

Non- toxic food colours, haldi, Kesar, beetroot, spinach, tomato, kiwi, berries these are very easily available in grocery stores

Yoghurt (base of our finger paint)How to make non-toxic edible finger paints for toddlersHow to make non-toxic edible finger paints for toddlers

Steps to prepare the finger paints

1. Take a cup of yoghurt/ thick curd and divide in 5 to 6 portions
2. Get some coloured fruits or vegetables, non-toxic food colours, haldi and Kesar
3. For yellow colour add haldi to yoghurt
4. For orange colour add soaked Kesar to yoghurt

5. For maroon colour add beetroot juice or puree to yoghurt
6. For green colour add spinach puree to yoghurt
7. For red colour add tomato puree to yoghurt
8. Now To each of remaining portion of yoghurt add a drop of food colour. Like this, you can prepare green, blue, red or any colour of your choice

9.If you are extra worried about food colour then switch to fruit puree or fruit yoghurts as Colors. They too work fine

Activity or painting steps and it’s benefits

HOW to paint:
Using fingers, if you want to be extra clean use Qtips, spoon or brush and you can paint with the kids

WHAT to paint:
We used blank sheets to allow my son to use his imagination

WHY do this:
It improves fine motor skills and sensory perception of your toddlers and it’s FUN!
It brings the family together when we all paint.


Hand prints using edible finger paints
Hand prints using edible finger paints

Safety tips while doing this diy:

1. Put a plastic sheet to cover the area on the floor before starting the activity. It makes cleaning super easy
2. Keep some wipes and coconut oil handy to quickly clean hands, legs, face, hair after the activity
3. Keep some extra sheets for you to paint as well. As our kids learn by seeing us
4. Take pictures to make it memorable
5. For Montessori fans, this is a great opportunity to teach colours and fruits

PS: Mommies, Daddies, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents – Please don’t try to store any of the artwork as yoghurt smells funny once it dries. So just click pictures quickly
Please share below your DIY activities and I will make sure to try it. Our little ones are growing up so fast we need more and more ideas to help them learn and be independent!

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