How To Create A Success Path For Your Career

Creating a success path for Women today is the only right decision she can take for herself. Here is the sequential steps to creating a success path and reaching goals in your career.

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Creating a success path for Women today is the only right decision she can take for herself. Here is the sequential steps to creating a success path and reaching goals in your career.

A housewife, blogger, artist, lawyer, doctor, actor, engineer, teacher, student or someone wishing to start working and earning for yourself. You could be anyone but having a path or a process in place is critical. Success is not in just reaching goals. Success is creating a process and a success path to reaching those goals.

7 Step Success Path - creating a success path for women
7 Step Success Path – creating a success path for women

1. Acceptance and Acknowledgement – My current status

You need to know where to start. This is the point where you need to question yourself, assess your skills, judge your current situation and list what you have now. Being aware of the present makes you ready to start your journey for the future.

Things to do – Ask yourself easy and the tough questions

2. Planning – Creating Goals, Vision, Values for your success path

To reach the top of the mountain you need to see the peak first or say without knowing what you want you cannot ever get it. The second step, fortunately, which everyone advises you at least once is planning.

Having a clear picture of what you want will not only motivate you but will also steer you in the right direction with full clarity.

Things to do – Set up your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Sounds like a lot? Think about a scenario if you have no plan at all. Tip– Take help from others who are doing it better.

Creating a success path for women - Planning and Collaboration
Creating a success path for women – Planning and Collaboration

3. Collaboration for Women

The most important thing to do in life to survive is to collaborate. Collaboration opens many doors of opportunities, pushes us to think differently, pushes us to extremes to achieve those crazy goals we plan.

Things to do – List people or business you want to collaborate with, Add a goal to send them an email. Emails are very powerful

Creating a success path for women - Collaborate
Creating a success path for women – Collaborate

4. Time – Women and success both need time

Time management is an art. We all get the same amount of time and using it smartly we all can create a path for our success. As women, we expect a lot from ourselves. Sometimes I wish to be the multitasking Durga and slaying every job like the monsters. So, routine and time management enables us to have a healthy balance. When I say healthy its not work and home balance. It is balance in time for self and time for everything else

Things to do – Set up your sleep alarm, set up your hobby time, set up your weekly exercise time. Dedicate your work hours.

5. Create skills for a success path

Every career path you choose Skills is changing drastically every year. So, upskilling, reskilling and learning new skills are key for staying in the league to reaching your success. With new skills, the understanding and knowledge of the field increases and exposure will add more experience.

Things to do List the skills you should have to succeed in yout path, identify where you can learn for free or paid, choose which course you want to take up today or even better create your course that you can sell to others

creating a success path for women- Learning
Creating a success path for women – Learning

6. Passion – bring passion and real you in your work

This probably should be on the top but I put it here in case you skimmed. So, it will still remain fresh in your brain. So, unless you bring your true self and fall in love with your work it is not going to lead you anywhere. Identify the work area which you like or fall in love with where you currently are. Do what you would do for your love of life for work.

Things to do Use your crazy idea and create a plan for presentation. You never know a crazy idea like this blog hop might even materialise. Trust yourself and give your self the freedom to try your ideas

creating a success path for women - Passion and network
creating a success path for women – Passion and network

7. Money – learn money language, understand your finances

Without learning the language of money you cannot earn money. So, shift your mindset. Start taking interest in your bank balance today. Ask questions and learn. This is the ultimate goal for all of us – Earn.

Things to do Know how much you have in savings and investments, keep all your password updated. Plan your monthly budget, Maintain your finances for Blog or startup. Know the family income and savings so that you can raise up to situation if ever need be. List all your business plans, Talk to people about their finances and what they are doing.

I am a part of the women supporting women community #WSWBlogHop and I truly believe that we should support, empower each other and grow together.

Read all the posts for detailed guidance and tips for women entrepreneurs , women health, women inspirations in #WSWBlogHop here .

Featured in the blog are some women who work hard, work smart, work relentlessly, work for making this world a better place for you and me.

#wswbloghop theme
#wswbloghop theme
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First of all congratulations for wonderfully hosting the BlogHop. kudos you!! Accepting the current situation and making the best of our time, turning odds in your favor can take you to new heights. Not only you get financial satisfaction but more important than that, your days are filled with inner satisfaction.

So true. I am looking forward to implementing my learnings from this hop. It has been a satisfying 2 weeks. Coming 2021 I wish to use all my learnings.. Can’t tell you how grateful I am to you and all of the blog hop participants.

You hit the nail on the head Urvashi; Women can only support other women when she could make herself well aware of how to support her own self, her mindset, her passion, her real virtues and worth. Thank you for bringing significant views of inspiring women over the steps of creating success path! Can’t believe I am reading the last post of a fantastic bloghop Women Supporting Women, I am going to miss everything about it! Take a bow girl!

Thank you Archana for being kind and so supportive throughout the blog hop. Big hug from me. β€πŸ™

I believe you have summarised the essence of your blog hop and the sentiments behind it so well!! Kudos to you for uplifting women and for successfully managing this blog hop. Look forward to more collaborations with you in the future!

Very true. We take a while to get success due to our family commitments and all. But then yes it happens with all businessmen too so nothing to feel low about. Do what you do passionately and things will surely happen!!!!

This is such an inspirational and a wonderful culmination of an amazing bloghop, Urvashi. A beautiful post for everyone in all walks of life. So good to see the success stories of so many women. Your step-by-step guide is a definite keeper.

Congratulations on the success of your Bloghop! I am glad to be a part of it. Looking forward to many more, best wishes always!

Super grateful to all of you. This hop was only possible with all the support from all of you and your positive spirits.

Wow what a post dear. perfect piece of advice for all women who want to achieve something in life. I agree it is very important to make goals and follow them diligently. Also understanding your own capabilities and working on your weak area is something that goes long in a way. Many congratulations for hosting this blog hop so wonderfully. I had a wonderful time with this.

Yes! You said it all. One thing I must acknowledge Urvashi, for your this amazing blog hop, through it and with it, I came to know some awesome women during the journey. And all the stories I have read. And now, I am more excited to start something of my own. I came to know many different shades of women. And your post says it all! What a great blog hop it was and what a lovely post dear. Thanks for organizing it. And glad I have been a part of this. Thank you dear. Best wishes.

You have summarised the entire blog hop so well in this post. Congratulations for conducting an exciting blog hop not only the theme was inspiring but also the way you had conducted it. Masterclasses and the fun exercises were icing on the cake. Kudos to your efforts πŸ‘

Hi Urvashi , First of all i would like to genuinely compliment you for being such an amazing human being, last 3 weeks were a roller coaster for me and they way you have hand holded me during this phase was really amazing, I am sure you are an incredible human being and great women supporter, We all try and do our bit to support other women but the positivity and the real zest to really bring some change around that you posses is amazing. This was an amazing read and reading about such ideas and women featured here is amazing, Thank you so much for hosting us with this patience , i look forward to be in touch with you and doing much more

Forever grateful for your participation and engagement despite having surgery in this time. take care and recover soon.

Firstly congratulations on getting this blog hop successful. You not only brought many of us together but also helped in knowledge sharing be it the posts and masterclass. I really loved the detailed pointers here that would be of much help to women .

Many congratulations for successfully, hosting one of the most engaging blog hop. your involvement made it even more interesting. Lived to read and write for this hop.
You are a awesome women, encouraging and motivating many more.

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