Colorful days – Toddler Tales Day 3

Today’s Focus : Colors

Learning : Identify colors, colors flashcards, color sorting activities, toys to teach colors, Easy indoor activities, play ideas and a lot more

Toddlers are smart creatures they know what is the difference between dark blue and cyan blue. Don’t underestimate the learning capabilities of your babies and toddlers. Teach them colours as early as 9 months. Colors are a form of expression for human beings.

Toddlers and children have crazy imagination power. Giving them colors is enabling them to freedom and positive attitude.

Colours have power to stimulate human brains to create feelings and emotions.

Color wheel, warm colors, cool colors

“Colors can influence our emotions and actions. Certain colours carry universal meaning and are often used to express feelings and ideas” quote from Faber Castell drawing book

Identify And Learn Colors through Flash Cards

Repetition is key to all toddler learnings. So everyday take out 1 minutes to learn 8 to 12 colors with your toddler. Use colors flash card free printable shared to See, Learn and Repeat color names and let your toddler or baby guess / find the right colors.

DIY Edible Colors Messy Play Activity

Experience is the second element to toddler learning. What a child experiences through the five senses is stored in their memories for a longer time. It is important for our toddlers to see and feel the colors in everyday objects. So let your toddler explore the world of colors using this DIY for non-toxic edible finger

Flash Card Games For Preschoolers And Early Learning

Flash cards gives us a lot of freedom to use them in any which way we like.
Some of my favorite games using flash cards are

  1. Repeat name of the colours. Babies or toddlers will repeat the names after you and vice-versa. It becomes funny and challenging when your children take the role of teacher. They show you a mirror to be honest
  2. Pick the color. Babies and toddlers will pick or point the called out color. Start practice by calling colors in a row then start jumbling and calling random colours for advanced version
  3. Memory game. Show all the flash cards and then turn them face-down. Toddler has to remember and point the correct card. This is a superb memory game for both kids and parents
  4. Find me something. In this game both parent and kid has to find an object or toy of same color as flash card. Stealing from the competitor is allowed.

Color Sorting

Let me help you understand what is color sorting. When differently sized, shaped and colored props or objects are placed in front of a toddler and he or she sorts based on their color only then it is called color sorting.  Mainly two types of color sorting are widely used namely

Guided Color Sorting

When the directions or colors are coded and followed for sorting. Like when colored bowls, sheets, markers, sections are guiding the child to place a certain coloured props or objects in a certain area, box or a bowl. This increases focus and concentration

Independent Colour Sorting

When child decides to place the similarly colored props or objects together without any particular guides or bowls, boxes etc. It hugely increases imagination and creativity.

Props Used For Colour Sorting

Anything that a baby or a toddler can easily hold in their fists or between two palms can be used for colour sorting. Some commonly used props are pom poms, buttons, wooden/ plastic blocks, small toys, rings, fruits, vegetables, flowers, popsicle sticks, color sheets, crayons, coloured food grains or pasta etc

The best way to engage our toddlers is through daily house tasks with ourselves. Check out 20 tips from Cindy how she kept her kids engaged in lockdown.

Colourful foods, fruits and vegetables

Colours are sensory experience through eyes. When we combine vision with touch and taste it has a greater impact aiding the toddlers to understand the concept of color vastly.  Some great ideas to create this sensory experience for your toddlers is below

Red coloured juice and popsicle
Red coloured juice and popsicle

  1. Always say color along with name when pointing are picking foods. For example – an orange carrot, white idli, green dal, red poor etc.
  2. Create sensory bottles , trays or bags using colorful water, rice, pasta, jellies etc and give some free time to play
  3. Use fruits to prepare colourful juices and popsicles for your toddler 
  4. Let the colourful food of non-toxic food colours in water. Yes allow kids to put food in water let then see how it dissolves, stays in water
  5. Create home made play dough for kids using flour and food colour.
  6. Prepare colourful foods like spinach pasta, beetroot poori, yellow idlis, tricolor dhokla and sandwich etc

Free Printables For All

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Rhymes to learn colors

1. Baa baa black sheep
2. Mary had a little lamb
3. Chubby cheeks dimple chin
4. Roses are red
5. Aha tamatar lal tamatar in Hindi
6. Finger family with colors

Toys and books to learn colors

Read here the list of recommendations from us.

Color Learning Activities On Youtube

Enjoy learning colors with this short video on YouTube.

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