The Three Gratitude Bubble Technique – My Happiness Tool

Learn about the Three Gratitude Bubble technique which has brought me into manifesting happiness every day of my life.

Warning: Gratitude Bubbles are my invention (Covid-19  lockdown side effect)

What is Gratitude?

Expressing gratitude is the best way to feel happy. When we are expressing gratitude we are vibrating at the highest frequency in this universe.

It’s not the same as the law of attraction concept from Rhonda Byrne’s book where we express gratitude for something we wish to receive. Neither is it some kind of gimmick where it magically comes our way.

INSTEAD, It is a pure and simple form of thank you. An awareness of all the things we already have and truly appreciate in our lives. The Gratitude Bubble technique is expressing to the Universe that we love what we have and would like to have more of it. We want to keep saying gratitude and feel happy about it.

Attitude of Gratitude is a very powerful tool. It can be very boring if we keep doing it every day like a mundane task. Doing something without actually believing, without intention to enjoy it, without wanting to replicate it, and without smartness.

What is Three Gratitude Bubble Technique?

So THE THREE GRATITUDE BUBBLE technique is a technique to make gratitude practice interesting and exciting every day. The idea is to thrill you so that you will wait the entire day just to do this activity. In case you can’t wait it’s okay just add your gratitude to your bubble as it happens.

The mock-up of the three gratitude bubble technique.
The mock-up of the three gratitude bubbles technique.

I enjoy bending rules and creating my own version of the rules every day. You will have the feedom of creating your own rules and tricks of this technique. I urge you to use it every time you do this activity of the three gratitude bubbles to create your happiness reality.

Well, as the name says it has three gratitude bubbles. As a human, you may have many experiences of your day. Before you start this activity you have to keep a journal or a sheet of paper for this activity. First, create at least 7 bubbles for 7 areas of life where you want to feel happiness. Some of the examples of areas are – Health, Food, Family, Work, Hobbies, Community, Love, Money, Education, Earth, Entertainment, etc. You have all the freedom to choose and create your 7 gratitude bubbles to start with (keep enough space to write 3 gratitude).

As you fill your bubbles you can increase the number of bubbles. Don’t try to remove the bubbles. Try to do something during your day to fill those bubbles which couldn’t get gratitude entry.

Get Started by filling your Gratitude Bubbles

Well, now that the gratitude bubbles are ready your task every day is to write 3 gratitude and fill a maximum of 3 gratitude bubbles every day.

Choose the best of things that happened that day and add them to your gratitude bubble. The task is to do ONLY THREE gratitude. You can write 3 gratitude for one bubble, or one/ two gratitude each for a bubble.

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Slowly as you keep filling your gratitude bubbles within a week you will notice your bubbles are filling and some may not be able to accommodate more or all your bubbles are full. Create a backup bubble if your original bubble is full and you have more gratitude for it.

Every Sunday does a reflection of your gratitude bubbles. See what areas had marvelous moments and smile at them. More importantly, understand those areas where you wanted to feel happy but couldn’t get more it’s time to find ways to create your moments and things that will make you happy in those areas.

There is no outer force that will magically make something happen. Everything you need is within you to make things happen and move as per your wish. So ask questions about how can you get your best moments in those areas.

Every seven days refresh your gratitude bubble sheet and repeat this activity. It will not take more than 3 minutes but it surely is powerful enough to give your super brain a kick in the amygdala.

Have a plan for success

I love collecting so I tend to keep some of my gratitude bubble sheets in my journal but it is up to you. You are free to just burn it and feel the warmth. Don’t put it in the trash rather let it fly away in sky or float in the river. You can even give this as a gift to your family and friends who value your happiness.

Sample mockup of the insane three gratitude bubble technique

Try doing this activity more often to realize your life is full of happiness and where it is not full you have all the power to create it.

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Create your Life and happiness with Gratitude bubble Technique

The main idea of these three gratitude bubbles is to help identify What Are Areas Of Life Where We Want To Feel Happy, Where Our Happiness Lies In Real World, How Can We Change Our Gratitude To Intuition For Creating New Opportunities For Us. This three gratitude bubble is a viciously addictive and powerful tool. You will absolutely feel the difference within the first session of the activity.

Bring a change to the World with Gratitude

The deeper we get into this activity we open ourselves to our true happiness. So, If you have a kid do this as a family activity. Pass this habit of gratitude on to the next generation. You also will have some spectacular revelations while doing these activities. You will find that you can contribute to making Earth a better place to live. It makes you happier to save Earth than earning an extra day vacation. The best realization is you end up finding you value your kids too much and all your happiness is with them. Finally, you may want to change your focus and create time for yourself.

The myriad ways of using these three gratitude bubble technique are there inside you to explore and use it for your own good and happiness.

I am grateful to you for spending time reading this post. I send some magic to make you feel happy.

Mischief Managed!’

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This is such an heartfelt and lovely post. It is so true that when we make a habit of showing gratitude then our mind start to work at a totally new level. By paying attention to every single detail we are not only learning to count our blessings but it is also like a revision of what all we have done so far.

Thank you Alpana for putting these thoughts in powerful words. I am so happy and grateful that I got your comments 🙏🙏

I love this bubble 🤩, Gratitude is the key to feeling peaceful and happy. You have penned these thoughts so beautifully and heartwarmingly, Urvashi!
Thankyou so much for the mention 😘🤗 😇

Wow loved it urvashi and you know I had planned similar kind of activity for my girls today..I agree with you that we should take freedom and should create our own version of fixed rules. It give an immense creative satisfaction and desire to do new things and achieve happiness in your own term.

Wow. I am so grateful to you for sharing this important update and how you are teaching your girls gratitude ♥🙏♥🙏

So so beautiful thoughts and equally beautifully written and explained Urvashi. Everyone tells you to practice gratitude but you made it look so practical and easy… Totally loved reading this.

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