5 Things You Do When You Are Happy !

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Happiness is an art. Successful people do these things repeatedly and daily. 5 things you will do when you are happy –


1. You appreciate the miracle of nature and life. When you are filled with joy you are grateful for your existence. You are thrilled with the beautiful flowers blooming around you. You want to be alive every second of your existence. So, You see opportunity in every person. You feel empowered and confident of the force of life within you.

2. You spread happiness when you are filled with love and joy. We all know Caring for ourselves is the first step. But true happiness is deriving pleasure from kind gestures done for others out of your good intentions. You feel phenomenal and you want to see everyone smiling and living life fully just as you are.

Things happy people do repeatedly
5 Things happy people do repeatedly

3. You find reasons to be happier. Happiness attracts happiness. When you are happy you seek happy and energetic people, exciting events, challenging activities or things to top up the happiness meter. You are naturally attracted to whatever makes you feel thrilled, positive and full of cheer

4. You take care of yourself in every possible way. You try and take out time for meditation, exercise, coffee with friends, movie, reading book, meeting new people, picnics and everything to keep you mentally, physically and spiritually energized and content. So, You courageously do miraculous things to achieve your health goals when you are happy.

5. You bring positive change in this world. So,when you are happy inside then it is visible on the outside. And you touch everyone with the happiness ripples. The positive attitude reverberates to everyone around you. You consciously start taking steps that would make a greater positive impact in lives of people around you.

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