Setting Reminders to be happy during the day

My happiness tool – happiness reminders.

In the pursuit of happiness we all get too carried away  and get into complexities

While much like everything in life happiness is simple – just be happy!

Set your reminder today which says Be happy!

You must be wondering did I really mean setting a reminder in your calendar. Well, Yes!

That us just a start. Here are some ways to remind yourself throughout the day to be happy.

Practical ways to remind yourself to be happy

Set your happiness alarm for everyday

This sounds crazy but just set it up with two prompts Smile or Be Happy

Put up a morning post-it

Use reusable smiley face stickers or post-it with words Smile or Be Happy around places where you spend your mornings like washroom, kitchen, work desk, yoga mat.

Change its position after 2 weeks. Keep moving it to another place around the areas of your morning interest. This way your brain doesn’t take it for granted and notices it as the position changes.

Collect Smiles

I might have mentioned it before but just reminding again spend 30 – 60 secs in a day to remember the happiest, best and the most exciting part of the day.

Check your mood and thoughts during the day

Once during rest of the day check how are you feeling and what kind of thoughts you are creating. Tell yourself Smile and Be Happy (talk to your conscious and unconscious minds)

Draw a poster and place next to bed

Make sure your poster says Smile or Be Happy.

These two words Smile and Be Happy are very powerful. They bring instant smile and make the happiness hormones work

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By Urvashi

A workaholic turned mummaholic. In search of a sacred space and power to spread happiness and positivity. Write to me at

26 replies on “Setting Reminders to be happy during the day”

Yes dear great reminder. With busy life we all have a long to do list everyday and forget to enjoy what matters most in life. being present in moment and enjoy small moments is something that bring joy and happiness in our otherwise chaotic lives.

Such a sweet and short post. “Be Happy” is one of the most wonderful reminders I have read so far. We often set so many reminders to take care of our daily chores but we forget the crux of everything. our happiness.

This is such a useful post! A simple thing such as staying happy needs constant reminders in today’s fast paced and stressful life.

Great tips of setting reminder of smile. undoubtedly somewhere we have forgotten the mandate ground of a happy life. I really loved the idea of a slight change of slots of reminders, the best way to remove the monotony in practice.

I just put up a pic of my dog doing some antics. I automatically smile….he ALWAYS makes me happy and peps up my mood immaterial of what has happened. Every. Single. Time.

Succinct and packs a punch. Sometimes we do need to remind ourselves to be happy. Particularly in the current time. These are practical tips that are quite easy to inculcate.

Such a sweet and nice gesture of setting up reminders for being Happy. Yes in this busy life we do need these reminders as otherwise every day stress can topple us up side down.

Short and sweet post Urvashi. Putting a poster is a great idea. I put my baby girls pictures in my room and whenever I see them I automatically smile and it makes me happy.

Short and sweet post Urvashi. Putting a poster is a great idea. I put my baby girls pictures in my room and whenever I see them I automatically smile and it makes me happy.

Wow, this is such a pleasant read Urvashi. I really like the idea of setting up reminders to stay happy by having morning smiley stickers on post-it stickers in and around the house. It’s a wonderful idea. We do collect our happy memories in our happiness jar at the end of the day to remind ourselves to be grateful and blessed for all those happy moments.

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