How To Start Gratitude Practice?

How To Start Gratitude Practice?
A easy 60 secs guide on how to start your gratitude practice because someone asked – What are they supposed to do and how to start it?

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A easy 60 secs guide on how to start your gratitude practice

How to start a gratitude practice today?

An easy 60 secs guide on how to start your gratitude practice

gratitude should be fun and not take more than 2 minutes of your time, DAMURU CREATIONS
How To Start Daily Gratitude practice
How To Start Daily Gratitude practice

So I recently wrote about the gratitude prompts and one of my readers came back asking me – ‘I understand and I know that I should write my gratitude’s, But I am stuck and unable to follow after that. What am I supposed to do and how do I start doing it?

Think and Write just 1 thing that happened today or something you did and which made you happy.

gratitude practice for everyday, Damuru Creations

Points you can keep in mind to identify this 1 thing for your gratitude practice

  1. There must be a muscle movement. You must have smiled, giggled, blinked, cried, jumped, screamed or at least moved your arms and legs
  2. It made you feel joy, warm, tickled, excited, happy, cheerful, sing, energy
  3. You want to do it again
  4. Now Write in one sentence using less than 30 words

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Some Examples of this gratitude practice can be

  1. I am feeling so excited about my new haircut today. I want to keep swaying my hair
  2. Today I am grateful for this experience of cooking. Simple home cooked food is the best meal of the day. It makes my tummy full, takes my barely 10 mins to prepare and yet gives me all the energy and nutrients
  3. I am happy to have met my neighbour today. Though it was a quick two mins chat he was really kind and full of energy. I felt so good after talking to him.
  4. I am having the best time reading this book on happiness and I have shared it with all my friends. Its is constantly bringing up good and positive stories.
  5. I found a little feather on the road today. It reminded me of my childhoods days. So happy to have had those carefree and fun-filled days in my life.

So, What to do when you cannot find a reason to be grateful

  1. Sit down quietly for 30 secs or a count of 10 and close your eyes (Check out my post here to know more how to count Mississipily )
  2. And now, Take a long Breathe In and release Breathe Out (It is possible when you have many thoughts, feelings, stress then the breathe out may be followed with a grunting sound. As you understand, this happens involuntarily so you can be relaxed )
  3. So, You will have a hundred thoughts but just ask yourself and these thoughts to let you breathe and wait for you to complete your counts. (this trick is talking to your subconscious to tell it that you want to relax and focus on being present in the moment)
  4. After the count is done just snap your fingers and open your eyes and now you have the perfect thing to be grateful for – a mindful moment in the present

Now you can write about how you feel doing this exercise. Now you can be thankful for these relaxing, rejuvenating and happy 30 secs of your life today.

gratitude for every breath you take, DAMURU CREATIONS

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Keep yourself motivated using fun ideas

If you find daily journaling boring, Here are some alternatives for you.

  1. Make your Gratitude jar and collect all the daily notes in this Gratitude Jar
  2. Send an email or a note to self
  3. Create your gratitude bubble. Will share more details in upcoming posts.

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By Urvashi

A workaholic turned mummaholic. In search of a sacred space and power to spread happiness and positivity. Write to me at

39 replies on “How To Start Gratitude Practice?”

I am feeling happy for what I cooked today as cooking always gives me happiness. There are many things I am grateful for and a Gratitude exercise you have stated is great I will try it out and make a gratitude Jar.

Gratitude is all around us. We only have to pay attention to those small things that make us happy. Being grateful to our life and with ourself is the greatest we can give to ourself.

Wow awesome Urvashi and I am glad that you had shared some examples too. you know, someday I feel that what is special in this is just a routine day with usual tasks but now after reading your post got many ideas to make an ordinary day to feel special with a feeling of gratitude. thanks dear for sharing.

A wonderful post. We must learn to be thankful. Most of the time we are jealous, envious and irritatd about success of others. Ability to feel gratitude for our own things is like a balm applied to a sore muscle. Thank you again.

The ways you have shared is really good and helpful.. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. … Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. Gratitude can change your life because it makes you appreciate what you have rather than what you don’t have. Gratitude can change your life because it is the single most powerful source of inspiration that any person can tap into if they simply just stop and paid attention to the simplistic beauty and miracle of life.

I loved this post. I always thought there are days when I don’t feel like being grateful so I should I start this. However I have read all about the benefits yet was puzzled. We are always in hurry and ignore the very tiny moments that came across. I liked the idea about sending email to self. Because I am not able to motivate myself for writing journal. Maybe this works.

I am thankful for having this life. All the wonderful things in life i am grateful for. One thing i am most grateful for is that even though i fall sick i have money to go to a doctor.

Joy can be found in the little things if only we remember to look for it. The last year has taught us to be grateful for many simple things in our daily life and just for staying healthy. Your post simplifies it so much – iam sure we all can find atleast ONE thing everyday to be grateful for.

Absolutely. One thing might not even more than a moment.. So much we can do in 30 to 60 secs

Gratitude is the mantra that 2020 taught us.I am always grateful for what i have. I never ask..why me? Instead, why not me? Millions sleep hungry on the streets in the world. At least I have a roof over my head and food on my plate.

So true Harjeet Ji. In fact with the year I an grateful of my own skills and abilities. I have achieved unachievable tasks and become so much more mature

superb! Ultimate pointers to pen down our gratitude on regular basis. Urvashi you won’t believe just reading your post and the suggested therapy to give a start to habit, has filled my heart with double enthusiasm!!! Brilliant!

A lovely post, Urvashi, and some great pointers. Maintaining a gratitude journal is one of the best methods for mental health in the current times. A gratitude jar is also excellent for someone who is just starting out and feels overwhelmed.

So true! 30 yo 60 seconds to start and then you can continue. Well started is half finished. Amazing tip Urvashi! Always a fan of your writing. I have been missing out on my journal, this write-up suits me just right.

This is lovely Urvashi! Hugs! I love the idea of maintaining a gratitude journal and today I am grateful for being able to finish a translation job I was suppose to submit by this weekend. I feel relaxed.

This is such an awesome post Urvashi. Loved the way you have shared this with examples. Being grateful to everyone around ensures that we stay positive and look at only the goodness around us. At time, little deeds of kindness makes our day special.

I love hearing from you ! Write your comments below

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