Construction Theme Cake and Party For 3 Year Old

Construction Theme Cake and Party was inevitable because my son loves construction vehicles and pretend play

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Construction Theme Cake and Party was inevitable because my son loves construction vehicles and pretend play. He loves to be a construction worker 20 hours a day

Construction theme Cake

The birthday cake was a messy play construction zone on an oven tray. Dirt in a construction zone looks black and brown. So we choose to make a Chocolate cake base because of its colour.

The birthday cake is two-tier rectangle cake where one corner of the top tier was chipped and the pathway of falling mud was created.. the cake was cut in layers and whipped cream with cocoa powder frosting was used to cover the cake. On top of it, We used finely crushed Oreo biscuits to cover the whole tray and cake. (Oreo biscuits cream removed using a fork)

To decorate the construction site boundary we used KitKat fingers around the cake. dark chocolate Mc Vities Digestive Nibbles, bright and colorful M&M’s, and chocolate rocks in pastel shades were used to make rocks and stones around the construction Zone.

My son baked some whole wheat chocolate cupcakes which we used around the site for decoration. The cupcakes frosting was same whipped cream with cocoa powder on top of it we used Nibbles, M&M’s and cupcake toppers.

In the end, we used small size construction toys on top of the cake and around to complete the construction theme cake.

construction theme cake and party flyer
construction theme cake and party flyer

Construction theme cake toppers and birthday hat

I used 300 gsm paper and waterproof marker to create some cute construction vehicles like excavator, crane, dumper, construction hat, cones, safety jacket, construction zone sign, etc. I used cartoons online for reference on how to draw.

Then I used Zig Clear brush markers and water brush pens to colour them. after drying those I gave an extra outline of black to improve the look. using a scissor I cut these cute little drawings.

Using a tape then I pasted toothpicks behind the cutouts. Voila! cake toppers are ready. We used them on cupcakes and they looked super cute.

For the birthday hat I cut a circle off a A4 sheet print quality. Made a hat of this circle and painted a track on which i put my son’s name. above the track I painted one color (similar to cake topper colors) and below the track I made the construction vehicles (same as cake toppers). I made two holes and used ribbons to tie for my son.

construction theme cake and party accessories
construction theme cake and party accessories

Construction theme party decorations

Since it was lockdown Construction theme cake and the party set up couldn’t be outsourced. We had to order everything online and do everything by ourselves. So we kept it minimalistic and basic. Black and golden balloons to go with the construction theme. We filled balloons with toffees and confetti.

Balloon arrangements are always fun for kids and more than enough. Hang them, stick them and throw them around kids love it.

homemade confetti – We made confetti by cutting using scissors – butter paper, Kite paper, shiny gift wraps, transparent papers. Some thermocol balls, glitter, popcorns, rice puffs were also quite helpful for the task.

construction theme cake and party printable
construction theme cake and party printable

Construction theme party Games and Color Pages

Pin the wheel

Stick the dumper wheel in the correct place was fun. I used 300 gsm sheet to draw dumper and coloured it except for its wheels. on another sheet, I made wheels and coloured them. I then let my son choose the colour of the wheel he wanted for his dumper. The game went on and on.

Messy play on the cake tray

Construction theme cake and party are fun for the messy play. We used the oven tray after cutting the cake for messy play with my son. Since it wasn’t real mud I was okay to let him eat the mud for once. and this game went on for days. We played with Oreo mud and construction vehicle toys every morning

construction theme cake toppers
construction theme cake toppers

Dig the gold

The messy play continued on the sand tray too. We got special gold coins, golden colour foil-wrapped coin-shaped toffee for my son and hid inside his play sand. He used construction vehicle toys to dig them and count 1 to 10.

All in all its a good party if your kid doesn’t cry and can enjoy it. One important tip for toddler or young kids birthday would be to bring things, cakes, games and surprises one by one. it is important to not shock them and keep the excitement levels up till the end of the day.

Dump The Truck

Loaded the dump truck with gift and chocolates and then gave it to my son for loading and unloading in the construction zone. It is a wonderful activity to pick up all things and then dump using excavator and dumper.

Messy construction theme excavator cake
Messy construction theme excavator cake

If you like my toddler birthday party preparation do checkout the toddler tales on my website.

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Amazing work. I just love this cake. This really looks so amazing and really looks with the pintable’s

Same here. I usually place order with my baker friend. But due to covid she wasn’t around and I had no option but to do the baking. Plus I had mom with me so it was fun.

This construction themed cake looks so unique and fun. I wish I was a kid all over again and was part of the celebration with your 3-year-old. I’m sure when your kid grows up, he will remember how much effort you made to make his birthday special.

Wow that cake is so amazing and I love that construction theme, super cool. On a general note, I usually love these themed cakes but I am not sure how people cut it πŸ˜€ I would have stored every cake possible and would have felt really bad destroying them.

Printables are the savers when you have a party for kids. This pandemic has given us privilege of learning news things on the go.

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