Days of the week – Toddler Tales Day 4

Everyday is Sunday in this lockdown but we can definitely learn a lot about days of the week in this period.

Learning the days of the week

Time and again I have mentioned Repetition and Experience are key to toddler learning. The best way to teach days of the week orally is by sing, repeat and play. Learning the names includes knowledge of right names, right order of the days, right pronunciation and understanding the concept of days too. For toddlers concept may take time but rest of the things can definitely be taught easily.

Diy, games, activities and free printables to  teach days of the week

Tips and steps for parents to teach days of the tip

Here are steps that we followed for my son Vaidik.

  1. Always speak loud, slow and clear for your toddler. Remember to correct the pronunciation of your child and Encourage them with cheers and claps on every small achievement
  2. Now for steps, Start by singing days of the week to make your toddler familiar with these new words
  3. Play the game of copy cat. Your child repeats after you. Sunday Sunday, Monday Monday and so on
  4. Move to game I Say You Say where you say Sunday they say Monday, you say Monday they say Tuesday. I hope it is clear if you need a demo video do mention in comments I will try to make a video and share for your understanding
  5. Play the Advance I Say You Say now the pattern goes like you say Sunday they say Monday, you say Tuesday they say Wednesday. So far so good
  6. Finally recite the full days of the week and let them copy. Slowly you will notice they have memorised and can recite it any time. Well this is just the beginning, now the task is to help them understand the concept of time, days, weeks, months. Stay tuned for more information and keep reading my toddler tales here.

Day of the week flash cards and matching game FREE PRINTABLE

Here is the Free Printable just for you. Use it like flash cards, play a game of matching words using the sheet. Don’t leave any stones unturned when exploring ways to teach your toddler. Every effort you make is worth it.

Days of the week caterpillar

This is a superb game activity for colours and anything you want to teach that is like a series alphabets, numbers, days etc. It is interactive and intuitive. Toddlers learn to follow a pattern. It helps with pattern recognition and memorizing new words like days of the week.

All you have to do to ready the game is print the free printable and color the caterpillar with your child. Cut the circles from the additional sheet and color them too.

Colorful Caterpillar games

  1. Put the circles – Place the circles on caterpillar and recite Sunday Monday as you place the circles
  2. Take them off – Remove the colorful circles and find what day is behind the caterpillar circle
  3. Caterpillar eats – Take a small toy car or a Fruit. Pretend caterpillar is eating it and keep saying the names of days where the fruit or car goes inside caterpillars tummy
Caterpillar color and fun games

Advanced DIY for Days of the week


Weekometer is created using cardboard from delivery packaging. The free printable for creating this will be available for those who subscribe or drop their email id in comments below.

Weekly Waterfall

Weekly waterfall is created using post it and thick paper from drawing notebook. The base is created from cardboard and white sheet.

The free printable for creating this will be available for those who subscribe or drop their email id in comments below.

Please see this video to understand these DIYS

DIYS for days of the week

Hope you and your toddler are learning while enjoying these fun activities and games.

Please share in comments below if you would like to have access to more of these activities and free printables.

Watch this video from YouTube to learn days of the week.

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