Unforgettable moments: Day 21 #blogchatterA2Z

Weddings are so special and to decide 3 moments that were outstanding, unique and wow is very difficult.I am going to share moments which were not included in previous posts.

  1. The beautiful ghoomar by my Nani, maternal grandmom. It’s not every day to get to see that in our country. Elders very rarely take part in the ghoomar or garba. They even prefer ghoonghta most of the times. So when we saw her dance we were all pleasantly surprised(read as shocked). That definitely is a moment which plays right in front of my eyes when I think of her.

  2. The realization of Vidaai is a funny but very strong moment. It happened Shortly after the Vidaai and on our way to Bikaner. I started crying uncontrollably and was covered in sindoor all over. After crying for half an hour I realized everyone was staring at me. It was suddenly more embarrassing and I forgot all about crying. How quickly I fixed my look was super funny. My husband teases me saying you crude as if you were married out of force and no way it looked like we had a love marriage.

  3. Another moving moment of my wedding was getting a photograph clicked with my Baba, paternal grandfather. He usually is very conservative and doesn’t entertain everyone. But just when I was getting the photos clicked he came and said I also want one picture. It was so cute. He said let me change. In two minutes he came back with a shirt and jacket on his dhoti. It was a wow moment. He said the photographer to make sure to remove the dhoti. I and my friends enjoyed this scene.Many more moments are there to share but for today I give it a rest.Think positive and be happy!

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By Urvashi

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4 replies on “Unforgettable moments: Day 21 #blogchatterA2Z”

Aww, thanks for sharing your beautiful memories with us. You know after Vidai, we were headed to the Railway Station with the whole sasural gang, I was still crying and crying. Now when I remember that I feel so embarrassed that sitting on the railway station I was crying like a baby, and my face was poorly smudged with whole sindoor and makeup hahaha…LOL

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