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I Spend a minute every day to write my meaningful experience of the day. Join me on this journey to explore and find happiness through meaningful experiences. It was in the ’90s when my father made ‘Kaka Be Cheerful‘ his habit. After all these many years I set out on the same path to make it my habit.

Meaningful Start of the day

You may have heard people talking that happiness is overrated. What do you think?

Spend a minute or two to write your most meaningful experience of the day. It’s very easy to look back at our day and find that one thing that we really enjoyed and felt good about. Make this your Star Of The Day Activity. Like today I loved to Pretend Play cooking pizza with my 2.5-year-old.

Some of the meaningful activities are having a tasty coffee with my partner, cleaning up the little rack in the kitchen. I also added creating an amazing slide at work and sharing a joke with my family. Choosing something which happens during the day, which you can relive and imagine again easily would bring good mood or thoughts. It also keeps negative ones away.  Keep collecting your Star of the day memory every day.

Choose your way to store it. You can journal it or store in a magic box. I love writing on a piece of sticky note. If you are busy just add a note on your phone.

Happiness awareness

meaningful experience of the day
Meaningful experience of the day

You may argue this is not happiness. You may not even feel like happy at first. But it is going to make you aware. It will push you in the direction of happiness and awareness of your experiences where you will want to create meaningful events. You will want to have meaningful moments everyday with kids, family, friends, colleagues or community. It will make you happier every time you do this activity. And on days when you are feeling low, you can go through those old stars. You will feel grateful and it brings back meaning to your day.

Do you think we can add a step to this journey with your tip please go ahead and share in the comments section.

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By Urvashi

A workaholic turned mummaholic. In search of a sacred space and power to spread happiness and positivity. Write to me at

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Talking to my family and especially my nephew! This is what I love the most and I look forward to all day.

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