Why Do I Blog – My Story and My Goals

Who Am I?

I am a Computer Science Engineer by education, a Reiki healer, animation artist and a crafter by passion,  but why I am I blogging ?

My friends and family very brutally ask you don’t even earn money out of it why do you have to spend time in writing when you can go back to work or just up-skill  so you can get back to coding or learn a new skill and do something real.

Why Do I Blog?

I have changed a lot with many events in my life but two major incidents I want to mention first, the birth of my son and second, the death of my father. These two have changed my views about life, relationships, money, success and happiness manifolds.

In the past I would often find myself lost in my many thoughts of my dad and find it so beautiful that I just want to be there. My father wanted to write a book. A book that would inspire everyone to create a beautiful world. A world full of hope and passion for living a beautiful life. I am not a writer but blogging started out for me as a way to express my feeling in the course to learn how to write.  My aim is to write his book for him.

My Inspiration to Blog – Always Be A Solution

He always told me that you have a choice how you want to react to any problematic situation. You can either choose to be a solution or you can be a problem itself. He always said think about the good thing first. When he left us I was his eldest daughter who had to be courageous and strong to handle everything. You know I wanted to cry and not stop. I even thought of running away But that wasn’t going to be a solution. Instead I put all my feelings on a note on my phone and moved on. Today, I have forgiven him for leaving us like that.

I find writing to be immensely powerful when it comes to feelings. I find inspiration in my father when I have to write. He brings out the best in me. Honestly I am learning this trade slowly everyday and I am enjoying it just as I did my coding.  Going back to work should make me feel all thrilled and excited but I kind of have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach about it. I feel I would be cheating on this one aim that I had set for myself to write a book for my dad.  Well, this is just one part of the story.

My Story on Why I Blog

When I was pregnant with my son I was working probably 24/7 and it gave me confidence and strengths to stand tall in the male dominant world of my work. Not one day did I take leave when I was pregnant. It makes me so proud. I always used to think that I would join back work as quickly I can but when you have kids nothing goes by the plan. Its funny how life can be with kids. Its so addicting that I always want to be with my son now. It wasn’t like this when I delivered my son. I was under postpartum depression for a long time but that’s not a story I want to discuss here.

I love being a crazy mom and learn how to be a better person with my son and family. I feel elated sharing my stories, learning and experiments of success and failures with everyone on my blog.

How Did It All Start ?

I started sharing on YouTube after postpartum recovery but I found out that I was too serious and boring for most of the viewers. Please go ahead and amuse yourself here. I am open for your comments If there is any way I can improve. I started posting on Instagram with a hope to redirect some of the readers to my channel but Instagram was all too time taking and show off. Finally I had lost the hope of genuine expression. After my dad passed a month later BlogchatterAtoZ happened to me.  Read my gratitude post here. It gave me inspiration and hope to find my voice back.

It is not easy to write everyday so I write whenever I can and do whatever I can to improve myself. But the truth is writing my own blog gives me the phenomenal pleasure of being myself rather than going to work for someone else. It might take some more time for me to get back to coding but blogging is definitely becoming my passion.

I Write My Blog With A Hope

  • to bring new energy and opportunities in my life and others too
  • to share the love, positive thoughts and zeal to all my readers
  • to inspire my loved ones especially my son to look forward in life
  • to bring a change of Happiness in this world






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By Urvashi

A workaholic turned mummaholic. In search of a sacred space and power to spread happiness and positivity. Write to me at

19 replies on “Why Do I Blog – My Story and My Goals”

What a wonderful way for you to honor your dad! I try to honor my dad with my writing as well. We lost him seven years ago, and he is missed. He was funny and silly and very smart. I am so happy that you found your voice. Oh, and I did watch one of your videos. It was the one in which you feeding your son peas. The expressions on his face were priceless!!! So sweet!

Heartfelt write up. I lost my dad when I was 12 but I loved to write since I was 7. Didn’t connect the two until a few years ago.

This made me super emotional . For all of us our dad is our hero and to lose him must have been a shock and a life turning moment .Hugs that you can even write about it more courage to you .

Writing a blog can work wonders in many ways, I have been through a similar phase just recently and writing gives me happiness and its something for myself.

I can totally relate to your post I lost my Dad when I was in 1st year and I miss him ,if he was here life would be totally different (in a better way).

All the best about your passion.

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