Book Reading Days – Toddler Tales Day 2

Tips For Parents For Introducing Books To Babies And Toddlers

  • Introduce books early to your babies as it helps a lot in their skills development and encourages them to explore
  • Early book introduction makes it is easier for parents to raise readers in the future
  • I usually recommend for babies to start with high contrast thick board books that has faces or everyday objects
  • Some good books to start are books about animals, rhymes, alphabets, vehicles, pets, people, stories. These books help them to interact, identify things and words. It helps them to create awareness of their surrounding
  • When you are starting reading for babies try using indestructible books or cloth books which are chew-proof, rip-proof, washable, easy to hold, encourages independent reading and also is a teething book. Always have it in the diaper bag as it is a great distraction for them
  • Start with safe books – soft covers, round corners, smooth edges, lightweight, non-toxic, leak-proof colours or natural dye and finally they should have few pages only
Safety tips for introducing books to babies

Tips On How To Introduce Books To Toddlers

  • If you haven’t introduced books to your toddler then start with thick board books. They can be easily placed in different angles and toddler can read it while sitting, standing or lying down
  • For a toddler start with books with big pictures which are easy to see preferably in contrasting or primary colours with thick outlines which are easy to hold or flick the page
  • Books can also be used for sensory stimulation. Books like crinkle cloth books, soft books that have a texture which toddler can touch, feel, chew, squish and learn along with it. I love them because they are washable
  • Remember our toddlers learn very quickly and they grasp a lot every day. But you should never force too much information at once. Slowly and with repetition, they learn, understand the concept of books and reading
  • Every day they will change how they see or read the same book so expect new questions or reactions to the same books every day
  • Toddlers favourite books are picture books. Anything and everything with pictures but please continue with board book till your child is at least 4 or 5 years old. They love tearing pages so anything other than board book will not withstand the inquisitive playful force and the sting operation
  • Always get books with bright and big pictures. Kids love big eyes and faces. The interest in teeth, face and expression continues will the age of 3.
  • Try to start with books with just a word or a few words in the beginning
  • Introduce touch and feel books with big bright pictures. It will help them to learn about textures, they will remember where to touch. This is how they will learn permanence. Make sure books are always easy to follow with pictures in black outlines as they help to build concentration and memory
  • Interactive books with an element of surprise and magic like lift the flap, fold-outs, pull tabs, pop-ups, sound or music books, tag books will make them curious and improves imagination and engagement. It a great way to bond with extended family members.
  • Books are expensive so use libraries, sales, discounts, sharing, fairs to buy new or used books for your library.
  • Buy books online stores, book stores, book fairs, or rent from a library, join a book club and exchange books. Reading is fun when it isn’t burning a hole in our pockets as parents
  • Always gift books to everyone to promote reading habit
  • Get interactive books like puppet books, cut out books, to help pretend play, learn emotions and feelings. It is as good as playing with a parent or another child
  • For Storybooks, start with Panchtantra stories because they are short animal fables, our cultural heritage and literature. These were created to teach the princes how to be the wisest. Plus toddlers love to listen and repeat how we narrate a story
  • Here is a video where I cover this topic in detail on YouTube

Five Tips To Make Reading Fun For Babies And Toddlers

  • Variety – Introduce a variety of books
  • Repetition – Read a book again and again
  • Interest Don’t look to complete a book if the baby looks unhappy. Go for his or her favourite first
  • Encouragement – Give your toddler a chance to flip, read, eat, sing along with the book
  • Animate – Always Read Loud, Slow, Imitate sing and Smile
Five tips to keeping toddlers hooked to books

How To Make Reading Fun And A Daily Habit For Toddlers

  • Books for all times get a bath book with squeaky noise toy which floats on the tub
  • Pocket board books are great for travelling and learning. Get fruits, vegetable, animals, number, and, opposites, language books
  • Always look for real pictures and easy to carry options
  • Get the first 100 or 1000 words book. They are fun to play find and learn words.
  • Always read to your baby
  • Introduce new books and see your toddlers reaction to understand his or her likes
  • Set a few routine books like night time books, playtime books, morning circle books. Get your free morning circle routine to include book reading.
  • Get sticker activity book for toddlers. They are a super hit any time of the day
  • Find activity book is another great choice to keep nde toddlers engaged in reading.
  • With age, the storybooks should be introduced. Start reading one-liner per page and they move on to books that require a lot of reading.
  • Remember to practice phonics, alphabet and first words before moving to storybooks as they are helpful to practice reading
  • Allow your child to recite and pretend stories from the books. This will help in their memory building

Here is a book list that you can refer for some amazing book recommendations.

This is a wonderful topic and every toddler should have a few books which are his favorite. Share in comments below what are your favorites

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