Welcome 2021 with new plans, goals and affirmations #Welcome2021BlogHop

My take on yearly goals and affirmations bringing new changes in perspective in 2021. Creating new plans for organization and consistency

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My take on yearly goals and affirmations bringing new changes in perspective in 2021. Creating new plans for organization and consistency

What happens to every year’s goals?

Every year like a little girl I set out to write my new year goals(read them wishes) with blind faith that I will achieve all of them. that’s not bad. its kind of good that I believe in myself and that helps me achieve too.

Do I achieve all my goals ? Do you want to take a guess?

Well, I never go back to them or check. So nothing happens to the goals honestly because I am not consciously making efforts to complete each of those.

This year I want to bring one good change in myself. And just one goal be organized and consistent.

My goals in past have always been having good health, running 5 km, dance, read 10 books and much more like this. So here is what I am planning for 2021. I am going to create a quarterly plan and timeline for myself. and I have to check back in 3 months where I stand. It is more of a reminder for me that coming year I plan to change my approach to bring a change in myself.

One goal of the year – Be Organized and Consistent

What do I want from my 2021 goals and affirmations

I want good health. What is the meaning of good health? Health that enables me to handle a situation better. If and when I have to I should be able to run carrying my toddler. I should be able to run without panting every 10 steps and halting to catch my breath. If there comes a time to stay isolated or far away from my family I should be able to take it in the right spirit and do it with a smile. When I am going to sleep I should not be so tired that my body feels like kicking me out. There is only one way I can get everything I want – Consistency

Here are my daily and weekly tasks that I want to be regular and consistent


  1. Walk
  2. Meditate
  3. Write 500 words
  4. Read 2 pages
  5. Talk my mind freely 2 mins
  6. Sleep (at least before the date changes)


  1. One blog post
  2. Track weekly health stats
  3. Call family/friends
Goals and tasks - planning daily and weekly tasks
Goals and affirmations 2021

Changes in perspective this year

Welcoming 2021 is the biggest festival for me in 2020. Nobody in the world was ever so excited for new years like this year. Pandemic has changed a lot of perspectives including mine.

I wish when its time for the next new year I have strong empathy and mental health to handle any situation with calm and common sense. And I would have posted one blog post every week and produce 52 blog posts of the year. I wish to spend time with my loved family and friends creating stronger bonds.

So this year I am adding one more thing to my habits – Affirmations

Goals and affirmations go hand in hand. Affirmations are words that over time with repetition, become our thoughts and changes our thinking. Considering that we all want to have a positive and forward-looking thinking affirmations have to be very skilful phrased in an artistic manner for achieving results.
Everyone is using affirmations to change old beliefs and habits. and soóoo I am trying to do the same this year. Here is the list of my affirmations focussed on helping me achieve my goal of 2021

2021 Affirmations

These affirmations are from the ideas I learn from the book The power of your subconscious mind. I am reading this book one page at a time. What I have learnt is personal growth books need time to sink in and create new beliefs for us. I am going to keep adding new affirmations to this post so you can bookmark this post or save the link and come back every week to see what is added to my list. If you like any of it and want a printable for yourself do remember to Subscribe below

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Daily Affirmations List

I can do all things through the infinite intelligence and the power of my subconscious mind.

It can so happen that everything and every goal or desire I affirm may ask for patience so I will continue to reaffirm with full calm, and conviction till they manifest

I know the infinite intelligence of my subconscious knows all things and is revealing the perfect answer to me now.

I am a strong believer that I need to work very hard and to achieve each goal there will be a lot that I need to do. Affirmations are to help me change this one belief that hard work is not the only answer to it. Organizing and taking small steps every day will help me achieve any goal I have.

I am working very smartly and productively every second, every minute and every day. I am creating my desires with my actions and words

It is true what I perceive is only the truth. So all my affirmations are enforcing my visualization of 2021.

I am living a healthy life and my mind, body and soul is enjoying freshly prepared home food. My infinitely better food sense and food crafting is including diverse fruits and vegetables in my healthy diet.

I am going to keep faith in my affirmations because they are my true prayers which are being answered as I continue to wish, pray and affirm everyday.

With my infinite creativity and power of my subconscious mind I am writing one post every week in this year 2021. I am helping people to solve their day to day problems in simple and easy ways.

It is important to have affirmations in the present tense because we want to affirm the state of manifestation I desire to attain. My goals and affirmations will all be in allignment now in this moment.

I am creating new and helpful blog posts for solving the problem of my readers. My posts are creating a connection with my readers and helping them every day to grow and be better in their daily tasks and actions.

I have learnt one good thing from many videos and books I have read so far it is repetition is key to everything including success and toddler learning (my toddler mom side speaking). So I am going to repeat these affirmations every day. Come back end of the quarter to get an update from me.

As I continue to read here is one of the best affirmations for keeping me happy all the time.

Whatever is happening is the best possible thing that can happen to me.

As I read, act and believe that everything happening is the best thing for me. I am convinced what happens is for my good. Every day the way I act and react is changing. I am less of a reaction now. I feel more like myself rather than trying to be someone.

Kaka Be cheerful

This blog post is a part of the Welcome 2021 Blog Hop hosted by Swarnali Nath.

goals and affirmations #Welcome2021BlogHop
Welcome 2021 blog hop
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By Urvashi

A workaholic turned mummaholic. In search of a sacred space and power to spread happiness and positivity. Write to me at

42 replies on “Welcome 2021 with new plans, goals and affirmations #Welcome2021BlogHop”

It’s great to have such a clear cut plan to follow for the year ahead, and practical to keep a quarterly analysis. Personally I too have never been able to be consistent enough when it comes to goals and resolutions. You’re off to a great start! Loved reading your affirmations as well, Urvashi. All the best and wishing you an amazing year ahead.

Your goals for the new year are so reassuring, inspiring and full of positivity, Urvashi. A keeper for sure. I am borrowing your planner 😊😘
And you are so right, instead of endless list of future goals, we should focus on affirmations in the present.
Absolutely loved your post! Best wishes for your goals, objectives and everything around. Keep motivating us!

Thanks Jyoti. Past month have been crazy for me. And that is when it dawned to me. I look for things while I should just focus on one to be regular and organize myself better

Wow what a lovely post dear. Your post is very unique in its content as we all need daily affirmation for us. In our life we face chaos and confusion around, and we face self insecurities. This time, we do need self affirmations and stick through a daily routine. Your affirmations are so beautiful so deep so thoughtful. A lovely post by my dear friend. Thank you so much for joining us in the blog hop. Grateful dear. I wish you a happy new year ahead. Best wishes.

Thanks Swarnali for hosting this blog hop. It challenged me to think ahead and bring some change in my approach too

What a realistic and smart approach towards goal setting!! Stay organized and consistent for the coming year and you are all set, as everything else will automatically follow. Being consistent will never let you skip any of your daily goals and being organized will never let your morale down. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tip, Urvashi.
Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.

Well said Urvashi Affirmation is the foundation of all the goals. And practicing consistency is the next step towards the goal. I am sailing in the same boat; your daily and weekly calendar is going to work for me too. I am sure you are definitely going to win this time.

What a beautiful & enriching post dear.
I became a huge believer in the power of affirmations after reading “You can heal your life” by Louisa Hay and “The Power of your subconscious mind”.
Thank you so much for sharing your goals and affirmations with us. It was very motivating and inspiring. Wishing you a fabulous 2021 ❤️

I’ve been formulating a goal for my New Year too. Love how you’ve laid down yours. Affirmations are something I’ve been working on too. 2021 is the year of change and I can feel it!

Absolutely. Even before the year starts I am excited to see how it goes. If 2020 was gratitude then 2021does look like change

Very aptly said , Urvashi . Affirmations need our attention and with organised effort alone we can bring more changes that can positively affect us . I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity in the new year 2021. Be blessed and keep creating.💛🧡💛

Thanks dear Payel for stopping and being part of this read. Hope you are also able to get some benefit

I must confess, I am very bad at this but I am sure you will hit all the set goals in 2021. In that case Urvashi, can we expect a monthly post on accomplishments of all the goals you have set for 2021 😉 Stay safe !

Consistency is something I also wanted to achieve this year. But as this year tumbled into chaos, consistency was one of the first things I lost. But I loved your affirmations and will add these along with my goals for 2021.

Wow your goals for the new year 2021 make me want to have them for myself. Power Of Subconscious mind is a very handy book indeed to train your mind and achieving your goals. So far, I have also been like you… That I make new year resolutions and never go back to visit them… So much that I have stopped making new year resolutions. But yes, as you said the need of the hour is to train our subconscious mind and converge all our energy in achieving some good goals set for ourselves than to forget about them! All the best to you for working on ur list and achieving the goals in year 2021 🙂

Loved your the way you put your post, the affirmations, new year goals and the positivity. Wish i could keep the planner like you did.. will definitely try some pointers from yours because i like your realistic approach. Being consistent should be the key for me too.
Best wishes

Creating quarterly plans is a great idea. Thats a very practical way of looking at our desired outcomes. I believe a lot in affirmations and consistency. These two things have always helped me.

Happy New Year in advance,
Alpana Deo, Mothers Gurukul

Thank you thank you thank you Alpana. You have laid that inception stone with the masterclass. I am so hooked now I want more and more

I really loved your post!! I do believe in affirmations and the power of resilience and consistency. Your quarterly planner is a great idea to plan, work, achieve, repeat!! A great learning, I must say!! Lovely writeup👍

I am a big believer in Affirmations and love the ones you have chosen. The Goals you have set are so realistic too and i have no doubts that you will achieve them all.
Best wishes for a fabulous 2021, this was such an inspiring post to read, Urvashi.

do you belive in destiny? I do. reading your post is just like reading my own dairy entry. I have strong belief in affirmatins. Guess what i got the same book ‘the power of your subconcious mind’ as a gift by blogchatter. truat me I now the first book i am going to read is this one. Thnaks for writing this.

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