Reading Challenge of 2021 and how do I stick to it

BlogChatter has come up with the perfect reading challenge this year 2021 for me and I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter.

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BlogChatter has come up with the perfect reading challenge this year 2021 for me and I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter.

This year the resolution is just one – Be Consistent. Read here my resolution, plan and goals for 2021. Reading is one of the daily goals for me.

5 ways to stick to reading in 2021
5 ways to stick to reading in 2021

A brief idea about the TBRchallenge BlogChatter Reading Challenge

  1. Its a reading challenge so you have to read books of course
  2. Create a profile and complete the details on BlogChatter website
  3. You get to choose how many books do you want to read 5 – 120
  4. All you have to do is upload the book cover of the books you read and complete on your dashboard on BlogChatter
  5. To take part you can declare on social media and your personal blog by writing a post. You can read all the rules on Blogchatter
  6. Time to complete the challenge One full year – 365 days of 2021

My Reading Challenge

I am setting myself a challenge of 12 books. 12 books in 12 months does sound rhyming. I am sure I will be reading everyday. Now the whole idea of finishing a book is the real challenge for me. Starting a new book is the most exciting thing but to read through and complete it is what requires CONSISTENCY. So lets see what I can do to be consistent and complete this goal.

My Choice of books for the Reading Challenge

Personal growth books are my all-time favourites. So 5 – 6 books on Happiness, positive thinking, mindset, mental health and personal growth this year is my wish.

  1. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy (Continuing read)
  2. Zen and Art of Happiness – Chris Prentiss (Started on 6th january)
  3. The Code of Extraordinary Mind – Vishen Lakhiani

I also have some books from my friends which is there on my list

  1. Ardhviram – Priyanka Nair
  2. You, Me & the Universe – Manas Mukul (* done reading 7th January)
  3. End of the Rope – Shaurya Arya Kanojia

There are also some books to learn and get better at work and life. these are mostly result oriented and focused on learning something new or getting better at what I am doing now.

  1. One Hour Content plan – Meera Kothand
  2. 12-week fitness project – Rujuta Diwekar

Now over time I will add and update the list to make it 12 books and hopefully make sure to finish them all. Are you planning to read any books this year?

How do I stick to reading?

  1. Reading Clubs and Reading groups are my true motivation. We share daily reads and pic of the pages so that we can keep each other hooked to reading
  2. Surround yourself with books and people who love books to remind you to keep reading. Place books on side tables
  3. Buy a few stationery of your choice – highlighters, pen, sticky notes and use them while reading
  4. Make your own bookmark they are super motivating
  5. Write your takeaways and book reviews and share on social media

One Last Tip

Do not hurry to finish a book. It kills the whole joy and pleasure of reading from it.

Okay, I have more from my book-loving friends. Pace your reading when reading personal growth. Read light and fiction with other serious kinds of book. Ask your friends to suggest books for you. Share a daily read with your gang of readers.

Happy Reading !

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla, and happily SPONSORED BY RRE Studios and SHOWCASE Events.

Love n Hugs


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By Urvashi

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49 replies on “Reading Challenge of 2021 and how do I stick to it”

Thats a lovely list Urvashi. I also believe in not rushing through the book. I take my own time to read and absorb the content. I have read “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy” truly loved it. Atomic Habits is another book which I will highly recommend.

I remember reading quite a few books this way. It somehow gives me the time to cherish the parts I liked while going through.

Yes, Reading books is really a great habit. I always keep a book in my bag. So whenever I have to wait at some place like bus stop or any metro station I start reading the book. Thanks for sharing the amazing tips

Thanks for sharing this lovely post. I used to love reading books during my travels. I am not the kinds who will put down a book and then procrastinate when to read it next time. Will finish reading books in one go.

That is a great list, Urvashi. I completely agree about the final tip, to savor each book instead of trying to achieve a magic number. It kills the joy of reading. I too am participating in the Blogchatter challenge with a no-stress target of 24.

I suck at keeping up book challenges. Last year I started very well with reading more books than I had thought but then everything went down the drain quickly. I really like the idea of joining the clubs to keep the motivation going.

These are very useful tips for reading. i agree with them especially not to rush to finish a book as that kills the joy of reading!

Urvashi this post is extremely useful for me as I was not gathering strength to commit myself for this book reading challenge. But after reading your post I think 12 books in 12 months is not difficult if I follow your tips.Should I go Ahead?

I feel ashamed when I read such posts..i used to be a real bookworm and we had this group called Bookwormz but now i have just stopped reading. Cooking blogging social media demands so much time. All the best urvashi…u will do great in the challenge

This is so interesting way to keep the reading activity on track, I loved the idea of #TBRchallenge by Blogchatter. Infact planning to board on too. Best wishes dear!

Truly said , we choose books to read, make a routine, initially so excited but with time and on procrastination and other commitments fades away all the excitement. I hardly read a single book in two months. So prefer to pick short reads. But noting down the tips you shared to be motivated.

I am humbled to see my book in your list, thank you Urvashi. I started the year with reading my fav author Manav Kaul’s book “Antima” 🙂 I plan to read at least 2 books in a month, let’s see. As you rightly said that rushing kills the joy of reading!

Reading is a joy in itself and takes me to a different land.. But consistency is what i lack.. After having a child i have picked up the book, read half way through and left it in between. Picked up again and again read from the beginning. The vicious circle continues and i hope to break it one day soon.

I miss reading books now. It’s been a while when I read the last book. But am indeed motivated by reading your post & soon will start reading again.

And yes hurry kills the joy. It’s ok if we take time to read book.
Loved ur choice of books.

Books are my source of comfort. I read atleast one book a week and I love finding new themes and authors. Hope you complete your resolution for the new year. All the best to you!

Well i too have taken this challenge as i felt my reading capacity went down owing to social media works ; but i love books above all and this year i intend to get back on my routine. Your pointers will definitely help me in achieving my reading goals.

A nicely-divided list prioritizing different content! Great tips to stick to it too! Agree, read a book always to enjoy it not finish it. For me too, If I feel I am hurrying up trying to finish it, I just let it be for a while and then come back, probably my mind wants to read something else. And I make sure I listen to my mind.

Wow, Urvashi, reading is such a joy! I have taken up the Blogchatter’s Reading Challenge too. It’s so exciting to participate in such challenges so as to motivate us towards our goal. All the best! Loved your TBR

Dont worry dear. I have started reading more seriously only now. My target is to read one page a day. Anything more is a bonus. I don’t know how But I am finding more time in midst of all the chaos at home.
try this little shift in mindset and let me know if it worked

I love hearing from you ! Write your comments below

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