Happy New Year – Is it truly happy?

What is so happy about this happy new year 2021. Is it truly happy? read how the events unfold in real world

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What is so happy about this happy new year 2021. Is it truly happy?

Alert – This is a vent-out post. I have been holding up a lot for past 10 days and today I don’t seem to be able to keep it within.

Unexpected turn of events on the happy new year- 2021. Is it truly happy?

It was 31st Dec 6.30 pm when we (my husband, sister, me and my son) decided to take a chance and go shopping for new year cake. We had initially decided to bake it ourself but were just too lazy to do it After some disappointing sold out or booked displays we found one place which had cakes available. We all have heard that beggars are not choosers but the feeling is quite unsettling to experience. Nonetheless, what matters is we found a cake.

With just a basic cream cake we marched by home. Just as we entered I saw a tear in my mom’s eyes. She looked fit and there wasn’t any injury but we didn’t understand why she was crying. After washing hands and removing masks we came back to where she was sitting and she said – your Phufaji(Uncle) passed away.

Reliving those moments which you hide inside you – is it truly happy?

My Phufaji was my Dad’s guardian in Kolkata when he came to do his C.A. After marriage my mom had found a family away from home in Bhua(Paternal Aunt)and him. The relationship they have built over years was stronger than many blood relations. I could see my mom was devastated and I knew in my heart the sunken feeling. it was as if I had to see my dad go away one more time.

On the first day of the year we had to attend the condolence prayer via Zoom. You know its easier to attend prayer meet in person where you can ignore people and their voices for few minutes. In the Zoom call it was much more difficult and every body wanted to speak and share their heartfelt messages to the family. Seeing all the relatives I was having cold feet once again. It was everything happening all over.

Crying and unable to speak – is it a truly happy new year?

When his daughter asked us to speak. It was yet another mountain falling on our head. We could barely stop crying and talking wasn’t happening. After water and numerous breaths, my mom just managed to speak something and then we couldn’t speak again. Two hours of crying and helplessness left us pretty soured.

Every day we just talk on message with them Still unable to talk and console them. We can barely face each other personally(as we were crying all the time) how am I supposed to make someone feel better by talking over the phone. I found the time and moment to talk. It was while guiding regarding all the procedures to be done in banks, legal etc. Mum spoke to them. But it just breaks my heart every time. I am still unable to hear their voice. All the talking is on messages for me.

Happy new year 2021- a new experience and a new learning

The law of nature is so tough on us emotionally because we are attached to people, our perception of them, the memories of them, the feelings associated with all our interactions over time. It is not easy to suddenly accept that this person is not available for any one of us.

is it truly happy new year. be cheerful
Truth of life – DEATH

You know what, With a heavy heart I was somehow accepting the new normal in my house after my dad passed. But this new event has once again shaken everything. Don’t know when it will be okay, I know being positive, happy and cheerful is my mojo but in times like these, I need to pause. I need to accept the bigger truth about life which is death.

Experiences shape us everyday. I hope this experience makes me stronger tomorrow. I really wish I can make it a better place for my family again. Sometimes talking is the best way to help yourself. Like me if you are having something to share go ahead drop me an email or ping me at one of my social media handles.

My dad always said Kaka Be Cheerful.

Follow my blog to find how happiness and gratitude have been a part of my life and grow with damuru.

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By Urvashi

A workaholic turned mummaholic. In search of a sacred space and power to spread happiness and positivity. Write to me at

30 replies on “Happy New Year – Is it truly happy?”

First so sorry for your loss dear and I could understand your emotions so well. due to covid few of my relatives also pass away and here in USA I feel so sad and alone that I even could not see or meet them at their last time. last year was so tragic for all of us and we all are hoping that new year will bring joy and happiness but I think we have to wait for few months more until vaccine approved protection against covid. agree with the quote completely that accept the bigger truth about life and that is death.

“I really wish I can make it a better place for my family again. “- Urvashi, I really want to come and give you a tight hug girl. So sorry for your loss. that’s the hard truth that we cannot deny. I can only say that though we don’t want such moments in or lives but they make us strong.

Sorry to hear your loss that too just before New Year. I guess certain eventualities not many can control. Like the saying goes, when Dharmaraj Yudhisthira was asked by Yaksha what is the greatest truth in life, he replied “all of us are moving daily towards death, but none of us believe it.” I hope new year will bring new resolve and help you move one in life.

Urvashi a biiiiiig tight hug from me to you. Really sorry for your loss but I am sure you will be able to put things together and will make a better place for you and for your family. Have faith and keep yourself emotionally strong.

A touching and sad story. . Dont loose hope. Life with its ups and downs , is still grateful for.Hopefully this year will be good .

Please accept my heartfelt condolences, Urvashi. Life and death are a part of life. Happiness and sadness go hand in hand. If we were always happy we wouldn’t know our strengths and weaknesses. We wouldn’t grow at all. I know its not easy but I have lost my husband, parents, in-laws. Sisters-in-law. We just have to drag ourselves and move on. I have tears in my eyes while typing this but now I will go wash my face and smile at myself. Suggest you do the same my dear. We cannot afford to break down or we will never mend. New Year is just a change of date. When something good happens to u, celebrate it..isn’t it? Hugs to you and wish i could take away the pain.

So sorry to hear about your loss Urvashi. One can never overcome the parent’s loss. A tight hug from my end to you. You are a true fighter and I can see that you are striving hard to maintain that balance within your family.

Sorry to hear about your Fufaji Urvashi! I hear you girl, stay strong and be the strength of grieving family. I have been through this breakdown in 2019 when I lost my mother in law on 1st Jan 2019 and completely understand the trauma of being too far from the family at this painful moment. In fact Death is the only truth before reaching that point we live many lives, the only thing we can make sure, we live it gracefully, madly, lively altogether!!

Heartfelt condolence for the loss Urvashi, I am so sorry to hear this. I wish I could be there for you in person and how hard this must be for your whole family and it is good that you chose to vent out, it is very important to express how we feel the pain inside us. Please take care and remember we can always talk.

Heartfelt condolences. Losing a member in your family or any closed one is the biggest loss and this is the thing we humans don’t have control over. Last year we too lost some members in our family and relatives. The saddest and toughest part is to convey your feelings virtually. Good you vented through this post. Take care

Heartfelt condolences Urvashi. The loss of a loved one is always immense, especially when it is so unexpected. One of the worse things about this pandemic is not being able to travel for emergencies like this one. It is too soon and your emotions are still raw. But as they say ‘ time is a great healer’……eventually we learn to come to terms with the loss. Take care and be strong for your mother.

It is very very difficult to accept the loss of our loved ones from our life. Specially someone so close to our family. Really sorry to hear you lost your dad and your Fufaji later. We all pray for strength to go through such difficult time.

Sorry to hear about your loss. May you get strength to bear it. I can understand your sentiments but am hopeful you will emerge out of it.

Hey girl, so sorry for your loss. 2020 has been a tough one for all of us in some ways or the other. However, it has also taught us a few things – Resilience, Gratitude and Hope. Stay Strong – Much Love.. 🙂

Firstly, my condolences to you and your family Urvashi. I hope your mom is doing okay. It’s very difficult to loose someone and fill the void in our hearts. But time is the best healer. Stay strong. I am sure the rest of the year will turn to be good for you and your family.

A loss of the strongest person is like a bard hit at the backbone of the family. Extremely sorry for this, I pray for him. I am sure while writing this you must have tears in your eyes. Covid made the situation worst and connecting online is the only way to get connected with eachother in good and bad time.

Really sorry for your loss, Urvashi. Praying for strength for you and your family. I could relate to it. It was my father’s varsi yesterday. Each time someone wishes Happy Lohri, there is a re-living of that pain. But life goes on. Time does not heal, it just numbs the pain.

Take care. My dads varsi comes just day after my anniversary. It’s the worst feeling.

Your emotions really hit me hard & i felt helpless in this situation; though sending your virtual hugs , strength & positivity. Though these voids remain so; the only thing i know is this too shall pass & a happy time will come.
This new normal has all got us in its web & we are struggling to break free. But soon ! We must believe.

I love hearing from you ! Write your comments below

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