Avina will choose love or she has something else planned for Ajay?

Avina falls in love or is she hiding something?

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On the way back he opened his phone to see the live feed from Avina’s room. He zoomed in on Avina for few seconds. Ajay closed the feed and walked away quietly. Read part 1 here

— beginning of a week full of love—-

Agastya had brought all kinds of gifts for Avina from dresses to accessories and books to bags. He had made a small home away from home for her in this speciality ICU. In all the care, comfort and chaos of love Avina had almost forgotten that she was a captive here. and she wasn’t here by choice. She was getting too comfortable with Agastya.

Agastya prepared a hot cup of tea and breakfast for Avina. She was feeling well and in full strength this morning. As Agastya prepped the table with flowers, fruits and freshly prepared food there was a sudden uproar outside. Avina froze and in an instant, Agastya was running towards the door and he vanished in thin air. Avina gathered herself and walked slowly to the door but it was locked from outside.

Avina could see through the door. Agastya was wearing his white jacket and there were few of his men who were holding a girl. Avina couldn’t tell the whole story but it looked like Agastya was giving the same kind of injection that he once gave her when she was about to collapse of shock when Ajay was trying to interrogate her. She saw Ajay emerging from behind and leaving the scene emotionless when he slipped his gun behind him hurriedly.

Avina’s heart was beating faster and louder than she could actually hear it herself. After 15 mins of animated moves and many more shots, she saw Agastya returning to her ICU. She wasn’t sure what should she ask first – Did Ajay kill someone? And is this girl a witness? Why is it that strongmen like him are always capturing a weak girl in this place? Was there a new girl being tortured like she was being threatened a few days back? What is this place which they call the hospital?

Before Agastya could enter there were another similar sound and this time it was followed with a gunshot. There was silence. What Avina saw she couldn’t believe it. The girl who they were giving injection had managed to nick one of their guns and she pulled the trigger. She was quick. She aimed right at head and pulled the shot. Avina saw the bloodstain the door from inside but she couldn’t do a thing. Agastya was gone forever.

Avina had tears in her eyes and she stood there frozen. The entire hospital was running towards her. All they wanted was to save its one and only doctor ‘Agastya’. As he entered Ajay ran towards the door but he knew it was too late. Ajay saw her from the other side of the door but all he wanted was to save his brother.

— a clean slate–

Everything was cleared outside. The nurses have returned. Every bit that was Agastya was removed from the hospital. It was as if he never existed. Avina did not speak or eat anything in the last 2 days. She felt the pain of being left alone once again. She was helpless and weak. She never admitted to Agastya that she loved the care he gave but now it was too late for that. As Avina opened her eyes she saw Ajay waiting to talk to her. He said ‘You will be dropped at your hostel today but you cannot talk about this place or any of us. Your office is informed that you are returning after a car accident and so is your hostel. Be gone and never return. I hate your kind and never want to see you again. Am I clear?’.

Avina nodded and walked out in the direction where Ajay pointed. She was taken to her Hostel and left outside the main gate. She walked quietly to her room and opened it.

Her team was waiting for her inside the room. And they welcomed her with a big heart balloon printed ‘good job’ and her favourite chocolate cake in the shape of ‘chain saw’. She smiled and removed her earrings and put it aside. This was the same team from her office except all of them were now wearing a different expression. They gave her a salute and left the room.

Avina Sat there on the table and breathed for about 5 mins. After that, she slipped out of the window and joined her team in the blue-black jeep which roared and vanished in this air Z.O.O.O.M.

Is she even real? Who is Avina? What is her relation with Ajay? Does she even work at the office she said? Is she from the enemy gang? Who shot Agastya?

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