Why do we need a society?

Living in society with a delicate balance. Do we need this society?

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In the name of knowing the world better today just because we are of the age when parents cannot dominate us and children will have to do what we say we cross lines and hurt our own support system.

Our families inclusive of parents, in laws, kids, sisters and brothers are our strengths. An extension of this family are our relatives cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents etc. Finally and extension of relatives and partly including the relatives we make our society. Our society is our support system.

We being millenials constantly question everyone and everything except our own. Especially we are very critical of our society overall. Some common phrases we advocate and openly use with full intent are- ‘Society ka kya hai kuch bhi bolte hai’, ‘Relatives ka toh kaam hi yehi hai ki meri burai kare’, ‘They are no good for me’, ‘We should not be linked anyway’. We even go to extents where we control our families and suggest Why don’t we break this relationship once and for all as it doesn’t feed our ego or doesn’t suit our status.

Living in a society

What we never realise is these people were once family. I may have been part of this society for some years now but this society existed before us and will live after us.

Infact We need society to exist in this world. They are truly essential to our living and succeeding in our lives as humans and not robots without feelings. It is their support and strength which can help me to grow and become a better person in all walks of life.

Being responsible and owning our actions to the best of our ability is what we can do to make this society pacing right on track with us. It’s always a collective growth.

We can never live solo. We will always be dependent. It doesn’t matter how many AI we invent. The human connection and the bond of relationship in the society keeps us going in the long run of life.

Many of us question – What are the rules of this society? Why do we have to follow such rules? What is our benefit? Well in one sentence we need this ecosystem to live in this big wide world. All we need is just maintain the ecology. Its funny how easily we can break the ecology.

But the right kind of living is to live with the underlying principles of society for they are the guides that helps us tell right from wrong , they keep us grounded, they teach us how to live life with an impact, not just luxury and solitude.

We come alone in thus world and go away alone, but coming alone is easy while going we still need someone to burn the fire or bury in the mud or take us to the last destination. In his entire life my father kept a delicate balance of love, happiness, relationships with this society. I am trying to learn it on my own now.

Love you dadu!

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By Urvashi

A workaholic turned mummaholic. In search of a sacred space and power to spread happiness and positivity. Write to me at

10 replies on “Why do we need a society?”

You are so right. We have become so self-centred and try to keep to ourselves, almost cutting off ties with anyone. Its actually a scary situation.

I won’t say I agree 100% but at times society too needs to evolve and adapt, at which sometimes we are all stubborn. Just saying based on my personal experience. We at times are banked very limited when we need to go beyond.

Can totally relate.. there isn’t a thing called society.. it’s us who make this society. Thanks for reading and sharing your views πŸ™

The society was supposed to nurture the humanity and the human beings but sadly sometimes it feels so restrictive. Nice article.

Probably it’s time we understand and uncover what can be done to make our society loving and caring all the time

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