The State of Mindfulness in Parenting

Do you often find yourself searching for something instead of knowing exactly where you kept it? 

Do you always find yourself worrying for tomorrow's food menu or rather what to cook now?

Do you always find yourself in the sleepy or tired mode?

Are you always searching for some activities so that you can keep kids them occupied?

Do you always forget things?

Do you always struggle at completing tasks?

Everything today starts with this one word MINDFULNESS !

What is this MINDFULNESS ?

Mindfulness is AWARENESS by intentionally paying attention to current activities, situation and surroundings.

Mindfulness is being consciously aware of others and surrounding. It is knowing the real world around us. Mindfulness while parenting means giving your child undivided attention and being present in the moment with your child.

One of the side-effects of multitasking is reduced mindfulness. Read some of the research papers and you will find how the gray matter in our brain is affected adversely.

Being mindful is today’s existence mantra. Every life coach, therapist, guide, guru, teacher focuses on it. Some of which I attended and vouch are Deepak Chopra‘s 21 days Abundance Challenge, Gretchen Rubin in her book The Happiness Project, Katerina Folkman in her Recharge program for mom’s, and wing commander Navdeep Parmar in her parent coaching for Taming the Tantrums .

I multitask every minute. Making notes for blog, posting Instagram stories while playing with my son, playing with colors and thinking what food to prepare. Watching a movie while answering queries or talking to my husband or thinking about what is the current news. So, there are times when I don’t pay full attention to things around me.

As a mom blogger I have to multitask So can I be mindful?

Yes of course ! As a new parent I was very bad at it but with time, patience and practice I am doing a lot better at it.

I was one crazy Digi Mommy searching for everything on Google, Interest at all times. I was constantly recording too so you can imagine my brain was exhausted because I had to be doing a lot of things at any point in time. it is only slowly and after many months I have realized everything is not necessary or important. so the only focus and attention should be myself first and then baby and then the whole world.  this doesn’t mean i become a recluse and just start focusing on my baby.

Mindfulness as a concept in theory is quite complex and may need expertise in Physcology. After some research of my own I have prepared my list of exercises or activities of Mindfulness. Yes, definitely get someone to record the precious memories while you enjoy mindful parenting.

5 Exercises to be mindful every day with a toddler in house

  1. Daily spending 30 mins with your child without any disturbance like Mobile, TV , people, teaching etc. Best thing I learnt from taming the tantrums session. This is the time to play with open ended toys and games with my son. I think it is helpful in making memories, knowing more about each other and challenging brains to think out of the box ideas to engage with each other. It is this sacred time with kids that make them feel safe with us. Also it is the start of training the little brains to THINK.
  2. Get a hobby – Electronic devices always stimulates kids and parents both equally. Learn to paint, read books, dance, sing, play instruments etc. Reduce electronic gadgets use while kids are awake. This is another conscious effort and it is very effective. So, when I keep laptop aside and start reading I see my little one mimic my actions. My observation power has increased due to less distractions. I also see there is a sense of safety and belonging in kids too.
  3. Be the Planner, make your action plan – Spending time in preparation for next day or week is best thing I have learnt in my recharge program for moms. This helped me to reduce multitasking. I am always aware of everything happening in the house along with all preparation needed for the day. Absolutely, this is the greatest achievement for parents. Easier way to handle this is making journals and using sticky notes. Just planning the week saves almost 2 hours of everyday thinking and searching for recipes time.
  4. Observation and Introspection is key to establish strong bonds. So, Every few weeks I spend some time of the day to observe my son Vaidik what all he has been doing, what does he need, what is he eating . All the W’s. This again makes me aware of everything related to my son and how I can help him grow to be a happy person.
  5. Mindful and smart eating – It is having food, snacks , fruits the Indian way the mindful way with crossed legs and hands while sitting on floor on a steel plate and with hands.  So, Enjoy the flavor, taste and juices from the food. Basically eating with all senses wide open. Bite and chomp from the fresh pulpy juicy fruits, eating Garma garam roti with ghee, having the kadhi chawal with hands helps us connect with food and focus on receiving and being able to digest it at our very best ability.

One Activity a Day – Do you think you can do this ?

Take this opportunity to try and be mindful in your parenting.

Start a mindful living,- Observe your life, daily activities, your surrounding, your house, your room, your closet, your car, your friends. bring more of what makes you happy and gives your positive feeling. Eliminate what drains you or your happiness.

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