Happy Pregnancy Milestones

A list of Milestones in a Happy Pregnancy by

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Pregnancy is the biggest milestone

Pregnancy is a milestone in itself in a persons life. It changes everything about the person. As a woman it is the strongest feeling to bring a new life in this world and be the mother. As a man it brings the softest side out while enjoying the pregnancy with a partner.  Love and care for each other is most important for a couple at this stage

Pregnancy is an overwhelming journey for a couple and its family. Every moment of our lives is precious yet there are few moments when some times, events, milestones and things bring us the most happiness and joy. Pregnancy is one of the BIG happiness that we share with our loved ones.

Pregnancy milestones are already decided by the medical fraternity based on the growth of the baby inside womb. But those are in terms of scans, checkups, trimesters, weeks, full term etc.  These are very special days or moments and along with these there are a few emotional milestones that we achieve together with our family and friends. If it’s your first time it is going to be super fun! Here is a list of pregnancy milestones which make you the happiest. This is the list of happy pregnancy milestones.

The happiness is there in every moment. Be aware, relax and enjoy your pregnancy like a pro with my Happy Pregnancy Series.

A list of Milestones in a Happy Pregnancy by
A list of Milestones in a Happy Pregnancy by

Here is a list of happy pregnancy milestones for you!

  1. The Two Pink Lines Milestone – Find out “I am Pregnant”
  2. Freak out- Happy, Sad, Go Crazy milestone
  3. Confirm Pregnancy at hospital – Just a Double Check
  4. Install Pregnancy Tracker mobile app – Ovia is the cutest
  5. Weekly Pregnancy Photo-shoot begins – Pinterest Hangover
  6. Pregnancy Announcement to family – Nervous, Happy, Excited
  7. Pregnancy Announcement to friends – Be ready to tell when did you do it
  8. Receiving first set of gifts and advice’s from elders and other pregnant ladies /couples
  9. Meet the Doc for the first time – Get a plan for SCANS
  10. Go for the First SCAN – Get ready for tickly wiggly jelly feels in the ultrasound
  11. Save the Date Milestone (calculate delivery date)
  12. Frame your Baby’s First Picture – Start Pregnancy Journal
  13. Attend Pregnancy Yoga – Go with mom or husband, laugh, make notes
  14. How about some Pregnancy Drama – Blame the hormones for mood swings.
  15. Have a Pregnancy Craving – You have it all the time.
  16. Create a Baby Wish List – Plan and Prepare for biggest Shopping festival of your life
  17. First Kick Milestone – It’s a butterfly kick.
  18. Baby Growth Scans – Stay Calm, you will see a heartbeat, limbs, thumbs sucking, movements
  19. Buying Maternity Wear – Oh the love for shopping should never go low
  20. Family feels First Kick – You are not alone in this.
  21. Baby Shower Milestone – Go overboard with Decorations, dresses and gifts. Enjoy
  22. Baby Shopping – Buy the softest stuff
  23. Pack You Hospital Bags – Checkout this list
  24. Maternity Shoot – Dreams come true
  25. Go on Maternity leaveTell everybody
  26. Rest and enjoy Pregnancy Pampering
  27. Book a room – Do a mock drill run to Hospital
  28. Labour Milestone– Scream your guts out. Everyone will listen to your swears for once in life
  29. DeliveryPUSH the baby out Milestone (it’s a creepy funny feeling)
  30. First time see the BABY and Hold it close
  31. BreastfeedWelcome to Parenthood (gone are the days of Pregnancy pampering)



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Disclaimer: Please note all the information shared is based on my pregnancy experience and stories shared through generations. The data published on this page is solely for your information and you are requested to use it at your discretion. Please consult your doctor before you start any routine, recipe, practice based on this blog. We do not take any responsibilities or assure any form of medical procedure, remedies or tests.


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11 replies on “Happy Pregnancy Milestones”

Pregnancy no doubt is one of the most beautiful experiences for any woman and not just for any woman but even for a couple. You have beautifully broken down the experience in 31 steps and it’s such a delight to read this blog. I would highly recommend this to expecting couples as well as new parents.

Out of the 31 listed above I must have kept 10 milestone memories 😆… Seriously you have a lot of love and patience in you.

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