How To Have Abundance Mindset in 2020

What is Abundance?

Well the dictionary says that it is a noun meaning ‘a very large quantity of something’ or ‘the state or condition of having a copious quantity of something; plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity‘.

Why is Abundance suddenly the buzz word in 2020?

Everybody aspires Abundance or more of something in their life. Some want luxurious lifestyle while others want better Job. With increasing self awareness in these times and an intention to achieve success everyone is trying abundance mindset in this new decade starting 2020.

What is Abundance Mindset ?

It is how you intentionally choose to live your life. Abundance is in every moment of your being only if you are ready to embrace. It is feeling worthy of everything and accepting your wishes or dreams when they come knocking.

Abundance is believing that everything you desire comes easily with your ask. It is feeling that you own the world and your wish is the command to this universe.

Abundance is seeing opportunity for monetizing one of the many qualities you possess. It is understanding and exploring every nuance of a trade that can bring new ideas in amplitude. It is knowing that we will always achieve our goals of affluence and exuberance.

Abundance is accepting good health and fitness for your bodies. Abundance is taking every step and doing it with receiving attitude that you will be the best version of yourself with every effort you put. 

Abundance is two way – firstly it is the belief or feeling worthy and secondly it is acceptance. For example, You loose the wins, gifts and earns if you don’t believe you are worthy and likewise, you don’t win or achieve success because somewhere down you had self-doubts or just didn’t believe it was possible.


Abundance mindset in 2020

What Are The Blocks In Your Abundance

You must be wondering if Abundance is so easy/achievable/doable/breathable then why is everyone not able to live in abundance? Some common blocks we knowingly or unknowingly have in our complexly wired brains.

  • Some people say that they have always worked hard and nothing comes easy for them. So they believe and accept that they will only succeed when they work hard. Here the brain is trained to reject if any success comes easy or quickly. And so they themselves push it away and create reasons to work harder even when it wasn’t needed.
  • Some people constantly complain that they are not able to find perfect love or partner and they always get hurt. So, when the perfect person was presented they ran away or just got scared of this new and beautiful change instead they went back to being hurt by same old kind of people they always complained about.
  • Some people like me always say losing weight, being healthy and fit is never possible for my body type. So I always find a reason to spoil my own routine or streak just when I am about to hit a new target. I get some magical cramps every third day and later I lose hopes of that fitness.
  • Some people constantly complain I feel really bad because I care for everyone and I do everything without objection, I end up tired, overworked, stressed, manipulated etc because I can never say NO to others. Well the thing is you can say and do anything you like all you need is a little block removal spell.
  • Some people are always in short of time, they are never able to complete their work or even take care of themselves because they don’t have time. Every person on this planet get same 24 hours so what is it that they are doing or seeing differently to create time needed.

How To Remove Blocks And Achieve Abundance Mindset ?

Do you also see that these blocks are very basic and they can be easily corrected with the right thoughts and intentions. I have some friends who think these blocks are ingrained in their minds and it is too tough to reprogram.

I strongly believe anything you say or believe is true. Its like “If you say You can then YOU CAN”. Removing these blocks is the easiest and the fastest thing we can do for abundance in life.

We receive what we ask, we ask what we think, we think THOUGHTS. So these blocks can be easily removed with the right thoughts and intentions There are 75000 thoughts in our brain everyday.

As a child we all had the inspiring, creative and abundant thoughts all the time but our awareness, fear of failure and survival instincts changed our thoughts. So it is something your mind knows. You have to start living it. 

5 steps to remove your abundance blocks


Meditation helps to break the control of fears, habits, bodily dominance on the minds. So, it prepares you to accept affluence in its original form. It helps to rewire, reprogram your brains to see with profoundness. It heals you and your thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Practice Abundance

This is simplest step. You might even be teaching this to your kids – Dream Big. In all these years we all have programmed ourselves in our unique ways. So, to achieve the cornucopia of our wishes, success, luxuries, affluence in real lives we have to Dream Big, Think Big, Feel Big, Believe Big, Act Big and Imitate Big

Examples :

For beginners you can start your day with video of great speakers who motivate you, listen to knowledgeable lectures or discourse that interests you to learn and challenges you to think out of the box.

Once you are filled with the warm feeling inside visualize and feel abundance in your thoughts. Think about the big house with garden and a lamborghini where you live with most loving partner, think about the fit body you have, think about the happiness to complete the marathon.

It is important to visualize with emotions as they produce vibrations with the same frequency as the universe is created. So, It helps to feel the lavishness in your thoughts how you would feel in reality. 

I also added believe and imitate because your actions should become sync with your thoughts. A person with strong will can do it immediately.  If you find yourself unable to accept abundance mindset then imitate it. Slowly the profusion will become your habit.

Finally act and take every step to manifest every thought you have. Every step taken gives you a result and experience to the next. It brings you closer to the abundance mindset. It helps you to accept the final results with an non-judgmental attitude


Practices make a man perfect. It is with repetition we can achieve an abundance mindset. Even If you are someone who has always been in the scarcity mindset you can change it with the snap of your fingers.

If you feel yourself failing you repeat your abundant thoughts till they come naturally to you. So practice abundance everyday. Instead of focusing on scarcity rehearse and repeat what will be your take on things and situations with abundance mindset. 


We all know being thankful for what we have attracts a lot more of the same. But it also is true that being thankful for the abundance we seek, abundance around us, abundance of others, abundance in nature, abundance of the country prepares us to welcome abundance in our lives. When we express gratitude for our abundance our body and mind feels and lives all the abundance. It trains our mind to be accepting and believing that possibilities are infinite. With every possibility we receive more gifts , our wishes and our thoughts are manifested. Read more.

Happiness – 

It is the most important step to achieve abundance in your life.  Bring happiness in your thoughts. Feel the amplitude of happy thoughts. Abundance with happiness is everlasting. What makes you happy inspires you to live. Every happy thought is a million times more effective in creating your abundance than just a thought. Feel exhilarated in your visualization. Feel zealous about your life. Feel the magic in happiness.  So be happy and make everyone around you happy. Enjoy your life, your thoughts and activities of your day. Happiness is Key to everything. Happiness is the secret back door to Abundance.

Ignite your Abundance mindset

I give you one simple task to end this read and start your Abundance Mindset. State 10 of your wishes you want to achieve in your life in next few days, months or years. Write in 5 sentences how you will feel when you have received all these wishes.  TASK – Read these 5 sentences happily everyday for a week. Now you are ready for this wonderfully abundant journey!

My inspirations for writing this article : Marisa Peer, Ashley Stahl, Juliana from Boho Beautiful, Stefan James, Denzel Washington


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