Songs and rhymes with action movements

Here is a list of songs and rhymes from all over the world which have actions and encourage toddlers, kids and parents to get up and move around. Shake those wiggles out with these amazing songs and rhymes. Try to watch and learn the movements before you challenge your toddlers. You will be surprised to see how quickly they can copy and memorize these steps, actions and movements. These songs not only helps you and your toddlers to do some physical exercise but also trains their mind with all the practice and recall. For all parents this is your physical workout at home.Songs with actions and movements

Top 5 songs with actions for indoor exercise

  1. Jump, jump by Patty Shukla – This is a very good ice breaker and tickles the lazy bums. Toddlers naturally are inclined to this song as it is super fast and gives them challenging action of jump, rest and jump again. It is suitable for everyone above 12 months. If you cannot jump then jog or shake your body, if you can’t stand then sit and pretend to jump and laugh out loud with tour toddlers and kids alike.
  2. A ram Sam Sam by Hey Kids – This is a thrilling song it brings adrenaline rush in all toddlers and parents alike.  Copy the actions, sing along and Keep going faster. It’s a fun filled high intensity workout. There are many versions of this song but it’s super cute to watch the version from Hey kids and follow the movements.
  3. Wash your hands by Hey Kids – perhaps the need of the hour. It’s a great way to teach kids about hygiene and slow dance. The actions are simple and pleasure to follow. Watching little toddlers doing this is enjoyable. Plus it’s slow for young kids to follow the actions.
  4. If you are happy and you know it by Pancake Manor – This is one of the best versions of if you are happy and your know it on Youtube. It not only talks about being happy but also teaches how to cope with sadness. It teaches to be sad only for 5 seconds and then you go back to being happy. It helps the family move around and shake off the idleness quickly and very animatedly. 
  5. Wheels on the bus go round and round by Cocomelon – This and many other from Cocomelon are a huge hit with toddlers. I like this one the most because it gives a lot of scope for movement, learning about vehicle, learning new sound and action words and opposites all at once.  Try and do it as one big family. Probably pretending to travel is a lot better than actually going out amidst the Corona scare.

Songs with actions for learning about animals

  1. Baby Shark Doo do doo by Pink Fong is widely celebrated and lived by toddler and kids around the globe.  It starts with little finger moves and flicks. The fun continues with the song. It’s a song with many versions online. You can also try Baby shark from Cocomelon.
  2. Lakdi ki Kathi, Kathi pe Ghoda by Jingle Toons is a Hindi movie song which has now become popular with young kids especially toddler age. This song is all about imitating and pretending to be a horse riding on a stick and running around in a rhythmic pattern. It has become a part of Indian culture with time.
  3. Animal Dance by Cocomelon is a humorous way to learn the animal name, sound and dance steps. You can copy the steps from the video or just make your own moves. Allow your little ones to copy or create their own move to the song.
  4. ABC animals by Bounce Patrol teaches animal names alphabetically. The beats are very catchy and steps simple. All Animal songs by Bounce patrol have a catchy tone and tempo like this one too.
  5. If I were an animal songs by Patty Shukla. One of my favorites because it makes my toddler jump, stomp, chomp, hop, laugh and learn at the same time. You will find various versions.

Songs for boosting brain skills

  1. Chocolate song is the best brain exercise for toddler, kids and parents. It is addictive and hyper but totally worth. Do this everyday to improve skills of yourself and kids
  2. Simon says is a favorite for all toddlers. It focuses on quick thinking and attentive listening in toddlers. It also is very good for teaching body parts
  3. The teeki taaki song by Chu chu tv is also a wonderful song to improve brain skills. The brain and body works well together.
  4. Choo choo wa is yet again an exercise for body and brain.
  5. The hand jive song by Patty shukla. This is going to drain you physically but your toddler is sure going to have a gala time
  6. Looby loo song by Cocomelon. Just follow the steps and don’t mess up.
  7. Hot PotatoHot Potato by The Wiggles is old school but great practice for moving around and coordination

Songs to learn body parts

  1. Head shoulder knees and toesby Cocomelon. Sweetest song that didn’t even let you realise the amount of energy it drains from you
  2. The finger family song is perfect exercise for those tired of boredom and lockdown fingers
  3. Brush your teeth song by mother goose club is great to talk about teeth tongue and brushing habit
  4. Shake and move body parts song. Great for slow motion exercise.

Songs for vehicles

  1. Wheels on the bus song by Cocomelon is a favorite for all children of the world. I like this dance bus version from Debbie doo
  2. I am an excavator by Blippi is a great song to teach how excavators work and what they do.

Songs for gratitude

  1. What are you thankful for by Cocomelon
  2. What are you thankful for school version
  3. Please and thank you song with sign language steps

This is an open post which is part of my Toddler tales series. I will keep updating this list as part of the series as we uncover many topics.

Until then stay home stay safe!

Think positive and be cheerful!

Love and hugs

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