Easy hand painting for toddlers with tips and benefits

Hand painting with non-toxic colors is an interesting way to grow for a toddler. Learn various types of hand painting that you can teach your toddler. You will also read how you can introduce colors to toddlers and some amazing benefits of hand painting.

Toddlers love Freedom to learn

As you must be feeling inside your homes locked, bolted, sealed, and drained of life so is my little toddler. Running and playing outdoors is his natural tendency. Amidst this lockdown, he feels sad, bored, and tired of sitting inside the house for a long time. Now that’s the reason why we interest him to find and uncover his artistic side with colors and crayons. But he needs periodic intervention with them too. He loves getting messy doing things that are not normal like painting walls, sofas, or anything else. I know colors are abstract concepts so here is how you can introduce colors.

Hand painting  for toddlers

Well, to save the burn down of the house we have come up with a new painting for Vaidik. Where he is allowed full freedom to use his fingers, hands, feet, cotton, spoon, whatever decently can be arranged. He has thus developed a love for this freedom. Here are some interesting paintings which he created and the best part is they are mostly using hand. He can spend 30 mins to an hour using colors and playing.

Easy Hand painting for toddlers and kids
Hand painting for toddlers and kids

Hand painting benefits for toddlers and kids

  1. It is great fun to feel the freedom in expression. Toddlers and kids Are overjoyed with this feeling and that stimulates a lot of curiosity and experimentation
  2. When using fingers, hand, feet a lot of strength, pressure and balance is needed from the body and these parts
  3. The skill of hand-eye coordination and understanding how much pressure to put on paper is mastered in this art
  4. Imagination is no bounds. Who knew a thumbprint could be a flower or a ladybug or even a lion
  5. hand painting improves awareness of their body, surroundings, and object identification in kids
  6. It takes a lot of physical strength to maintain an angle, a perfect posture to make prints on paper so it’s a wonderful physical activity too
  7. hand painting enhances the sensory capabilities of touch and sight when we mix colors
  8. Learning new colors and how they are created. It is huge science behind it. So this activity helps a lot in understanding the concept of colors

Abstract Hand painting with toddlers

This is the best for infants and young toddler as they love doing things in their own way just let them dip their hand in colors and paint. If you are too worried and want non-toxic finger painting colors for your munchkins use the DIY method I tried with my son from here. Let them draw lines, circles, dots or whatever they like using fingers, foot, hand etc.

Abstract hand painting

Drawing and coloring in hand painting

When our toddlers start growing they want to make everything like a circle or any shape, a car, animals, bouquet whatever comes to their mind. Some of our favourites are trees, family hands, flower, plants, etc. They draw everything around us. This is not just hand-painting its arms, foot everything in one.

Animal hand painting

Every kids favorite is to draw animal world. Learn more about animals here. We have been trying and experimenting a lot here are some of our successful paintings for you. It’s the easiest for of painting. Just follow the lead in these pictures and make your own animals.

Do give it a try and share with me. Here is a small experiment I did. Check out before and after. Share your experiments with me and I will post your pictures here.

Tips for parents to do hand painting

  1. Always have some sheet to cover floor or mat or table where you are painting
  2. Keep wipes, cloth and water to clean hand and feet
  3. Practice the design first before getting the child to do it. Show your painting to the child so he or she knows what they are going to paint
  4. Keep the sheet, colors, brush, pens ready in a tray
  5. Hold your child’s hand or feet gently and guide them how to put pressure correctly. Young kids will need a lot of help so be patient
  6. Choose non-toxic colours or homemade colors like I have suggested above
  7. Remember to click pictures quickly and let the sheets dry
  8. You can use thick sheet if you have otherwise a normal printer sheet is fine.

Hope you enjoyed painting with your little ones just like we did. No doubt it was crazy but we had loads of fun and I know my toddler is getting stronger physically and mentally too. Once he has decided to make something he wouldn’t let go until we tried it at least once.

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