How to achieve your new year resolutions in 2020 ?

A flashback to 2019 resolutions and what happened

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I make new year’s resolutions every year.  and you might as well guess it right that the month of January is most active month of my year.  Because, This is the month I spend my time, money and energy to achieve my resolutions. Later in the year I kind of loose track and slowly by the months of May and June I have already given up on those resolutions.

Do you relate to my story? Is it your story too?


Let’s take a look what are some common resolutions around the world from year 2019?

The most common resolutions for 2019. I am mentioning 5 of which coincide with my resolutions for year 2019 (At the end of article is link to the top 10 resolutions for 2019)

1. Exercise more every week(65 Percent of people wished to take care of their health. 71 percent even went on to add diet to resolutions)

2. Read more books and articles

3. Eat healthy (76 percent of people made it their resolution )

4. Learn a new skill

5. Save more money

See the references below.(studies on resolutions around world, stats, other blogs)

According to a research published by Inc.com60 percent of us admit that we make New Year’s resolutions but ONLY about 8 percent of us are successful in achieving our new year resolutions“. Well, I definitely want to be in the 8 percent criteria this year. So I decided to change my approach to new year’s resolutions.

How to achieve resolutions for the year 2020?

Like, most of the people around the world, my daily chores and activities take my whole life and I end up in the other 92 Percent criteria who never achieve their resolutions fully or partially u. I have learnt the most important lesson very lately.

Dont make resolutions set GREAT goals for the new year”

G – Don’t make the mistake of having too many resolutions. Make a list of 5 goals for yourself. Set GOALS for long term and short term.

R – Remind yourself constantly about the goals. Use the visualization boards or a fridge magnet to keep your resolutions infront of you all the time.

E – We all have known since we were 2 Repetition is key and practice makes a man perfect. Every small step counts. So doing something everyday to achieve goals and reach a little closer to achieving your resolutions.

ATaking action is most important. Acting upon the reminders and doing a little bit every day keeps us hopefully and positively motivated and energized to achieve our resolutions this year.

T – Don’t we all know that we live once and our time is limited. Everyone gets the same amount of time. So when the time is right and you see an opportunity to achieve goal capture it. Time management goals for 2020

You might be also interested to read about ideal resolutions for this new year by Nitya at The Venture Vibe.

What is the game plan to achieve goals in the year 2020 ?

Did you know  a research indicated that at least 49% of the people can never achieve their New year resolutions. So how can we ensure we don’t fall in that category.

Here is my CHECKLIST / GAME PLAN to ensure I set goals and achieve 80 percent from my new year resolutions within first 6 month’s

1. Visualization – Create a visualization board or just think about achieving it when you meditate in mornings. The more we believe we can achieve it the stronger our sub consciousness working on it.

2. Daily reminder – Setting an alarm, or putting a sticky note for self to work on goals. This small and insignificant but very effective activity can help us make a new habit.

3. One minute a day, EVERYDAY – I learnt in my happiness creation program that it is perfect approach to make new habit is to start with one minute a day but EVERYDAY.

4. Daily Tracker – when we color the bubbles, cross the box or just mark a column it is an achievement. Every little step is an achievement and will motivate us to win big next time. The best place to start is gratitude journal.

5. Plan it – A well planned speech is half delivered and so is every fight. This year make a plan for achieving a goal Plan how you will win for sure.

So friends what are we waiting for. Take out your journal’s and start listing your New Year’s Resolutions for 2020.



1. Survey about resolutions on

2. Study about Repetition,we are what we do.

Finally here are my goals for year 2020

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22 replies on “How to achieve your new year resolutions in 2020 ?”

That is a great system which will help anyone trying to stick to their goals. Writing a blog post every day is a challenge indeed! Good luck!

You have set a quite good glad for this year , infact I too believe in setting goals and mine will be reading as it’s not my cup of tea. But next year I planned to finish atleast one book in two months ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜Š

I also dont believe in making long list of resolutions rather setting great goals is a better way to get things sorted and planned manner. I loved the way you have mentioned the pointers to stay focussed.

That’s so real Urvashi.. I also sort of fall in to that 92% category… So I have changed my approach and started making short goals..

Yeah. It’s wonderful that we learn from our mistakes. Do take the survey it will help me collect a lot of insights for groups who are starting to think about new year resolutions and how to achieve.

I too made a list of goals for the year 2020, sometimes it is just to achieve the goal and sometimes its about following the steps too. What you have done here is, you made the steps clearer, so we have to just follow. Thanks for it.

Thank you so much for your kind words . You have been very supportive all the time๐Ÿ™

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