Blogging 101 – Top 8 tips and learnings from MyFriendAlexa Challenge

Here are the best tips I have learnt from the blogging challenge #myfriendalexa. 

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So,Here are the best tips I have learnt from the blogging challenge #myfriendalexa. Blogging is an art of 21st century. There are a hundred ways on how to blogging. The right way is up to us to choose. Here are my favorite tips from the amazing BlogChatter community which has helped me improve my content, my Alexa ranks, my blogging and me.


When I started I had no rank but today my Alexa rank is 318471(Alexa Traffic Rank), 24334 (Traffic Rank in India)


Lets get started with the best blogging tips I have learnt and use everyday-

  1. Planning – Stephen covey very rightly said “Start with an end in mind”. When you enter a blogging challenge you must have a plan when you will post and what on a calendar. Insights from our Instagram, WordPress, Twitter profiles can guide us here.
  2. Find the right keywords – Select right keywords for an informative and well researched content. For Google and other search engines the right keywords are necessary to list your blog in the search results.
  3. Writing for your audience – A blog will be read by all types of audience. Write with the audience in mind. A skimmer can read the headings and highlighted texts. A person with interest can read though paragraphs. Making it personal adds credibility and helps audience to relate with us.
  4. Use SEO – Search Engine Optimization techniques helps the search engines bots to identify our content. SEO helps our content to reach the right target audience. Use both On page and Off page SEO always to maximize the reach of the blog.
  5. Social media marketing – Choose a platform / any number of platforms and market yourself shamelessly. This is very important. You have to build yourself as a brand. It is your personal brand which adds value to the blog. Social signals can boost your ranks and spread out a word.
  6. Building a community for organic growth– Blogging is a complex balance of passionate writing, creative problem solving, technical editing, voracious reading and generous acknowledgment of other blogs. So, being a reader helps not only learn but keeps us on top of what is trending in the blogging world. Supporting others and creating a healthy environment adds to our brand and credibility.
  7. A Blog is a means to serve this community back– Find ways how you can add value and help your community. You should always find ways to serve. Blogging can be venting your emotions sometimes but what good we can add to this world will only be remembered.
  8. Use website insights – Set goal to be better every day. Every number matters. Learn about website rankings, backlinks, Alexa rank, domain authority, etc.


Here are my blogs from this blogging challenge. I am taking my blog to next level with BlogChatter’s #MyFriendAlexa

A must read is this SEO tools list by NeilPatel

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9 replies on “Blogging 101 – Top 8 tips and learnings from MyFriendAlexa Challenge”

That’s so true Urvashi, this was my first time in #MyFriendAlexa and I have learned so much… Atlast all the reading and writing was worth it.

Absolutely. Mine too . I was taking part for the first time in my friend alexa and I am so excited already for next year. 🤓

Definitely . It’s a wonderful journey in itself. You will love it for sure ❤️

You should absolutely do it for all the learning and the excitement it gives you through the month

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