Ajay falls in love again but this time he is prepared

Ajay a criminal mastermind is bruised once in love so he warns his brother Agastya – I know when a woman is lying

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As Tears rolled down her cheeks she knew they were not going to stop even to catch their own breaths. She felt the warm tears rolling down but did not have courage to open and see as it touched the ground right below her face.

Avina just wanted to run down a shower and wash that feeling that was creeping onto her. A feeling of fear mixed with anger and just the right amount of hatred enough to gut someone down the throat.

She heard another one entering this time with a clunky sounding thing. She opened her eyes to slide and move to her safe corner but she couldnt. She was now able to see there was blood along with her tears. She was severely thrashed and tortured for last 48 hours. She had no pysical strength to even lift her own body above the ground. she lay there hearing the metal clunk getting louder with every step.

Who sent you ?

Avina adjusted her vision. Scrunching her brows to see. This man was no less than others who came before him. Tall and broad with athletic body and rage in his eyes. He came close and asked the same question that all before him asked -” Who sent you?

Avina’s facial expression remains unchanged and her body was still. He asked her again – “Who sent you“? She opened her eyes and moved her head saying “n..o.b..o.d.y” for the hundredth time.

He punched her, hit her and threw her asking the same question over and over and she couldn’t say a word. the blood puddles on the ground were turning into a river. He thought to himself she was trained quite well and must be one of the best he has come across. But he has never heard of her in the business before. So for him, the ‘unknown enemy’ is far more dangerous and that was scaring the hell out of all of them.

— next day morning—

While the gang was praying every minute for their leader to recover, and the hatred for the girl who attacked him kept peaking. The leader of the gang ‘Ajay‘ had regained consciousness and was able to speak to his brother and the gang doctor ‘Agastya‘. Agastya was a well known and respected doctor in society but that was only a facade for his real identity. He came running down to the dungeons where Avina was kept captive. He ran at a speed that he never had thought he would have to, being part of this gang. As he approached her little jail all the guards gathered asking him what the matter was.

He sat in shock looking at Avina lying still in all the blood bed. And a feeling of guilt sunk in his heart that they killed someone who was trying to save his brother. “She was innocent, Ajay was attacked by our enemies and she was only trying to save him from them. She was not trying to kill him. She was saving him. She was saving him.” He sat there crying and breaking his head on the wall. when he saw her fingers move.

They rushed her to the hospital. An ICU was set up for the next 2 weeks and all of them did everything they could to save her life. From donating blood, getting the best surgeons from around the globe and arranging for full-time care for her. While they all sat outside her speciality jail ICU they never left sight of that tiny little screen which showed that her heart was still beating and she was A-L-I-V-E.

Avina’s ICU was set up just next to Ajay’s recovery room. After week-long care, Ajay was able to now recall the whole incident. That day he was going to meet one of his suppliers in the car park of a suburban office building when he and the supplier were ambushed. In the fight and fires, his supplier lost his life but Ajay was saved when one of the attackers threw a heavy chainsaw on them.

Ajay was trying to remember what happened that day? When he was losing consciousness he saw someone run towards him from the lift corner in a pink long dress with a white scarf. Whoever she was, She was trying to tie his wound with the scarf. She was quite weak in her structure and was failing in every attempt to lift the heavy chainsaw which was cutting his thighs slowly with every attempt. But she managed to stop it in the end. He heard a shot and a thud when the lady in the pink dress had fallen on the ground. After that, he could only hear his gang members voices, speeding cars and a W.H.O.O.S.H.

—- — Ajay opened his eyes and came out to see Avina—-

Ajay was a tough guy with over 45 murders on his head. Nobody knew his past but everyone was scared to death of him. He is one of the criminal masterminds behind the women trafficking in West India. He has been the highest payer for the last 15 years. He has been the undebated king for quite some time now. Nobody knows who are his buyers. He has his good side too where he helped more than 25 villages in various states time to time for roads, schools, electricity and water supply, hospitals, food, clothes, money. He has his own God status and that is how he has this dedicated army of goons working for him.

Ajay is known to be very secretive about his private life and it is from Agastya that everyone knows that he was 18 when a girl left him for another man with a car and some money. Since that day he has hated women and after the incident, they all were ready to kill Avina for once again they thought he was being betrayed by a woman.

Some things were about to change.

It is for the first time in 15 years they have seen Ajay worry for any woman and be so quiet. They all were worried too but what Ajay was feeling was different inside. It may seem like kidnappers syndrome and by the looks of it definitely was.

Ajay was checking on Avina every hour. He wanted someone to wake her up and ask her to talk. It was as if he found that girl from 15yrs back. And every minute was getting difficult. That being said there was another story getting cooked in Agastya’s head. He was falling for Avina while taking care of her every day. Seeing the bravery that she exhibited he had a little crush on her.

Agastya was always the expressive one and he kept flirting with the idea of having a girl around. He would talk to sleeping Avina and as days were passing he was expecting her to reciprocate the care and love when she wakes up.

—She finally opens her eyes—-

Unable to get up by herself Avina was looking around and as she saw her torturers she froze. She gathered all her strength and pulled the drip wires to run away from them. She managed to come out of the room but somebody was already waiting for her outside the door.

Agastya was exasperated with the sight of Avina walking out of the door. He quickly ran to her supporting and calming her. He was reassuring her she was safe with him. He took her back to her speciality jail ICU with same care just as a bird in a golden cage.

He slowly explained the misunderstanding and promised that she will be able to go home in a week as she gets stronger. He showed her the flowers everyone brought for her along with his pink roses. She spoke to him after some hesitation. She told her name is Avina and she worked in a real estate company as an interior designer. Agastya ordered everyone to leave them alone.

Someone unlocked the gun behind Agastya. He was shocked to see Ajay pointing the gun at Avina. Even in recovering phase Ajay was stronger than Agastya and easily pushed him out of the way. Ajay came closer to Avina so that he could see her right in her eyes. As he spoke to her he felt the warmth around her. It was a familiar feeling to be close to Avina. He adjusted himself and placed the gun pressing her cheeks. ‘What were you doing in the parking and how did you know to operate the chainsaw‘ asked Ajay.

As tears rolled down Avina’s cheek she fumbled to answer ‘ a part-time interior designer and I work on-site some times. m..m m..m my friend stowed my purse in her car and we forgot to take it out. I was coming to col..col.. collect my purse‘. Ajay pressed the gun deep into her cheek ‘Tell me the truth who sent you?‘ As Ajay asked the question who sent you? Avina went into a shock. Trembling and fidgeting she somehow answered that she was telling the truth but her condition suddenly went from okay to worse in a matter of seconds. Her heartbeats were going down. Agastya decided to give her an adrenaline shot to keep her alive.

Agastya pulled Ajay out of the ICU. He was upset at Ajay and punched him in the face. Ajay was the elder one. He knew what Agastya was feeling and why he hit him. Ajay said only one sentence ‘Send a team and find everything about her before you fall in love. I know when a woman is lying‘. Ajay walked away and waved to his guys. Just like a swish and the gang sprouted in motion. One of the guys left to find out about Avina’s company, Another one went to search for Avina’s friends and Agastya went to Avina’s home.

On the way back he opened his phone to see the live feed from Avina’s room. He zoomed in on Avina for few seconds. She looked serene and calm. Avina was trying to turn sideways. Now he was able to look at her face properly. It felt as if she turned to speak to him only. She closed her eyes and slept. Ajay closed the feed and walked away quietly.

Who will Avina turn out to be? Is she real? or Is she faking to be a victim? What is Avina’s Story? Who will fall in love with Avina – Agastya, Ajay or is there someone else in her life?

What do you think will happen in their lives?



Part 2 here



 This post is written for StorytellersBlogHop FEB 2021 by Ujjwal & MeenalSonal

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65 replies on “Ajay falls in love again but this time he is prepared”

Wow. This is really well written and gripping. But I really wish you hadn’t left it open ended. My mind is running in so many directions now and I really want to know what conclusion you as a writer had in mind.

Nice plot, Urvashi! Love how you’ve detailed everything.

I was guessing Avina to be related to the girl who cheated on Ajay earlier. And although Avina had no motives to bring Ajay down and she and Ajay fall in love with each other, Ajay doesn’t let her in and doesn’t let her have a easy life as he comes to believe Avina to have evil motives against him.

Wow you are so good with fiction writing Urvashi. I had felt that I had seen part 1 of a super thrilling web series that had all elements of entertainment. in end, you had raised my curiosity with many open ends. waiting to know what happen next in Avina, Ajay and Agastya ‘s life.

Urvashi…what was this? You are a pro in fiction girl…seriously. I was literally imagining the whole story. You brought it to life with your words. Loved the way you wrote Avina’s dialogues in the hospital. I don’t want to think too much about what is going to happen. Want to hear it from your side.

Nice story you have weaved. The plot you have chosen is pretty good. I think you should continue it to reveal what has actually happened to their lives.

I feel the same. But in my heart I have one more feeling. Some people are never meant to be together

I hope Avina gets rescued and Ajay finds true love and trust. This was a Bollywood masala flick!! Waiting for sequel 👏

What a Wonderful gripping plot you have weaved Urvashi. It was like I am watching some web series on prime and now I lost my remote😉 how to go on part -2? Superb dear Superb! Please come with part -2 soon!

Hehhe. I have been dreaming this story since my college days. But it is now I am sharing with the world

Which brother will Avina love? More importantly was she a saviour or part of another sinister plot? Uff…too much suspense. Gripping story line…from start to finish…err….or should I say to pause?

Thanks Meenal Sonal. I am so happy for this challenge. it definitely has thrown me out of my comfort zone and I am liking it .

What happens at the end? Even we have the same questions you have posed!
Who is Avina? Why did she save him by risking her life?
A social media search can reveal her details. Or can it really?
Well written, Urvashi.

This story had all the elements; thriller, fear, anger and even love. I loved how you’ve detailed it and given a perfect story background too. I thought Avina was innocent but now I’m curious to know if she really is lying. I read in the comments that there’s a second part. Do publish it soon!

Such wonderfully written story and so intriguing. Has left me with so many thoughts as to what Avina’s truth is? Is she what she claims to be or there is more to her… Who falls in love with her?

Now that is the art of keeping your readers hooked. Read part 2 already now waiting for the rest. Awesome read.

Even I am curious to know afterall this who truly is Avina.. and I am surely reading the next part soon to end this mystery. Great piece of fiction.

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