Exchanging vows and Phere in a “It’s different” style – day 5 #blogchatterA2Z challenge

I was nervous, jittery, worried, screaming and shivering. This was just before the phere and vow ceremony. I was animated and screaming at everyone including my mother, friends, and sisters because the pleates of my saree wouldn’t fall right. This was so not me.I had always dreamt to be wearing a yellow silk saree with a red border with all the jewellery just like my mom during her Phere with my father. I had even dreamt it to be a short and close family affair where we would be getting cozy sharing blankets and having catering special machine coffee. It would be serious and emotional. I and my husband would be intently listening to every vow during the chanting in front of the fire. And finally, we would take the famous seven phere to be together. It is one of those vivid dreams one cannot forget so easily.Reality is quite different. I was going crazy bridezilla over everything. When it was time to sit for phere and exchanging vows. I was in a very different attire than what was planned, my uncles and cousins went missing for the rituals, the founri or the odhni wouldn’t stay put with all the safety pins, my mother would doze off to sleep with Pandit Ji waking her up every five minutes, my father and husband cracking jokes with every chanting, my father even forgot I was the bride and was asking me to make some arrangements, I was wearing glasses because lens would keep sliding and make my eyes teary, top it all there weren’t seven spheres(Bollywood had set an image in my head of seven rounds).With all this mismanagement, confusion, sleeping and comedy I had actually become comfortable and was enjoying it myself. I was laughing out loud on every joke.The classic that evening was when my husband had to taste some honey, that was being offered by my father as a custom, all he said was “Its different (Maggi ketchup advertisement style)” and not the usual sweet. It is now a ritual anytime anything is cooked we tease him saying it’s different.Another classic was while exchanging vows we noticed every vow mentioned things the groom has to provide to the bride. We even ended up asking is there anything the bride has to provide to the groom. Don’t worry there are equal responsibilities and work for all.After four phere and seven vows, only one thing was left to walk seven steps symbolic of seven life together. To everyone’s amazement, we actually started walking and went outside of the settings. We both were so embarrassed when everyone laughed their stomach out pointing at us.This wasn’t it. Just after this ceremony my family friends they just threw me out saying bye bye it’s too late for getting emotional lets just get over it and see you tomorrow at breakfast.Don’t worry they did give us a proper farewell the next day morning, the emotional vidaai.To this day this is the most hilarious exchange of vows I have ever been to. I am writing it and trust me I am sitting and laughing again at each and everything that happened.Stay tuned for some more interesting dreams and wedding stories.Think positive and stay happy!

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