Book Review – Why Giraffe has a long neck

a book about animals from the Tinga tinga world

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🦒Why Giraffe has a Long neck @puffinbooks

Is an interesting African folk tale from a land full of surprises and bright colors. You can read similar stories from the Tinga tinga tales series like why do zebra has stripes, why woodpecker pecks. Read here more about Tingatinga.

Why giraffe has a long neck

🦒The animated illustrations by Claudia Lloyd from Tiger Aspect Productions brings the story to life how a short and stumpy Giraffe became all tall and got a long neck.

🦒It’s a fun read for kids aged 4 and above but we read it everyday for our little boy who is soon to be two because he loves to listen and look at pictures.

Pages from the book

🦒This book gives a lot of talking points about tummy troubles, remedies, friends, tasting different foods like honey and introducing different animals and their appearances, new words.

🦒Reading is very easy with repetition and rhyming words like
Short and stumpy, slurp slurp, stop stop, prickly pear, stretched and stretched.

🦒We read about weather. It’s is great time to explain about new concepts and ideas like Autumn , Spring, Summer, Winter.

🦒We tasted some sweet African honey just like Giraffe to alleviate tummy troubles.

🦒The story roams around how animals of the forest help Giraffe all the time because they are friends. A complex theory of friendship in simplified story by Claudia Lloyd.

Role play with African stuffed toy giraffe

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It’s a super fun book. You can also get online videos of the television series. Both are fun ways to introduce Tinga tinga tales to kids

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