The woman behind MOMMY

MOMMY the word resonates with Sacrifice, Compromise, Care Giver, Baby Lover but one thing definitely doesn’t ring bell when I say mommy is “WOMAN IN MYSELF”. Who is the real woman behind MOMMY?

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Who is a Mommy?

MOMMY the word resonates with Sacrifice, Compromise, Care Giver, Baby Lover but one thing definitely doesn’t ring bell when I say mommy is “WOMAN IN MYSELF”. Who is the real woman behind MOMMY?

Since my son Vaidik’s delivery there has not been a single day when I had sat down to take care of myself. My little one is not to blame.  I had always seen that mom’s take care of babies and that is a mommy’s life all about.

I am sure every mom had similar feeling once in her life. 

Don’t kill the woman inside you to be a miserable and unhappy mother

What did I give up to be a mommy?

We all give up on our little happiness just for our baby thinking it to be our kindness and love towards our baby. But my dear mommy friends it is NOT TRUE. We need to keep doing everything we used to do for ourselves and a lot more than before to be the same happy soul again.

Here is what all I did in this ignorance. Read it ( Here is the happiness and life I gave up just to look ideal mom in the eyes of society, a society that can never be gracious enough to award you or me for being a good mom or even a mom)

I killed my love for Crafts so I could spend time with my bub. Guess what! It kills me every minute and makes me super cranky mommy rather than the supposedly loving MOMMY.

I stopped Yoga and Zumba because I was too afraid of all the workout that will be needed to get those 20kgs out of my body. So I took the mommy hoodie and hid like an ostrich. It is 15 months and I still have to do same workout no less but I did loose out on all the time and great workout friends. My New Year Resolution is to take care of myself.

I skipped facials, manicure, pedicure and haircuts because I was too busy taking care of little one when easily his Dad could do it. But no this is my “so called” mommy love I couldn’t trust my otherwise  ‘oh so caring husband’  with the tiny creature. As you can see I don’t like posing too much, while, I was a camera addict at a point in my life. I miss being crazy and happy just because I couldn’t loosen up to let someone else care for my bubba.

I even stopped dancing because are you crazy all this doesn’t suit a mom who needs to take care of her little one. God knows where I got these ideas from.   I found out recently my crazy little bub loves dancing and loves to dance with me.  I missed out on months of fun. I hope you get what I am trying to say..I mean write.

I stopped joking and being silly because manners are to taught, life lessons are to be learnt, soberity need to be imparted. Oh god ! It only makes me dumb by the day. It only makes me feel suffocated. I want to breathe but this mommy hood just is not getting easier.  Well it is just me and not this mommy hood. I am trying to hard to be perfect, to be the best, to be the awesome super mom instead of just being myself.

It’s not ending here hang on. MOMMY you can’t go to places you like because in my bloody tiny head I would be criminal to take out my baby to any outing so frequently.  If it wasn’t for my mom my baby would never have seen the sunlight till age of 18 yrs or what I don’t know.  I am driving my self crazy with these thoughts.

The fun doesn’t get over I don’t go shopping for myself because of my ego ofcourse since maternity I haven’t joined back work so big ego I can’t ask money from my again otherwise ‘oh so loving husband’. This one only makes me feel sad and jealous with all the pretty looking poster girls.

All this and many more to add but just one more for you I have stopped reiki, cooking, reading because Time Kahan hai.

Time to find the woman behind MOMMY. Time to find the real mommy!

I have lost a great deal of time in naive unrealistic stupid expectations of myself and society. The real thing is to find love once again in yourself, find yourself in the mommy and love her like it’s the best day of your life, find the magical five minutes of your time just for yourself.

Take Care Mommy!

The woman behind the mommy hood is hanging in there waiting for you with your favourite cold coffee. The woman behind mommy has full faith in you and waits for your dashing smile. Make her happy to make the mommy in your husband happy. Make her happy to make your baby happy. Make her happy to keep the family happy. She is your anchor. Make her happy to make YOU happy.

Little Love, Little Respect, Little Care, Little Pampering, Little Time is all that she needs. Those little things will make HER happy –
“Please read and understand it is YOU instead of HER”. The woman behind MOMMY

This was originally written in February 2019 on my Instagram Account page.

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